Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bolehland Exclusive: State of denial

From dumb and dumber to political prostitutes

Dewan Rakyat: No abuse of power in blogger's arrest!
THE Home Ministry denied there was misuse of power by the police when they detained Malaysia Today blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

The cheapskate joker: You know what? I am not surprised at all. So predictable.

Sayid Hamit: We didnt abuse our power. No, we didnt... no no no. And I am not botak. I got hair, I got hair weh, I got hair.

Internal Security Act not cruel, says IGP (You can watch the video at side of this blog)
Dismissing the notion that the Internal Security Act (ISA) is cruel, the inspector-general of police says it is still needed to safeguard national security.

The cheapskate joker: Define what is cruel then.

I never met or knew Altantuya, Najib tells Parliament
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak reiterated in Parliament Wednesday that he had never met nor knew murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Dumb Bo: I would have said the same thing! :)

Believe it or not - Malaysia’s improved anti-corruption performance
Malaysia’s fight against corruption has shown a marked improvement and it is placed among countries which had succeeded in tackling the menace, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Skinny Marie: Keep convincing yourself la. We are better than Myanmar! We are better than Burma! Gosh!

Ong Ka Ting: Claims lacks credibility
Baseless Wong Leong’s Statement not only totally lacks credibility, but also has behind it a clear political motive of a smear campaign against me as the National President of the Party

Bolehland people: It's alright. We're sick of it.

Those who bait others are 'political prostitutes'
Sabah Umno deputy chief Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal has come out strongly to condemn political crossovers as immoral

Pak Esa: Wahhh. Then many years ago, there were many BN prostitutes when they cross over to BN. How can you insult your own member la?

Govt Decides To Retain ISA Without Any Amendment
The government reiterated Wednesday that the Internal Security Act (ISA) has to be retained, not for any political purpose but as a preventive measure to curb and handle activities threatening national security.

Jensen: We respect that although we dont like it. Nevermind. We will vote you out. Err... dont be angry ar by then!

What a bigger pile of rubbish!

As usual. What else can you expect from me when I am bloody pissed!


Ralverd said...

Love this picture. Keep up the good work!

Barisan said...

As usual, cheapskate give shit post and ralverd give shit praises. Take it like a pinch of salt people. They have no idea how to run a government but give alot of empty talk. Congrats. Another rubbish post.

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Thanks bro ralverd.

Shut up. People are free to voice out their praises if they want. I 've never stop you from giving your negative thoughts so learn to respect others who want to give positive thoughts and stop attacking them. On the other hand, you are right. I have no idea on how to run a government but I have my right to voice my discontentment. Even if one day Pakatan Rakyat is performing horribly, I will still criticise them.

edry said...

There's nothing wrong with ISA hence no need to amend. We need it to control some pariahs before peace is disrupted. That idiot Raja Petra deserves to be arrested. I do believe that we have improved as proven in the corruption index. Now that's credible statistic, you get it? And Datuk Shafie is right. Infact those who cross are worse than just political prostitutes.

ilovepakatan said...

You have obviously misplaced your brain into your ass, Edry. Nothing wrong with ISA? Why we need to have court then if no fair trial given?

RPK deserved to be arrested? Why? Just because he's better looking than you?

We have improved on corruption? Maybe in your wildest dream, yes.

I remember when so many MPs in Sabah join BN way back then. Are they political prostitutes as well? Why did you support the prostitutes back then?

PS - Your stupidity is beyond my imagination.

Anonymous said...

Agree with ilovepakatan. Edry and barisan are both stupid people. Tak boleh tahan la reading their comment.

Chepet said...

Shut up, ilovepakatan. If there's no ISA then anybody can disrupt the harmony and cause chaos.

Imagine if you manage the country and you get harsh comments like that. How would you feel?

-wil- said...

cheapskate joker,
you run a good blog. nice one.
don't let some people who keep shitting on you turn down your spirit. da barisan fanatic talk cock like he noes da way to rule over a country.


Barisan said...


I'm talking cock? I am merely challenging them facts by facts. How can that be rubbish? You're insane. And you did not provide any substantial reason in your claim that I am talking cock. So here we go again. Another stupid fella trying to be supportive of this cheapskate stupid blogger.

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Thanks wil.

