Friday, October 3, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: Choosing a Prime Minister

Bolehjokes shorties: I am perturbed by the recent crackdown on bloggers. It's really sad when freedom of expression is at an uncompromising situation lately. Maybe the authority just got sick of us bloggers. Maybe because we are just too honest. Whatever the hell it is, I will keep blogging. Blow me? :). Anyway, free RPK and leave other bloggers alone.

Choosing a Prime Minister

In the United States, they are the people's choice.

In Bolehland, it is their choice.

Something just provoked my mind lately. While the people of United States of America get to decide who to be the next President, we don't have a say in deciding the Prime Minister of Bolehland. How weird. Of course the genius of mind-twister like Mahathir will claim that it is Bolehland's version of democracy and it's different with USA.

Of course this came across my mind as the discussion about Pak Lah handing over power to Najib is getting alot of attention lately. The thing is, the nation dont get to decide so how can we know he is the nation's choice to be the next in charge? When Mahathir stepped down, he hand-picked his successor without the nation's approval as well. Of course internally in the party, there will be voting by party members to decide who will be the President of the party and naturally, the UMNO President will be the Prime Minister. But then again, this will be the party members' decision instead of the nation.

What's more, it is just members of UMNO that get to decide the next Prime Minister of Bolehland. It just struck my mind that other component parties in BN will just have to succumb to their decision which means whether or not MCA, MIC, PBS, UPKO, etc want Najib to be the next Prime Minister is not important. How democratic is that? And of course any party that disagree with the appointment can vote for a motion of no confidence against the PM but then one have to take into account of the serious repercussion.

More importantly, why cant we, the people, decide who is the next Prime Minister? How do you know I want Najib to be my Prime Minister instead of Muhyiddin, Tengku Razaleigh or others? Bolehland's version of democracy is really questionable. How can we be recognised as a democratic nation puzzles me.


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