Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: Najib, the economy saviour?

Ok. I'm not a big fan of Najib but I think what he's done recently is brilliant. Most people like to jump to conclusion about many things but if you fucking use your brain for a moment and think properly, what Najib or his advisor has done is actually holding the economy.

Here are the reasons (This is only my opinion. You can agree to disagree.)

  1. By raising the petrol price, the Government will earn alot of money and have alot in the reserve fund. The prices of other things will go up. Now the Government is reducing the petrol price to RM2.00, not too far away from RM1.92. The prices of other things dont drop, which means the businesses will have more profits as the cost is lesser. Same demand, more profits. Of course the people suffer alittle by spending more but ultimately it is needed to hold on to the economy.

  2. With the strong reserve fund available, the Government is investing the money back into the market which will balance back the demand and supply. Remember your lesson in school? The theory of demand and supply.

  3. The subsidy package of RM625. This is given to you to spend instead of keeping. The Government knows that with the money in hand, people will spend. This again stabilise the economy as businesses need demand to sustain.

  4. The EPF contribution drop to 8% is another brilliant move. That means people will have more money to spend. Yes yes.... I know it's not good when you are old but for now, we need extreme measure to hold on to the economy or else we will all be dead.
The Government is trying very hard to stabilise the economy, which is not a bad thing for me. Afterall, this is their last card on the table. The BN Government has lost its reputation badly which needed no further explanation. But if they save the economy in this trying time, this will be in their propoganda in the next election and it will be really strong. I am not surprise that if they are successful, the cushion might just change and people will swing back to BN and support them. Afterall, people are usually very grateful to economy saviour. The opposition will need to work really hard to pin him down.

So can Najib save the economy, be the national hero and win you back? In my opinion, he's doing a brilliant job so far.


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