Saturday, September 6, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: The racist politicians and the future of Bolehland

Guys and girls, I am just so angry that it is beyond words. I guess you know why. First, that moron Ahmad Ismail will not be apologizing after all and thinks that all the people who told him to apologize publicly should apologize to him instead for defaming him. What in the fuck is wrong with this motherfucker? He insulted the Chinese so badly and yet he is demanding for apology? I have accepted that asshole like his kind will never change. Nevermind.

I am more angry with Pak Lah and Najib because they are supposed to reprimand this asshole in the first place. What kind of PM and DPM we have over here in this country? They are fucking more caring for Saiful than us the Chinese? Their fucking political career is hanging by a thread and yet they are doing nothing about it to resolve this issue which angered the public. Just illustrated what kind of useless fucking leaders we have in Bolehland.

And I am extremely angry with CHICKEN SHIT MCA no balls President Ong Ka Ting and Gerakan no balls acting President Koh Tsu Koon. What the fuck are you waiting for? You still believe in UMNO? Do you wanna be a dog forever?

Fucking bark now... Woof wooffff... .

We are not talking about race over here. We are talking about humanity value. Do you think this bunch of idiots in UMNO have that value? Is your millions of earnings more important than your fucking pride? What the fuck are waiting for? Pull out from BN if you still have some pride left in you. You are already a disgrace to your ancestors and will continue to be a disgrace to your future generations. Even my Malay and Indian friends fucking despise you. Get out or get lost. The time is now. Decide!

Let me ask you my fellow Malay friends and countrymen once and for all. Let's be honest to yourself.

Does it really matter to you if Malay, Chinese, Indian, Sabahan, Sarawakian, Iban, Kadazan and so forth be the Prime Minister of Bolehland if you are earning from RM5000 to RM10000 a month? Will you mind? A capable leader can lead us to stable economy and harmony and ensure we develop as a nation. Why must the skin color or religion be a deciding factor to you? For me, I just want someone intelligent to be my leader. Doesn't matter if he is originally a Sakai. Who fucking cares?

Or would you want fucking UMNO to grant you the "Bumiputera right" which entitle you to 7% discount for properties and easy entrance to university but at the end you are only earning RM1200 per month while all the UMNO leaders' family are earning millions of ringgit and keep increasing the petrol price to feed their cronies? What's more, they keep telling you they are protecting your right but are actually ripping you off?

I am sure you are clever enough to decide what you want, my Malay friends.

All I can say is, we could have been better. We are Oil producing nation and yet we are in decline. How long more do you want to allow this nest of scheming bastards ripping you off? If Sept 16 takeover by DSAI fail, let's ensure in the next GE, UMNO's BN get a major thrashing.


KAPITAN said...

MCA should stand for

K.L. Kam said...

You are abosolutely right. These MCA & Gerakan Dogs have no balls and you know what? They even have their tails chopped off by the bastard UMNO. So now we know why they are a bunch of useless and coward leaders. One thing for sure these hopeless leaders are so pround to decleared themselve as the "Loyal Eunuch of UMNO".

Kapitan said...


Now that Gerakan FT chief, Dr.Tan Kee Kwong,has just joined PKR the Party GERAKAN has become....
Party GE(ho)RANKAN liow lo.

Anonymous said...

I wonder even if MCA & Gerakan ball-up & leave BN... will PR consider them (as parties, not individuals)??? could be expensive own goals in the long run

check out "own goal sagas" at

Alan said...

MCA & Gerakan should know when to act as a Doggie. Like Chua Soi Lek that time, want to act as a doggie can, but not outside the bed mah!:D said...

I like your article. I felt the same way as you do. I have live through merdeka and May 13. Time have change but these racists are still around. The PM and his deputy cannot even control this Ahmad moron. How can they run this country? Drastic action must be taken against this moron.

The Chinese saying: "Slaughter one as a warning to the others"

It is a pity this country is going to the dogs unless Anwar is given a chance for changes.

Anonymous said...

Cheapskate joker, you are right on the bull eye.

All these Umnoputras are emulating the 'prophet of doom'

So it's no surprise at what they are doing if you understand the the legacy of the 'prophet of doom'.

Understanding the prophet of doom

Khun Pana said...

Honestly i do not know what that ahmad wanted.Maybe he had a lousy childhood or his father abused him .
However i am not angry as my religion taught me differently.
He wanna run amok that is his and umno fucking personal problem.
His fucking rights to talk freely , so let him enjoys fucking his own self and his family of umno melayu ciplak.

I am more angry with the illegal detention of a pregnant Malaysian woman for 11 months!
The system fails miserably and this means wastages of hundreds of millions getting the MyCard system.
Even a simple scanning of her thumb prints was NOT done.

And Datuk Shit Al-Blur ( another umno muslim) threatening to axe Raja Petra using the ISA for blasphemy!
ISA is HARAM , using a HARAM thing to charge RPK for blasphemy means the umno government themselves committing blasphemy.
Technically making pigs as Halal product !

As for those still with the Gerakan , mic , mca , ppp , miup and whatever. You ALL will be missing the boat.
Rain or shine we will be doing a 916.

Tun Saaban said...

I have anticipated that the notion of race based politics will come to an end eventually.
In fact , I agree that no one regardless of whatever their faiths are, would care if the leaders are honest, transparent and have the leadership qualities that could run the country into prosperity .
Race based politics would only give you a superficial coating that social integration between the many races that we have in Malaysia is as solid as steel.But when we are considering the very foundation of a political party itself is based on race, we are but can't get away with the sentiments that are deep-seated with the political orientation that comes together in it. When all hell breaks loose, this is what we get from this Ahmad Ismail. or whoever.

