Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Dr. M's Sandiwara

"This man is the closest resemblance to evil. For 22 long years he’s been an unremorseful dictator and till now, he’s still twisting all his wrongdoings and making it sounds like reasonable.

His press statement definitely insults the people’s intelligence and judging by his son’s undying ambition to become a youth leader, he really thinks his family can carry on to rule the nation for many more generations.

Malaysians must stop this man and his family from continuing to rob the nation."

Dr M: Iskandar not good for Malays

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today criticised the move to allow Singaporeans to buy land in the Iskandar Development Region.
"Eventually, Iskandar will be filled with all sorts of people, except the Malays who will become a minority, just like the Malays in Singapore, he said.

Tony: How stupid. While getting investor into Malaysia is not good, getting illegals to be our "tuan" is good?
Sarah: The people are not stupid. Stop playing the racial card. Do you have nothing else to debate on and this is your final throw of dice?
Pak Don: Mamat ni, bodoh lah. Tak berguna.
Illegal Indons: Yeah yeah! Correct. Singaporeans are no good. We are better. Give us bumi. Give us bumi status. We'll vote for you and protect your interest.

Be a Malay gentleman and go, Dr M tells Pak Lah

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad continued his attacks on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, telling him to be a Malay gentleman by stepping down from his post following the March 8 political tsunami. The former Prime Minister said he was ready to offer 100 tips on how Umno and the people could get Abdullah to quit.

“If you were to see him, just tell him point blank: ‘Turun la awak, awak yang hancurkan parti’ (You better step down, you are the one who ruined the party).

Jackal: Clearly this asshole is playing his final card to save his own ass for the Lingam screw-up.
Ani: What's next? Why not we offer you an important tip which is to dig a hole and put your head in it.
Joe: What a desperate measure. Look at him. Low class.
Mahadi: Pak Na must step down. Turun lah, turun lah.

Dr Mahathir dares government to charge him

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is not worried that he has been named as one of the six under probe for a conspiracy to manipulate the appointment of judges.

Mahadi: In the meantime, I'm going to Zimbabwe. :)
Bob: Is he holding something against some people which is why he dare to challenge them? Those people in order to protect themselves would end up protecting him. Bloody old fox.

EC chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman: Cabinet disapproved of indelible ink

It appears that the cabinet had a hand in the last minute cancellation in the use of indelible ink during the March 8 general election.

(The Star) KUALA LUMPUR: It was the Cabinet that did not approve the use of indelible ink during the March 8 election, Election Commission (EC) chairman Tan Sri Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman disclosed Saturday.

He said he was told to take responsibility for agreeing to it.

"The Cabinet gave two very strong reasons why they did not agree to it – security and the law - Article 119, concerning the basic right for everyone to vote, and I agreed with them," he said.

It’s not easy being EC chairperson. I took the rap over the years,” Abdul Rashid said, adding that the commission wanted a review of election regulations.

He said that the commission should have a bigger control over the electoral process under Article 113 to Article 120 of the Federal Constitution.

“This would give us power to control abuses. One important aspect that has to be looked into immediately is the registration of electors registration,” Abdul Rashid said after launching the National Seminar on Elections 2008; Democracy at Work.

He said another power lacking in the EC was the power to take court action.

“When people say the wrong things we should be able to sue. A lot of scandalous things have been thrown about, including from the media, the mainstream or alternative media.

“They must be made to pay for the things they say because most of the things they have been saying are not true” he said.

Najis: We deny, we deny! We are fair. We are always fair. Ok. We acted abit rashly but we are fair. Err....! Opss! Anyway, indelible ink not necessary. Election is fair and clean in Malaysia.

Rembau Cowboy Harry Kamaluddin: We are fair. We didnt use phantom voters. I won it cleanly. :). Dont believe all these claims. Oppositions are playing political game here.

The Cheapskate Joker: Busted! Check out the hand sign below later!

The people: Not surprising at all. We knew all along the election wasn't fair.

