Monday, May 12, 2008

Bolehland Exclusive: Crossing? Seriously Crossing?

Over 30 Barisan MPs have decided to cross over, says PKR Sabah chief

Pak Na: We still have the people's support
Nejis: They are dreaming la.
Koo-Li: They could be serious
Mahadi: They are serious, ok.
Jeff Kiti: You will know soon la. Err... guys, pack your files now ok? I dont want the jail to be overcrowded. Thanks ya.
DSAI: I rather concentrate on stabilising Pakatan. No time to revenge against Mamat.
Semi-Value: Pack weh, pack now.
Hashim: They shouldn't do that. They have no integrity. Finish packing ar, Sayang? Dont forget my keris ya. Mau lari kuat kuat la.

Wait wait. It ain't happen till it happen.
Cute Ahmoi: Hope that Pak Na will remain as strong opposition. To be honest, I think he's a good man in the group of sharks and crocs.
Angry Joe: It's about time. Even my Chow Kuey Teow skill has improved alot but the Government has never improve. Nia Sing ar!
Pakcik Daud: Padan muka lah BN.
Supra Singh: Underestimate us some more la
Iban Tim: Dont care about us some more la
Kadazan Jim: Serve them right!
Dayak Ree: If it's real, then finally, Malaysians memang Boleh.

On the other hand, bad news:
1 more NS trainee dead.

Nejis: Eh, not my fault la. Everyday also got people die la. All blame me ar?

Concerned Mum: You should resign and be accountable
Concerned Dad: You send your children there and see la, pukimak
Concerned People: Son of a gun. Cannot provide health and safety some more say not his fault. Eat shit la!

'No such thing as social contract' said Ungku Aziz
But TDM disagree by saying there was a verbal one, not written one.

Linarani: Like that you can say whatever the fuck you want la, Mahadi
Wise Bloke: See. Told you Mahadi and Putras all cheated you guys for many years.
People: Arghh!!!! PukimAK you, Mamat!!!!

Sour grape
Dr M: Anwar out to discredit Lingam.
"If I'm found guilty, I'll go to jail if I have to. If I go bankrupt, then I'll go bankrupt. It's all right," he said.

Cool Liza: You think everyone is like you meh, always want your enemy to be incarcerated. Only heartless people like you will do that.

The beggar confession:
“Beggar Minister” finally admits
“Position of BN component parties like beggars”

King Yik: To be honest, all this while we dont get to talk. Once we raise an issue, those very low rank putras also can tell us to shut up. :(
The people: Then why you still stay in BN? Protecting your own interest la, old man!

What a pile of rubbish!


Anonymous said...

Keng Yaik = Rubbish

Enough said.

LOL said...

I love the keris part. Laughing my ass off. :)

A new beginning said...

Why does all this MPs of Sabah, Sarawak, MCA, MIC, Gerakan and so forth wanna be beggar in BN? Come on, you have pride. You are YANG BERHORMAT for God sake. Take the courage and honour with you by joining PAKATAN. Dont disgrace yourself further in BN. Enough is enough!

Cross now said...

Couldnt agree more with a new beginning's comment. Cross people. Cross now. Let us start anew.

Barisan said...

Pakatan sucks! Dont fall for it. Dont easily fall for political plot by people. This website is so biased and only siding Pakatan. Biadap!

Harapan Melayu said...

You orang bodoh la. Asyik asyik tak puas. Kurang ajar. Negara kita ni aman damai.

Anonymous said...

Barisan and harapan melayu,

You are both stupid UMNO goons. Get a life assholes!

Edry said...

You should be happy with what you're having and it's true. Dont like it, get lost. Go back to China or India.

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Define bias. It's ok for UMNO to protest against Sultan of Terengganu. It's ok for Najib and Kerismuddin to raise the dagger. It's ok for BN MP's to say things like Bocor and Keluar dari Malaysia.

It's not ok for Karpal Singh to comment something. It's not ok for Raja Petra to write his thought and share something on his blog. It's not ok for Hindraf group to peacefully protest. It's not ok for Bersih to call for clean election. It's not ok for Cheras Mahkota resident unhappiness against Grand Saga. And the list goes on...

Now, that's bias.

Chepet said...

Bodoh la you. I respect Tun Dr. M and you keep insulting him. He's the Bapa Pemodenan and without him, you will be now sitting at the top of the tree kissing monkey's ass. Be satisfied with what you have, babi.

Namewee Bodoh said...

You and that stupid NameWee are the same. Stupid and useless. Keep publishing rubbish.

Ralverd said...

Hey man great site. Ignore those idiots. We'll see who's right by the next election. We'll show you the power of 'rubbish'.

Barisan said...


I read your postings and guess what, I think it's crap. Stupid cinapek. You are just as biased.

ilovepakatan said...


Racist politic is exactly what will bring BN down. Watch it!

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Thanks Ralverd.

I think some of the comments posted here are merely asking me to do one important thing, which is to show you my middle finger. NAH!

You want it scums, you have it! Now go fuck yourself and be good.

Michael Cheah said...

What new beginning we need? The country is progressing and we are peaceful

Ralverd said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ralverd said...

Yes, I am biased.

I don't like the fact I'm a 'secon-class' citizen in the country.

I don't like the fact that I have to witness the government exploiting the people in the face.

I don't like the fact that Abdullah is our PM.

Cinapek? Wrong mate. I'm FUCKING Malaysian.

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