Thursday, November 6, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: Back after a long break but still sick of Bolehland

You know, 50 years of Independence has not taught us any shit! We are still the same bunch of fucking clowns wondering about how our nation should progress and have no fucking clue. We are still busy squabbling, arguing childish facts, politicking matters like road sign language or mini fucking skirts and many more stupidity which skips my mind at the moment.

I am really fucking sick of this country. Plus, I have lost my patience in PAS. I seriously don't think this bunch of extremist are going to be the people that can uplift the nation to another stage. Why do they keep politicizing religion? This is not Islamic, we are doing this the Islamic way or according to Islam? Why must relate religion into your fucking administration? For the last fucking time, let me tell you that religion is SELF PREFERENCE, you fuckheads! Dont you just fucking get it? Look at the fucking simple explanation below and work out your fucking formula.

Country administration - Strategic planning
Religion - Self preference

Supporting Manchester United Football Club - Self preference
Managing Manchester United Football Club - Strategic planning

Can I fucking say that we cant do this, we cant do that because it is not the Manchester United way of doing it? What about Liverpool and Arsenal supporters? Will they agree with your Manchester United way of doing things? Anything that relates to self preference should be left out of administration. Your administration strategies should be about bringing the nation to further improvement and that's all it is about. Why must complicate matters into your self preference? Fucking clowns. How can I trust that PAS can manage the country? No chance. I will not fucking vote for them. No fucking way.

Plus the fucking economy is the main concern of the world. Yet our politicians, be it BN or Pakatan seemed to be very hardworking in attacking each other rather than working things out for the people.

Plus, the majority of fucking Bolehland citizens will only jump to conclusion, point fingers, start some childish debates, siding the Opposition like a no-brainer and critisizing every Government plan. Not all the things done by Opposition are correct and that includes Anwar, the man that I respect alot. So stop being a no-brainer. Stop worshiping Opposition and support them for everything they do. Go for what's right. Dont be a fucking clown.

Now now, I know you will jump to the conclusion like a no-brainer YET AGAIN and start cursing me or may want to attack me with some really pain in the ass comments. All I did was to tell you straight to your fucking face that, it is the truth. And truth fucking hurts! So fuck them and fuck you too!



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