Other news:

Datuk John Ghani: Dont call them frogs

Kuala Lumpur will be making a grave mistake to brand Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) leaders frogs just because they are demanding what Malaysians in the State had been asking for all this while, said veteran politician Datuk John Ghani, Friday.

The former Independent Assemblyman for Kuala Penyu said recent developments where MPs and political leaders from Sabah had been more open and vociferous in voicing out issues that affect the State was not surprising based on the present political scenario.

"Don't make a mistake by concluding that Sabah leaders are those who simply like to switch parties. What they are saying is the reality in the State, which they have been unable to voice out for quite a long time.

"It is quite disappointing to hear leaders in Kuala Lumpur saying Sabahans have no stand. This is not the case," said John, one of those instrumental in helping Umno spread its wings to Sabah in 1994.

Najis: No one is jumping ship. I deny, I deny, I deny. No, no, no.
Doctor: Are you ok? You seem to have the denial syndrome.

What a pile of rubbish!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Breaking news - Commission: Act against Dr M and 5 others (updated)

(yahoo) By JULIA ZAPPEI, Associated Press Writer

PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia - A high-level inquiry found evidence that prominent government and judicial figures — including former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad — were involved in a conspiracy to manipulate the appointment of judges, Malaysia's law minister said Friday.

The revelation deals a major blow to the reputation of Malaysia's courts and bolsters allegations by many lawyers and opposition leade rs that judicial corruption has tainted verdicts stretching back more than a decade.

Demands for reforms jolted the judiciary after the opposition leaked a video in September that allegedly showed a well-connected lawyer, V.K. Lingam, speaking by telephone in 2001 to a former top judge, Ahmad Fairuz Sheikh Abdul Halim, about the promotion of judges.

Law Minister Zaid Ibrahim said a panel that investigated the video found that it was authentic, and that Lingam apparently conspired with his allies in the judiciary, government and corporate world to broker the appointment of judges.

The Cabinet told the Attorney General's office Friday to undertake immediate investigations into the "possibility that offenses against the law have been committed," Zaid told reporters.

The video — filmed by a visitor to Lingam's house — shows him talking about ways to help Ahmad Fairuz become Malaysia's top-ranking judge with the help of business tycoon Vincent Tan and Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, a former Cabinet minister.

The inquiry's report said "there was conceivably an insidious movement by (Lingam) with the covert assistance of his close friends (Tan and Tengku Adnan) to involve themselves actively in the appointment of judges."

"In the process ... Mahathir was also entangled," the report added. "Actions of the main characters concerned have the effect of seriously undermining and eroding the independence and integrity of the judiciary as a whole."

Tengku Adnan did not answer calls to his mobile phone. Aides to Lingam, Tan and Mahathir could not immediately be contacted.

All denied any wrongdoing while testifying in inquiry hearings earlier this year.

Lingam claimed he may have been drunk when the video was shot. Ahmad Fairuz, who became chief justice in 2003 and retired last year, denied speaking to Lingam. Mahathir, Tengku Adnan and Tan insisted they were not part of any conspiracy.

In Malaysia's legal system, the chief judge recommends candidates for senior judicial appointments and promotions to the prime minister, who can accept or reject those names.


Associated Press writer Sean Yoong contributed to this report.

Mahadi: This is a propaganda to go against me. It is politically motivated.
The people: Of course we believe you. Look at the hand sign below.

Other breaking news:

(Strait Times)M'sia lawmaker unveils alleged army recruit abuse

KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysian opposition lawmaker has called for a government inquiry after releasing a video showing what he says is the abuse of army recruits by their superiors.

Opposition lawmaker Saifuddin Nasution released the two-minute clip who shows a man in a dark green military uniform stepping on the head of a bare-chested man forced to lie on his stomach, the Star daily reported.

Mr Nasution told the Star he had showed the clip to former army commando officers, who said they 'recognised the location and also the uniforms as those belonging to commando trainers,' adding they believed the tape was recent.

'From what I gather, this may not be an isolated incident,' he told the paper.

