Sunday, June 22, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: “I want peace. I don’t want any trouble.”

That’s the reaction from most of the older people starting from age 50 and above (Not all, but most). Don’t get me wrong. I do not have any discrimination against older people but I am very frustrated with the attitude of most of them.

Ask them what do they think of the street protest of oil hike, they will immediately reply “Trouble. Avoid at all costs. These people are causing trouble. They have no brain. Economy will fall. Sigh”

Ask them what do they think if Pakatan Rakyat takeover in Sept 16 and their immediate reply was “Trouble. Stock up some food. Umno people will take to the street and cause chaos. This country will be in chaos”

Ask them what if Pakatan Rakyat took over and that there’s no trouble and their reply was “It will be the same. Same crocs, different party. Whoever got to the top will forget us and be like BN. So what’s the difference? I rather have peace.”

Because of not wanting any trouble, they sacrifice true democracy. Because of not wanting any trouble, they rather let corruption, injustice and open abuse to carry on. Because of not wanting any trouble, they rather be slaves to dirty scumbags. Because of not wanting any trouble, they rather let the country be in ruins just so that they can live on comfortably.

Most of the older people are cowards, especially Chinese (This is just my opinion). I am saying this as a Chinese and my mum and her friends are exactly like that. They are more than likely to stick to the same, be slaves to BN and will be very reluctant to change. As long as their lives are not under threat, they won’t want to do something. Only when something happen to them or their families, they will cry out for fair justice. What is the use by then? You let yourself be in ruins and only to realize later and want to do something when it is too late?

This is exactly the plan of our very own “dictator”, Tun Mahathir. To install fear into every Malaysian so that they will obey the lords. The lords as in the Mahathir’s cronies. That was Plan A. Plan B, to give more illegal immigrants bumi status to keep them voting for BN. As long as BN gets the majority, UMNO will run our lives and they will happily do so.

Obviously the younger generations are very different and they are disgruntled. They disagree with the old thinking. This is why the tsunami came. We no longer accept the kind of rubbish that’s been around for too long (Sad to say that some BN goons still don’t get it. They are still living in the 70’s). We are no longer living in an era whereby information moves slowly. We are more knowledgeable because of internet. We quickly learned about “Makkal Sakthi”. We quickly learned about the loopholes in our country and we want improvement. Can you imagine if there’s no internet, no CNN, no CNBC and all the things you read in the newspapers are just mere lies, what would have happen? You and I will still be happily chanting “Hidup Barisan”.

What the older people don’t understand is, I want a balance. No, I don’t want any trouble either. I want free and fair Governance that will look upon me as Malaysian. No, I don’t want Pakatan Rakyat to takeover and become the next arrogant party like BN. Ignoring people’s cry and ruling arrogantly is the last thing I ever want. If we keep fearing, we will never get what we want.

Should Pakatan Rakyat takeover, it will signal a change. A change that’s very important in our history and I want to give them a chance. I believe most of the young people like me are more than likely to give them a chance as well. They know full well they have to serve the people to prove themselves or they will go bust. This is what I want.

This will then force BN to reinvent themselves to be relevant. After reinventing themselves and their agenda is better than PR in the future, they may win back my vote. Either way, I want 2 strong parties to be relevant in this country. I want the people to get the chance to decide who is the better Government. Should trouble come, we must be even more united to overcome it instead of avoiding it.

So older people, stand up with us. I know you are at your retiring age but look further. Your younger generations will get to enjoy free and fair governance in the future. Let’s look forward to a better Malaysia and if God willing, starting from September 16, 2008.



Anonymous said...

You are just a stupid ignorant blogger wasting people's time.

Open your trouser and let mahathir sodomizing you and your older members in your family since they were soooo stupid not to bomb the shit out from mahathir when they were not happy with mahathir but let mahathir screwed them upside down.

You might want to check your DNA because you might be mahathir's bastard son.

Anonymous said...

