Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The BolehJokes Opinion: "Konsep Sama Sama Cari Makan" is still alive?

Zahrain thought that PKR and Penang will offer him lots of Angpow this year, but at the end, they give him a no-go. Hence he plays a yo-yo towards the stability of Pakatan by quitting PKR.

Konsep cari makan has existed in previous political system but nowadays, it isnt safe anymore. Who knows who can betray who? Guan Eng is no stupid fella. If he accept Zahrain and IGP recommendation to approve a RM 2 company to operate and manage Bukit Jambul Golf & Country Club, MACC will have an old visitor, which is Mr Lim Guan Eng himself.

So what the hell is this Zahrain up to? He's doing this for self-benefit or is he just a manipulative son of a bitch from BN to set up a trap for Guan Eng? Or is he just the typical "pemalas" wanna "cari makan senang senang", earn lots of commission by being the middle man and be able to spend alot of time banging balls at home?

Either way, fuck off to you Zahrain! We dont need rubbish like you. By the way, quit everything you hold and then disappear. Get a new life, get a sex change, get a cat, get a hobby but whatever you do, stay away from politic, you moron.

Nah! Courtesy of TCJ

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