Sunday, July 27, 2008

Reformasi or Kompromasi?

Let’s review the positives and the negatives. For the benefit of those who don’t understand:

reformasi = reform

Kompromasi = compromise

The positives of Reformasi

  • the birth of Bangsa Malaysia
  • the emergence of 2-party system and the people have more than just a choice
  • the reborn of true democracy (and Tunku’s soul may come back to Malaysia and say “Well Done”. Rest in peace, Tunku. We love you.)
  • the emergence of Sabah and Sarawak as powerful states and immediate development (obvious political reason, right?)
  • the end of Mamak style dictatorship
  • the end of Musa Hassan and Gani Patail
  • the true justice will be carried out hopefully
  • the end of daylight robbery and the drop of petrol price (and Petronas may become Non-Profit Organization perhaps :) )
  • the end of obvious stupidity (Burma, Myanmar …. Study Geography lah, fucker)
  • the end of sodomy. :) . I mean the end of Rakyat being sodomized

The negatives of Reformasi

the economy may suffer for a while

the government may take some time to be stable

the UMNO youth people may want to show cast their talent in Silat for a while

the PAS youth may want to continue to suggest banning sexy school uniform for a little while more

the mamak dictator will be angry for a long long while and start posting lots of shits in his blog

the current DPM may not talk to Rosmah for a little while

Khairy may have depression for a long long while and may not think of Maya Karin for a while :) (just kidding, Maya. Stay cute.)

Hishamuddin may not be able to become Hang Tuah and kiss his keris for a long long while (at least not in front of national television)

The positives of Kompromasi

first of all, are there any?

Opss ya. Chinese will continue to have chances to find more dirty money. Malays will continue to have NEP. Indians …. Err… machas will continue drinking anchor beer and enjoy a little while

Mamak will get to continue his bullshit for a long long while

Someone’s children may be rich politician for a long long while

The silent type of peace will re-emerge and stay for a long long while

Some people may drive Mercedes for a long long while

School uniform can remain sexy for a little while

Ella can still perform for a long long while :)

The negatives of Kompromasi

rakyat will continue to get sodomized for a long long while

Sabahans and Sarawakians will be ignored for a long long while

Democracy will be dead for a really long while

We may have to listen to more rubbish for a long long while

DSAI will be heartbroken for a really long while and may never have a chance to rebuild Bolehland (they may put him away again)

RPK’s Malaysia-Today will close down for a long long while and RPK himself may be kept quiet by some people for a long long while

Patrick Teoh may disappear for a really long while

Kenny Sia may not be so funny in a while (at least not so funny in his political view)

And as for myself will have to close down this blog and never use the internet in a while before I get my ass hunt down and end up being sodomized in the jail for a while

And there will be no more jokes about Bolehland in a long long while, my friend.

What the fuck? Apa macam?

Kompromasi for now la. I wanna sleep. Let me know the “reformasi” plan and I will shout with you guys tomorrow. LOL. I really gotta sleep. I am getting lots of grey hair lately because of worrying for Bolehland. Tak boleh tahan. Slumber lah! Good night.


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