During May 13 1969, you were probably not born yet. That's why you do not understand the mentality of old people. I do not think you will write this way, if you have some of your relatives killed during May 13. You are probably too young to see how difficult it is to survive through an country with unstable political climate. Most of you, you are not a migrant. That's why you will never understand how we old people think.

Anonymous said...

u r right in that the older generation do not want to have any trouble.We have experienced the actual May 1969. We really suffered then. Yes we were prepard after 08-03. Fortunately, this time around we have real humans both in gov. and in opposition.Other than yb.RPK who in this fuckup country dares to say 1% of what he has written and exposed to us here and globally? Through him the Malays were also won over. We still want peace. We can tolerate and we believe that at the end of the day it is they who will turn against one another, all because of Ringgit Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Contrary to what the other posters think, I somewhat agree with you, with regards to some old people, but I don't think most are like that.

But that doesn't make us "young" any wiser.

If it were up to me, I'd long for a "French Revolution" style coup where we drag out the Senile Mamak who Thinks he's a Malay, Ludwig Von Sleepy-Head, C4 Murderer + Wife, Dog Son in Law, Semi-Value, KerisMudFace and do a "Off with their Heads" beheading thing.

That doesn't sound much better, does it.

What I'm saying is, in these days, nobody's opinion is absulute. Only Vodka is.

People shouldn't fear their governments,
Governments should fear their people.

Anonymous said...

You wanted to see light at the end of tunnel. You dare to gamble and ever willing to accept the out come.

Looking at the current political reality, and let say if everyone agree with you, more than not all of us might end up living in the dark.

Are you prepare for the worst case scenario?

Anonymous said...

My dear young person

Easier said than done!

I don't think you can imagine what it is like if you were threatened and issued with a red IC (mykad to you). You cannnot even enter Government school which in those days most people went because the medium of instruction is in English.

You can't get a passport as well as work for the Government.

This list goes on.

Who will forget the thousands of Indonesian Chineses who were 'deported' or choose or forced to go back to China. What do you go back there for?

Why did your forefathers choose to migrate to Malaya or Nanyang? War, famines, droughts, etc etc. They came here for a better life. Hence like migrants in any countries they are subservient, not wishing to rock the boat and challenge the status quo. You can see the similarities in most countries e.g. US, Europe.

Some of the best lessons in life is from history or HIS STORY. Pardon the sexual incorrectness.

So learn from the past in order not to repeat the mistakes which 03.08 did. Then again, you are where you are today - educated, most probably a comfy home and other things in life - because of the struggles of your forefathers.

Be grateful and thankful.


Fabregas said...

Yes!! I agree wif u!! The older generation all BOH CHOON DOI!! & yes!! especially the chinese! If this shit continues, i will go work overseas & probably apply for PR...............

sins of old, suffer the young said...

The people should not be afraid of the government, the government should be afraid of the people.

For the people that fear the government. They are cowards, and selfish. They live in peace but their sons and daughter will suffer.

When I was young, 1 plate of mee is RM1. Today it is RM6. We are growing poorer everyday because of inaction by the previous generation. As a result, corruption and artificial inflation.
My grandfather's house is only RM12,000 when he bought it.
Even though our salaries have trippled, but the houses have increased by 10 times.

It will not stop. Keeping a blind eye, ALL will die sure and slow death.
Taking action, some will die, but the rest will live free.

Anonymous said...

A radical view but a dynamic one with room for change. I like it but may not 100% agree to it. For those not able to tolerate change will forever stuck in the past.

Once a young chap said to me, "They have been saying about racial riot. When are going to bring one on?"
I said " are you crazy ?"
"Look, some people will be sacrificed, some will die also, but have your degree and BE/B form ready "
I said "Why ?"
He happily replied "You know, many countries are dying to have productive-knowledge taxpayer like you and me, as long there is such circumstances to proclaim us as "refugee" ,well, it's a one way street to migrate.

That idea really blown my mind away.

old folk said...

Hello son,

I think you have blamed the wrong people! The old folks were busily working day and night bringing foods to the table to feed their families.

They have no time for politics and they let the professional politicians running Bolehland.