'If it is not, the government must answer why it is being done as it insults the dignity and honour of the Malaysian army,' he added.

Neither the defence ministry nor Mr Nasution's office could be immediately reached for comment.

Mr Nasution told the Star he had already raised the matter with Deputy Premier and Defence Minister Najib Razak.

Malaysia's military recruits undergo a notoriously tough training regimen before qualifying as full-fledged soldiers, but parents of recruits have recently lodged numerous complaints about alleged abuse and harassment.

Mr Abdul Rahim Dahalan, adviser to the Veteran Commandos Club, defended the action in the video and said the motivation behind the release of recording was 'strictly political'.

Soldiers voluntarily applied to be commandos and were aware of the toughness of the training programme, he said, adding that about 50 per cent drop out after the first week.

'What you see (in the video) is nothing to us. It is only orientation. This is basic commando training,' Mr Abdul Rahim, who spent 10 years as a commando and instructor, told reporters.

'They are the elite. Do you want sissy soldiers?' -- AFP

Another denial?
Rahim: Not our fault. This is all about politic.
The people: Again. We believe you. Look at the hand sign below.

What a pile of rubbish!

Racial politic and brain drain - Such a good article by Dr. Hsu

"If bad managers can drive employees away, bad Government can certainly drive the people that are being discriminated away"
The Cheapskate Joker

Losing talents are the biggest losses a company have to face today and the same apply for the country. This is how I imagine Bolehland to be when there are not many talents left:

Article by Dr. Hsu:
Cartoon from the Economist

The most important asset of a country is not its natural resources, but rather human resources. This is especially true in a knowledge based economy, which of course will be the trend in future if not already the trend in most of the western countries.

My daughter, who is in her final year medicine in Auckland, told me that a team of SIngapore recruitment officers have just visited Auckland and talked to the Malaysian students there, offering job and training prospect for the final year students once they graduate. My daughter also told me that over the last few years, quite a lot of her Malaysian seniors, after graduating from medical courses in NZ, have gone to Singapore to work as house-officers and subsequently stayed back in Singapore for their postgraduate training.

Similar teams are sent to Australia and UK for recruiting Malaysians there to work in Singapore.
ABout a year ago, in one of the articles in Reuters, this was reported:
Malaysia is counting on bright, ambitious people like Tan Chye Ling for its future, to lead it away from manufacturing and into the knowledge age.

But the 32-year-old scientist, a post-graduate in molecular biology, is not counting on Malaysia to look after her future.

“I felt very suppressed in Malaysia,” said Tan, who moved to neighbouring Singapore, the region’s pace-setter for biotech investment, after a decade of study and research in Malaysia.

“I have benefited from the better research environment and salary scheme here. Things are much smoother,” she said by phone from the National University of Singapore where she is studying dust mites and allergies.

Tan estimates that 60 percent of the research teams she works with in Singapore are from Malaysia, despite her country’s efforts over several years to develop a biotech industry.

The Malaysian government unveiled plans last March to spend $553.3 million over five years to boost research, attract foreign investment and build new facilities. But its efforts are wasted unless it can retain more talented people like Tan.

“By the time we have the research environment in place, every other country would have taken a slice of the biotech investment pie,” said Iskandar Mizal, head of the state-run Malaysian Biotech Corporation which oversees the government’s strategy.

There is a serious problem facing Malayia and that is the problem of Brain Drain. Why are Malaysians overseas not coming back to work?

Well, pay may be part of the reasons but is not the main reason. Singapore recruitment team offered Malaysian students there a salary which is a few times they would expect to get in Malaysia….S$40,000 a yr for houseman after tax ( equivalent to RM86000) which is about 5 times the pay of a houseman in Malaysia.

But, as I say, pay is not the main problem. The living expenses Overseas is high. And for a person working overseas, the loneliness and the stress level is also high. So not everyone opts to work overseas because of pay. Many would not mind to work for lesser pay if they can stay near to their loved ones.

Why do people choose to work overseas, away from their loved ones ?