To me, the very ingredient that a leader must DO in the first place is to eliminate all the factors that could harm the colorful social fabric that we have in our beloved country.

I hope one day , we will all stand up as a nation of a united Bangsa Malaysia despite our color or creed.

As a Muslim, God does not see any race is superior than the other, it is the faith that matters of which only God knows well on each and every one of us.

Anonymous said...

Aiya why worry, if this fucktard Ahmad Ismail balls have been cut off, he can always borrow a couple of balls from monsterball to replace his missing balls and create bigger racial problem.... hahahaha!

proverb said...

Proverbs 10:13

In the lips of him that hath understanding wisdom is found: but a rod is for the back of him that is void of understanding.

Your degree of folly or wisdom is known by your speech. A man with understanding has wise speech that helps others; a man without understanding uses empty and foolish words that benefit no one. You cannot hide your character for long. You cannot deceive others forever. You will be exposed (26:26; Eccl 5:3; 10:3). And if your speech indicates you are a fool, the best treatment for you in the wisdom of God is a good beating (18:6; 26:3).

Notice the proverb closely. The first clause identifies a man with understanding as one who speaks wisely. The second clause gives the instruction to beat the man who does not have understanding. The parallelism of the proverb teaches two principal lessons: (1) your speech proves whether you have understanding or not, and (2) corporal punishment is appropriate for those who speak foolishly and forwardly. The ellipsis – missing words – at the end of the second clause, “and speaks foolishly,” is understood by the first clause.

God and Solomon gave you precious wisdom. Here is advice for life on how to measure the hearts of men and also how to treat them. Good men with wise hearts convey knowledge, godly counsel, and sound wisdom; and they do it in a gracious and loving way. Fools with profane hearts babble about their opinions and little problems in life; they complain about most everything; and they do it in an odious and irritating manner.

What precious wisdom! Wicked persons love to say, “You do not know my heart. I am a good person. I have understanding.” But these are lying excuses to justify their ungodly speech and/or actions. One of the chief lessons of Proverbs is to identify character by speech (10:19,21,32; 12:13; 14:3,7; 15:7; 16:2; 17:7,27-28; 18:7; Eccl 10:12). The Lord Jesus Christ also emphasized this definite connection (Matt 12:33-37).

Reader! Does your speech prove you a fool or a wise man? It is easy to tell. Can you justify your speech from the Bible? Do you have more friends than you can manage? Do others hold you in high esteem? Do others often seek your advice? If you can answer all four questions positively, you are a wise man. If any of the questions get a negative answer, you are a fool! Confess your folly to God. Beg Him for help to control your lips.

Reader! Do others consider you gracious or odious, kind or cutting, helpful or hurtful, cheerful or critical, sober or sarcastic, loving or laughing, judicious or jesting? Honest answers to these contrasts reveal your character. Humble yourself before God. Cut your words in half. Cut your volume in half. Do not speak without something important to say. Study before you speak. Be gracious and positive, always! Praise someone, now!

Your degree of worldliness or spirituality is also known by your speech. It is easy to be an enemy of Jesus Christ – all you have to do is care about the things of this world (Matt 6:24; Phil 3:18-19; Jas 4:4; I John 2:15-17). How can you spot an enemy of Jesus Christ? Listen. They talk about jobs or business, health, politics, or current events. Though you listen carefully, you never hear Christ praised, doctrine exalted, or fervent thanksgiving.

Furthermore, your degree of love or hatred for others is revealed by your words. If you love other saints, which is the greatest evidence of eternal life, you will always be saying good things to them, for them, and about them. The person who is often guilty of backbiting, complaining, slandering, talebearing, or whispering is not only a fool, but also a child of the devil (John 8:44; I Cor 3:3; Titus 3:3; Jas 3:14-18; I John 3:1-19).

Corporal punishment is the best treatment of a person with a foolish tongue (26:3). If that person is your child, then you can train him in the way he should go with the rod and reproof (22:6; 29:15). If it is a prospective spouse, end the relationship! If it is a friend, you can easily find new and better friends (9:6; 13:20; 14:7). Choose wise men with wise speech for your companions, for they will make you better (22:11; Ps 119:63).

Ahamad Issmile said...

Hello to all my precious customers in Penang,

ok! Ok! I surrender! I am a useless sob!

Please don't boycott my petrol station.

Please use my petrol station's petrol shafts to shaft into my asslobang for all the demeaning remarks, but please lah guna some lubrication before shafting into my asslobang ok!

I got so many customers to entertain you know~!

baike said...

Dey! Pukitaik, why don't you say the same thing to the Indians, particularly to the baikes?

i love to do the anjing style on you with or without the grease!

Pukimamkalawi, you stupid foolsc should not waste the earth resources.

You can join your racist ancestors in hell!!!!

banana said...

MCMC - Lifting a so very ineffective ban

Malaysia is just like one monkey complaining against another monkey. Semua sama sama je!

Before complaining others, just look at sendiri lah, bodoh!

Malaysia standard of living and outlook are just like monkeys.

Just give some bananas to this monkeys, then everything will be ok!

No wonder the westerners thought the denizens in Malaysia are still living on trees!

comeback kid said...

This Mahakutty is the father of sodomy, corruption, racism, cronyism, fuckotism, fanatism and etc....

Now he wants the grandfather of all this?

Anonymous said...

“Corruption is worse than prostitution. The latter might endanger the morals of an individual, the former invariably endangers the morals of the entire country.”

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