But alas, the politicians are akin to a bunch of monkeys looking after a banana farm.

By right the opposition parties should check the wrong doings of the ruling parties. But the problem was the opposition parties were inept and were busily fighting for powers.

Now you see all these old hecks still manning top political positions-whether it's ruling or opposition parties.

Why are all these political mad-dogs would want to fight to their death for plausible political positions?

Well! For free scooping of the nation's wealth.

Even with advanced ICT in this 21st century, these old mad-dogs are still embracing to their political powers even though they knew their blatant machinations were exposed and known not only to the rakyat but the whole universe.

These old political hecks are just ruthless and ignorant to the rule of law of Bolehland.

They are the outrageous criminals who should be hanged hanged / juxtaposed and beheaded one by one.

Well! If the old folks failed to perform this, do you think the third generational folks like you and others can behead all these virulent virus?

So please don't blame the older folks or the current generation but the political parties, both the ruling and opposition.

Do you think PR could run Bolehland well? If all these PR parties couldn't even manage their own parties well, do you think they could run Bolehland well?

Please study the history of these PR parties before you come to the conclusion that PR could run Bolehland like an utopian nation?

Can the fanatical PAS rule the country well with the belief that Allah could drop durians from the sky?

Could the emeperor of rocket dynasty rule like a democratic country from one generation to another generation?

Could the PKR rule the country well by practicing nepotism?

So never never blame the folks, old or present but the wicked politicians for screwing the country outside down.

Long live Makal Sakthi and Adios to you young man.

bao kong said...

dey young man! How could you be so rude scolding the old folks as cowards and useless?

Don't you know that you have committed a very serious crime punishable by sending you to the firing squad?

Please study the Chinese culture if you want to be a Chinese. If you disparage your ancestors, you have committed a very serious serious crime according to the Chinese culture.

The 6,000 year old Chinese cultural law was scripted and could be seen everywhere in Chinese law books.

So don't be ignorant when you have committed a serious crime and yet without knowing/ realizing it!

BennyG said...

TCJ, courageous writing. I believe you had captured the essence of the "old" generations.

Good to read a lot of comments posted by the "oldies" to give us a better understanding of their experiences and threats faced. Also it's good to know that they are now involved in reading blogs and posting. Excellent!

We are more united than before. BN could not speak/act without raising our suspicions and anger.

Thanks mainly to courageous bloggers (especially RPK) who uncovered the truths and keep many informed/enlightened.

sky juice said...

Malaysia should be divided into several states like what it's now.

So if Pas wants to practice Talibanian rule, they should confine to Kelantan and Kedah.

All those who voted for Pas should be sent to these states and they could pray to Allah as many times as they wished for all we don't care a damn.

If Umno wants to play football and dancing joget all night long, they should confine to Pahang and Johor. You can play football, flying kites and spinning gasing, but please don't 'kachau' others doing businesses and stifling them from becoming Bill gate.

If the Indians want to sing and dance like in Bollywood, they could emigrate to Tanjong Keling in Malacca drinking toddy till night becomes daylight and nobody will bother about them.

And the MCA, DAP and Gerakan cinakooi could hire a boat ferrying themselves to Carey Island off Port Klang with LLS and clique drinking XO, eating and walking like crab on the island.

Then Malaysia will be ok eternally!

Anonymous said...

XMNO always uses tactics to scare,
Peninsula, East Malaysia and everywhere
They want power so they don’t care,
They say challenge XMNO if you dare,
Whatever consequences you’ll have to bear,
Otherwise migrate and go live elsewhere,
Even dogs and pigs also cannot rear,
And no more temples to say your prayers.
They say all powers they will share,
But meetings only they will chair,
Our forefathers helped build nation with hands bare,
But no matter how well our kids fare,
PSD always says scholarship is scarce
Wind of change is blowing in the air,
We must think of our kids’ welfare
We need leaders who are clean and fair,
Give PR a chance to end our nightmares.......

Anonymous said...