Malaysia has many state-of-the-arts hospitals and research centres, which may even be the envy of many overseas countries. But hardware alone would not attract these experts to come home. In the medical fields, I have so many friends /classmates working overseas, many in world renowned centres. Why do they do that?

Some of my classmates and friends did come back as specialists. After working a few years ( many lasted a few months) , most get disillusioned and went off. There is really not much prospect of career advancement. How many can hope to become a professor, even when they are an acknowledged expert in their field? O the other hands , lesser beings are being promoted to professorship for doing much less.

How many of them can have any say about how things are to be run? How many of them can blend into the local team where the work attitude is vastly different from that overseas?
There is an unwritten rule that even if the person is very good, the head of the team has to be someone from a certain ethnic group who may not even be half as good as him.

In everyday life, some become disillusioned with the corruption, the red tape and tidak apa attitude of the officialdom. For an overseas doctor applying to work home, the application can take up to 6 months to get approved, whereas, SIngapore sends teams overseas to recruit them on the spot, giving them forms to fill and offering them jobs immediately as long as they pass their final examination. See the difference?

It is the sense of being wanted and being appreciated that make these people stay overseas. Back here, they are often made to feel that they are of a lower class; they do not feel wanted and they do not feel appreciated…. That is the main reason.

For those with children , the education system puts them off. Even school children can feel being discriminated, one glaring example is the 2 systems in PreUniversity education.

All these make them pack their bags and off they go again, leaving behind their parents perhaps, siblings, friends they grew up together, favouite food that is often not available overseas. No one likes to be like this; circumstances and a sense of being recognised for their worth make them go away…It is really sad.

Parents spend huge amount of money educating them, but the ones who benefit are the Singaporeans, the Americans,the AUstralian, the British and so on. As long as race politics is not done away with, this problem of brain drain will continue and Malaysia will always lack behind the advanced countries, no matter how many twin towers and Putrajayas we build.

It's time to tell all the stupid people to get rid of their stupid racial discrimination. They are destroying the country. When it's too late, this country will be takbolehland.

The example of stupidity:

Hashimkris: The people should never question my hormone rights!

What a pile of rubbish!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bolehland Exclusive: State of denial

From dumb and dumber to political prostitutes

Dewan Rakyat: No abuse of power in blogger's arrest!
THE Home Ministry denied there was misuse of power by the police when they detained Malaysia Today blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin.

The cheapskate joker: You know what? I am not surprised at all. So predictable.

Sayid Hamit: We didnt abuse our power. No, we didnt... no no no. And I am not botak. I got hair, I got hair weh, I got hair.

Internal Security Act not cruel, says IGP (You can watch the video at side of this blog)
Dismissing the notion that the Internal Security Act (ISA) is cruel, the inspector-general of police says it is still needed to safeguard national security.

The cheapskate joker: Define what is cruel then.

I never met or knew Altantuya, Najib tells Parliament
Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak reiterated in Parliament Wednesday that he had never met nor knew murdered Mongolian woman Altantuya Shaariibuu.

Dumb Bo: I would have said the same thing! :)

Believe it or not - Malaysia’s improved anti-corruption performance
Malaysia’s fight against corruption has shown a marked improvement and it is placed among countries which had succeeded in tackling the menace, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Skinny Marie: Keep convincing yourself la. We are better than Myanmar! We are better than Burma! Gosh!

Ong Ka Ting: Claims lacks credibility
Baseless Wong Leong’s Statement not only totally lacks credibility, but also has behind it a clear political motive of a smear campaign against me as the National President of the Party

Bolehland people: It's alright. We're sick of it.

Those who bait others are 'political prostitutes'
Sabah Umno deputy chief Datuk Mohd Shafie Apdal has come out strongly to condemn political crossovers as immoral

Pak Esa: Wahhh. Then many years ago, there were many BN prostitutes when they cross over to BN. How can you insult your own member la?

Govt Decides To Retain ISA Without Any Amendment
The government reiterated Wednesday that the Internal Security Act (ISA) has to be retained, not for any political purpose but as a preventive measure to curb and handle activities threatening national security.