I welcome debate, anytime. But your facts are rubbish, twisted and pointless, and what's more, laughable most of the time. Now that's a hard slap on your face. Can you handle it?

edry said...


I misplaced my brain? Well, your brain and your ass, what's the difference?

Fair trial for troublemaker? It'll take years to charge them and in the meantime allow them to cause more trouble?

I am definitely better looking than that fat RPK, your national hero. Sorry loser. I cant help it. I'm born with it.

Sabah MPs back then did the right thing. They know BN is a steady government hence they chose what's best for the state.

ilovepakatan said...


They are alledgedly claim to be causing trouble which disrupt national security until proven guilty. You mean you are not allow to defend yourself at all and leave the verdict up to some people to decide your fate?

I dont know how you look like but I dont really give a single droplet of shit about it. I love RPK because of his bravery in fighting for what's right for me unlike coward like you who keeps kissing someone elses ass.

Sabah MPs did the right thing back then? Well if they cross over to Pakatan, they are again doing the right thing for the best interest of Sabah. You get it?

michael cheah said...

RPK is putting up an act and you stupidly believe him. Dont waste your time, cheapskate and ilovepakatan. BN is doing their best to move us all forward. Why must you disrupt it? You have a personal agenda?

Barisan said...

Well said Edry and Michael Cheah. RPK is putting up a show for retarded people like Cheapskate to watch and guess what, he appreciates it.

My facts are laughable? So is yours with all those immature and blatant remarks. Now can you handle my slap on your face?

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Seriously. How can you judge Manoharan as trouble maker when the people voted for him? Clearly the people dont think he's a trouble maker and the election result clearly said it all. Dont you just get it?

As for the RPK comment, how did you guys know he's putting up a show? All based on your biased observation and you are claiming it. Can you put up a show like that for me and fight for me? I will support you if you do. If not, just buzz off.

Barisan said...

He got the people's sympathy and clearly profit from it. Anybody can go out and do something stupid and get fame and get to be elected. To me, that's opportunist.

Likewise for RPK. You want an actor/opportunist to be your leader or genuine people who can lead the country?

Edry said...

Well said, Barisan. That's exactly what I wanted to say next.


You're just a plain loser who support clowns putting a good show for you. I'm not a coward and it would be horribly wrong for Sabah MPs to cross because the people will think that they are doing it for their own benefit. What can Pakatan offer anyway other than more benefit to the MPs rather than the people.

Harapan Melayu said...

Cheapskate dan ilovepakatan = bodoh!

ilovepakatan said...

The result of the recent General Election clearly showed people's discontentment and you twat called them genuine leader?

Besides, how can you tell that people like RPK and Manoharan cannot be genuine leaders? How will you know?

Barisan said...


Discontentment? How can you tell that people are generally in agreement with you? If they are, I dont see many defending you and Cheapskate frankly, apart from a few people like ralverd and wil.

Judging from what I see, I think the people support BN more and share the same idea that RPK and Manoharan are just opportunists looking for fame.

Anonymous said...

You are stupid, Barisan.

The Cheapskate Joker said...


You are pathetic. Not replying to your stupid points mean they support you? Ok. Go to and leave your comments there. I'm sure you will get -128 in less than an hour.

But then again, I'm sure you already knew which is why you came here to vent your frustration.

harmless oxen said...

All these politicians in Bolehland are just like wolf in sheepskin.

Now in the year of ox, it's fox in ox-skin.

All these bolehland cheapskate politicians are just like the wild animals in the jungle.

These ferocious Bn and/or Br politikus are just like the ferocious animals in the jungle hunting for easy prey without mercy.

These Bn & Pr polikus must be trapped, caught and removed their ox-skins... and then skinned them alive for their corrupt skins.

That is the only way how to get rid of all these scandalous machinations in Bolehland by skinning them alive... for their skins....

How to skin a fox

harmless oxen said...

How to skin a wolf alive

rabbit said...

Dap and Pas are worst than MCA and Umno.

Lks aka the Eunuch emperor of Dap should be like the wolf.... deserving to be skinned for all his greed for power... and his son and daughter should also be skinned for practicing nepotism, cronyism, favoritism..

And ditto to the mamgali baike and suicide bombing Pas terrorists....

Then there will be no dynasty/ mad Islamic devils in Bolehland but a peaceful Bolehland for all to live peacefully together...

Peaceful Sanctuary

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