There’s a certain Asean nation,
Ruled by a political coalition,
Actually it’s a party’s domination,
Other parties just kowtow and listen,
That party’s called XMNO, need I mention?
Can disregard others’ rights under the constitution,
Hold a kris high up to a standing ovation,
Treat minority races like 2nd class citizens,
Grant citizenship to millions of Indonesians,
Yet turn down thousands of locals’ applications.
It’s members try to gain prominence,
Can utter racist remarks in the parliament,
Some are under ACA’s investigation,
For suspicion of wealth accumulation,
But still can stand for the general election.
Their cronies help run their biz concern,
Can obtain almost every biz licence,
Eg. for submarines and fighter jets by Russians,
Even for the import of Chinese medicine,
Causing its price to rise by 40 percent,
Ordinary folks think there is inflation,
At first it was beyond their comprehension,
But now they understand the real reason,
XMNO leaders can’t let power base be shaken,
By the grassroots who support their positions,
So they fall asleep during conventions,
Or constantly smile and seem unconcerned,
It’s time to put an end to all this nonsense,
For the sake of our future generations………

Derek said...

'You are just a stupid ignorant blogger wasting people's time.

Open your trouser and let mahathir sodomizing you and your older members in your family since they were soooo stupid not to bomb the shit out from mahathir when they were not happy with mahathir but let mahathir screwed them upside down.'

Hey,I just want to tell you,I mean the person who posted this comment and I know, I loathe having had to do this and I want to say to you that you're mental! and uncivilised!You should learn how to be respectful instead of fucking up our young people's opinion and what he says is not completely uncouth.Quit your disgraceful act!

Anonymous said...

"Hey,I just want to tell you,I mean the person who posted this comment and I know, I loathe having had to do this and I want to say to you that you're mental! and uncivilised!You should learn how to be respectful instead of fucking up our young people's opinion and what he says is not completely uncouth.Quit your disgraceful act!"

This shows that you are another stupig commentator like a frog in a tempurong.

What the fu*k you are condemning the older folks when the older folks had been enduring even more harsher bashings from the Umno sycophants?

Yeah! The rhetorics were much much more severe than this but the older folks fought back courageously culminating the 8/3/0608 Tsunami.

So if you can't stand the fuc*king bashing, mught as well close down this stupig blog before Umnopukiputras main your belakang cukup.

new old villager said...

The older folks had been voting the opposition one ge after another ge. But shit, what has the opposition politicians do?

The opposition politicians are just an ungrateful lots.

Looking at the PJ constituency, it was under dap all the while. But we have a traitor wittingly filling the form wrongly.

Could you imagine a phd candidate filling the ge form wrongly? What's more obvious when this dap candidate was seen in photographs posing on the Alps in Switzerland? Remember the correct correct guy posing with the CJ in New Zealand? This was only a deja vu of this traitor.

So could you blame the older people for not voicing their displeasure when you have opposition traitors selling the rights of the rakyat by intentionally filling the form wrongly?

Who the hell would want to hire a traitor of the people to run an organization, let alone to helm a respectable collge?

If this traitor is living in China, this traitor would have been sent to the firing squad and the bullets would have been charged to his next of kin!

Best still we have naive political candidate inviting this despicable traitor campaigning in the 8/3 ceramah. Come on bitch, if this traitor couldn't even fill out the ge form correctly, did you think this traitor could provide the right message to the rakyat correctly?

So future young little boss, please take note that the older folks got guts to voice their ideas and not contrary to what you think.

Derek said...

'This shows that you are another stupig commentator like a frog in a tempurong.

What the fu*k you are condemning the older folks when the older folks had been enduring even more harsher bashings from the Umno sycophants?

Yeah! The rhetorics were much much more severe than this but the older folks fought back courageously culminating the 8/3/0608 Tsunami.'

You have totally got my point wrong,dude.It's irrelevant and I certainly did not try to sound impertinent to the old folks and I really am sorry to tell you that you have misunderstood my comments.Thank you.

god of soil said...

Yes! Old boy! Now the opposition have captured the 5 states, are the opposition parties feeling in cloud nine thinking that they could do whatever they please at their whim and fancy?

