Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: Regarding my last post

Fuck off people! What the fuck is the matter? Read properly before you fucking comment or send me abusive emails. I am trying to encourage more older people to believe in change and not to fucking insult them. I will become old one day as well. Fucking read and dont jump to the conclusion.
Some fuckers even told me to study the stats properly before writing. This is a fucking opinion and not a fucking expert analysis. You can't even understand simple fucking English. Improve your level of understanding or may I say your intelligence before commenting.
Peace motherfucker!


ilovepakatan said...


Anonymous said...

There are people who dont pay attention to details. Example below:

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

PLATO: For the greater good.

ARISTOTLE: It is the nature of chickens to cross roads.

KARL MARX: It was a historical inevitability.

Dr M:
I forget. You know, I am tired of all this...'apa-nama' chicken-chicken bisnes...the foreign powers should stop intervening in our domestic affairs and just leave our chickens alone.. If they want to... 'apa nama' cross the road, they should be allowed to cross the road.... Malaysia s a democratic country; we let our chickens do whatever they want to do... as long as they don't threaten the Malaysian unity and try to topple the government...and if they plan to do so... we won't hesitate to use the ISA...

Pak Lah:
Ini semua adalah khabar angin sahaja...jangan percaya khabar- khabar angin ini semua... biasalah ini adalah taktik pembangkang untuk memecahbelahkan perpaduan ayam-ayam semua... jangan percaya... jangan percaya...

Sammy Vellu:
Ayyooyoo... belakang cerita lain kali, kita sude bikin banyak jembatan, itu ayam musti guna jembatan untuk lintas itu jalan lagi pun kalu itu ayam mau pigi jalan-jalan, beritau sama saya juga, saya bolley buat lebbey banyak toll........

Bill Clinton:
I've had so many chicks, I can't remember...

VK Lingam:
It look like ayam, sound like ayam but I can't tell whether it ayam or not..citt..I'm very sure that this ayam was not with me during my last trip to NZ..Oopp..sorry, I may be drunk with 2 glasses of wine and talk like ayam...

Yusof Chin:
It was a coincident. I assure you, it was not planned. it so happened the chicken was crossing the road at the same time as I. What can i do if the chicken decided to tag along when i was crossing, rite...

Anonymous said...

You are damn fucking right about what you said!
People who are well to do are always selfish and do not want to
create trouble/fight for justice because they are just simply fucking happy with their lives. Why bother about those unfortunate ones at their own expense? Most people are like that because I have
asked around/talk to various people of different races and they all
react in the same fucking manner. As long as they are not really
affected by any policies, inflation,etc., they are very satisfied with themselves and not bothered to see what is happening around the country and what the fuck will happen to their future
generation. Even if they are affected, they will only be grumbling and complaining to each other, thats all they will do. Of course I also 100% agree with you that this is especially applicable to the fucking Chinese because their mindset is such and furthermore, this is tanah melayu control by some fucking a@*#holes and no matter how much fucking noise they make there will not be any change. They will be telling if you don't like it here, then fuck off to China. So better sit at home and watch the damn bloody fucking Astro.
If you expect them to be like someone in this world called RPK who doesn't mind going to jail for the sake of justice, Malaysia will
be snowing already!

osana said...

So what is the solution to the problem in Malaysia?

Since Bill and Hillary are broke and need money, why don't we hire Bill and Hillary Clinton to manage the country? Very soon Malaysia will be a super power.

If we have all this sodomites from the endemic political parties running Malaysia, every Malaysian got to buy a can of high pressure grease for emergency use.

The Malaysians must get rid of all those endemic political sodomites and suckers of the highest level, then bringing in the Clintons minus Monica.

For those who still yearning durian runtoh, can buy an Iranian magic carpet flying to Iraq and let the US Marines bang bang/ becoming suicide bomber and die like a martyr.

The 69 virgins will hug them like babies when they rise to the cloud.

The Clintons will send those with Obama caliber to the USA and sharing the Democratic presidential ticket and become Obama running mate.

Very soon USA will become United States of Amalaysia.

Let's learn together said...

Just ignore comments and keep writing thoughts-provoking issue. Love it. We need to stimulate our brain abit and think.

Some issues may not be agreeable, while some may be agreeable. We all have our different opinions at times.

So if we dont think it's right, let's agree to disagree but keep writing.

Anonymous said...

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passerby said...

I dont give a fuck lah. If I dont agree, I will criticize. I hope that it is alright with you.

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Go ahead. You have the total freedom of expression here.

fadz said...

jujur cakap, kau punya blog politik ialah blog terseronok selepas RPK sebab tulus dan telus dan kelakar kau dan "peduli apa aku", cun ah!

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