Do these opposition thinks like what you think that the older folks are destined for holland and could be written off easily?

Now we have a whiz kid manning the PJ's constituency voicing as if he is the boss without taking into accounts of the aspirations of the PJ rakyat?

Isn't this so called little business whiz is just another stupid kid behaving like his predecessors?

All the rhetorics during the short campaign are just literally rhetorics and all the promises will soon be forgotten.

These politicians are just a bunch of pernicious parasites eating into the useful organs of the rakyat.

The older folks have been screwing all these pernicious parasites year in and year out but alas, it's just one useless parasite replacing the other parasite. They are bane to the rakyat/ humankind.

From your thoughts, little young man, you are no different from all the parasites mentioned.

Sight! There is no future now nor there will be a future in the future.

God's power is diminishing and devil is taking charge now the universe.

Anonymous said...

God of Soil,
Read the whole article and then talk. You are embarrassing yourself.

Anonymous said...

Why get so sensitive over these issues? The intelligent ones know what to do. The silly ones are going to experience what is coming to them. The reason they are stupid is because they have never got it right. Ask yourself this question. Why are some countries progressing, doing well and can withstand any downside while we are sinking and fighting amongst ourselves. From here, you will find the solution.

The Zik said...

well, at least you know the age demography of your readers now. Heh.

Anonymous said...

This is the story of people not doing anything.

Anonymous said...

If you open a newspaper and if you are still reading news from the same politicians after 50 years later, you know that this Bolehland is a foregone conclusion.

Bolehland will never progress if we have half a century old politicians still taking charge of political parties.

So young man, please screw the old and viagarised politicians both in ruling and opposition.

The old folks are just innocent people trying to put justice to this nation.

Anonymous said...

Dear Rakyat,

Once i wrote the Chinese has got no balls. Well they have proven it in their comments. Wake up you idiots. The country is going down and its going to drag everybody down. Soon our daughters, ur sisters will be prostitutes, maids here like in Indonesia. Dont you all think the May 13 incident will not repeat. You bloody idiotic goons. I support this young man, and not going to allow any goons to bring this country down further.We had enough of the UMNO crap.

syataro said...

I know that sometimes the older generation can be very frustrating, with all their "Just let it be, we don't want any trouble". But I don't think by branding them as cowards is really a good idea too. Their actions are understandable even though I wouldn't say that I think they're right. Nevertheless, we still should respect them for their sacrifices and contributions, and restraint ourselves from dishonoring them with name-callings.

By the way, I'm a Muslim but I don't really agree with PAS in lots of things. But I do believe that Allah can drop durians from the sky. I'm not trying to deny or question anybody's right of free speech or freedom of religion, but please don't ridicule Allah and Islam. If you do so, I don't think you're any different from those bastard hypocrite politicians you loathe (be it from UMNO, PAS, PKR, DAP, etc).

Anonymous said...

The whole of Malaysia's democratic system had been screwed by Mahathir and the former agong.

So if you don't screwed these two idiots, this shows that this young man is a stupid idiot.

If you really want to show you are a hero, go and confiscate all the loots this two perpetrators had garnered.

Since Malaysia's oil reserves are fast depleting by the Umno goons, why don't you go and screw the greedy Umnoputras?

Since there is no more money to support the parasitic Agong, Sultans and their wasteful protocol, why don't you pick them huh?

Go and tell the johor sultan to go fly kite if you have the guts for screwing the democratic system in Malaysia and has no right to ask anybody to wear a songkok.

Since there is no more oil money, go and tell the sultans to balik kampung and plant jagong for survival. The rakyat just can't afford to feed them while they are living in a hedonistic life.

There are soooo many issues you can play with and why you want to main the innocent old folks who have been mained by the dirty political bastards all their life?

So you deserve to be sodomized by every fuc*king dirty politicians on this land.

Next time use your otak udang carefully when picking up an issue.

You realllllyyy have made people toolam for picking the most miserable people on Boleh when they have been exploited to the hilt by the fuc*king politicians.

These old people are suffering miserably trying to live one decent day after another not knowing when their next meal will be served or not?

Go to the old folks' homes and see how the politicians and their younger children treating them?

Now you have the cheek to lambasting these poor, miserable, lonely and dying folks?

What kind of creature are you?

Surely the rakyat will support you if you are fighting for the rakyat and not the reversal.

So this is a good lesson to you and next time use your brain and not your heart. Otherwise you are no different than the soul-less politicans in Bolehland.

Anonymous said...

To the previous commentor who started calling people creature,

You speak like a fucking expert but lack substance in your argument. By calling people names shows the level of your class is so low.

TCJ may be wrong to classify you, YES YOU, as coward, but he is right with other facts.

We must encourage our older generation to make a stand like us. Dont keep quiet. Make more noises.

You must change your way of expression because clearly, you are uneducated. So learn to be polite old fart.

Anonymous said...

Dude (The person with angry comment), you keep using the word "sodomized" in your comments. You are Gay, right? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

There is a whole lot of truth in what you have written of the older folks...but then again, you too, would have this defeatist attitude if you were born of their generation.

You are the product of the past and whatever shapes your intellectual, you owe it to the experiences the older folks have gone through.

Time did not stand still for the younger generation of Malaysians to save the country on behalf of us all. Things do happen.....while you were growing up, young man.

Why don't you, for a start, tell us your lofty dreams of elevating Malaysia out of the mess we are in now..........

Anonymous said...

Dude (The person with angry comment), you keep using the word "sodomized" in your comments. You are Gay, right? Just curious.

Ho ho ho ho...! Don't you know that Malaysia is the no:1 gay country in the world overtaking San Francisco since 1998 during the Anwar's sodomy trial?

So son/gal! You have plenty of things to learn from the older people.

If you were to read the newspapers (semenanjung), every front page of major newspapers was covered with sodomized stories. The court cases ware intent and the battles ware severe.

Just imagine the no:1 and No:2 of the country were sparring with each other and was kind of if I don't kill you you kill me scenario.

The rakyat was treated with all kinds of best attacks and defends and were immersed deeply with a labyrinth of sodomized stories for a protracted period.

The rakyats were embraced by a prolonged span of sodomization so much so that every one in Malaysia became a sodomite.

Yes! Why don't you sodomize Mahathir for making Malaysia the no:1 sodomized country in the world instead blaming the older people this and that?

Hey man! Mahathir and you should kena sodomized by the rakyat and not the innocent, poor and lonely old people lah!

Now the younger generation are very rude to their older folks cos they are the products of the wielding of kerisodomidin.

Sigh! What hope do you have if you have kerisodomidin as the no:1 man in the educational system?

No wonder the younger people think they are superman or they can walk on water like Jesus!

If Allah can drop durians from the sky, why planting jagong and rearing chickens in the kampung?

No wonder the kampung folks are forever living on trees waiting for durians and coconuts to fall from the sky?

No wonder the Muslims are just a liability to this planet earth. When the oil fields are exhausted in Saudi Arab, the arabs will be eating sand and the Muslims in Malaysia still be waiting for durians runtoh?

Sampai mampus the Umnoputras will fight for their affirmative action and the unreachable 30% quota.

These useful idiots are just a liability to mankind and it's best they disappear on this face of the planet earth the better.

So it's not the older people are inept but the parasites that are eating into the profits/ survival of rakyat!

Alan said...

Well, I understand how you feel. In Malaysia everything you want to do must see your race wan. Since the Chinese has went through period of unrest every time a new dynasty/regime is estabilshed, of course they don't want trouble. These old people has seen and heard about stories of how a child is killed just bcos of their race and so on and on until everyone is afraid. This is their psychological tactic to scare us and it works on the elderly. If they use the same old trick, we may be just like them.

zewt said...

this is why i am just so sick of the previous generation...

and now... serve them right... the stability that they voted... results in 2.70.

jinahak said...

Fuck all the politicians in Bolehland and all over the world.

I hope their children have no backsides.

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