Jensen: We respect that although we dont like it. Nevermind. We will vote you out. Err... dont be angry ar by then!

What a bigger pile of rubbish!

As usual. What else can you expect from me when I am bloody pissed!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

They are going to be "Tuan". Are you kidding me? (plus more updates)

Hindraf 5 appeal dismissed

From very angry to super duper angry

The country's highest court dismisses the appeal by five Hindu Rights Action Force leaders to be released from detention under the ISA.

Jess: This is a joke (Hindraf 5 detention) that went too far!
Mike: What's this? 12th century ruling whereby anyone who voice their discontentment will be charged as treason and will be beheaded?
Najis: Protest some more la. Serve them right.
Hashimkris: Good job, judges.

Oil reserves to run out by 2014

Net oil exporter Malaysia will become a net energy importer of oil and gas by 2014 as its own reserves eventually runs out.

Pak Din: By then, there's nothing left to corrupt.
Sabahans: Maybe they will give us more royalties by then without knowing there's no more oil left.

Pak Na: No problem la. By then, my plans for Bolehland will be successful. Err... what was my plan again?
Harry Kamaluddin: Err, plotting la. How about the rich pay alot, the poor also pay alot and the Putras no need to pay. Good?
Lingkam: Looking at the current judiciary system, my chances of escape is very good. Ngek Ngek Ngek! Correct Correct Correct!

More updates about Sabah

As you may be aware that Datuk Seri Ghapur Salleh has already voiced out his discontentment earlier, now Datuk Anifah Aman is next. Outburst in Parliament:

1. “We (Sabah BN MPs) have never jumped. We can move by simply forming a new party. Then we can decide where we want to sit…here or there”, he said, gesturing in the direction of the opposition and backbenchers. – Datuk Seri Ghapur Salleh (MP for Kalabakan).
2. There is no harm in Barisan Nasional MPs in Sabah defecting to the Opposition. What’s the point of moving to a terrace house if one is already living in a bungalow? However, for some of us, there seems to be no pleasure in living in this bungalow. What’s the point of living in a bungalow if one has to sleep beside the toilet? - Datuk Anifah Aman (MP for Kimanis).

Pak Na: Be happy la. At least the toilet we provided is clean. Some more we give you free toilet brush leh. What else you expect?

Najis: Ok la. We give you masterbed room toilet ok? Got air-cond furnish. :)

Related issue
Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib said today:
"Pakatan manipulating crossover threat. Sabah, S'wak 'not neglected'"

The cheapskate joker: For the statement above, I can't decide to laugh or be angry. It was just too stupid. They really treat the people as idiots!

They are going to be "Tuan". Are you kidding me?

United Pasok Momogun Kadazandusun Murut Organisation (Upko) Vice President Datuk Dr Marcus Mojigoh said
there were claims of "over a million newly created Malays" - a new product imported from the Philippines and Indonesia.

"Imagine (if) you have to address these illegals as tuan," he said, adding that the authorities need to address the problem of illegal immigrants gaining citizenship and acquiring this Malay status through the back door.


JT: And we have been here for so many years were called "Pendatang"? Son of a bitch.
RickRock: What the fuck? And you call this fair?
Mutusamy: We should be happy for what we are having? Happy for what? Fuck la. Even illegals can be my tuan now. 1 million and counting.
Mary: Now we know why the crime rate is rising. Thank you BN!

Pak Na: No such thing la. Dont believe the opposition.
Nejis: No la. We only allow those who vote for us to get bumi status mar. If not how to always win :).
Hashimkris: Crime rate rising got nothing to do with them la. They are good people. They support BN. :)

Other shocking news:

Indian national robbed by Malaysian policeman

Seven men including a Malaysian policeman allegedly beat up and robbed an Indian national, Ayyavu Gannapandhithan, of 2,545 Ringgit, a hand phone and a digital camera in an alley near the Masjid Jamek Light Rail Transit station here.


Tan Sri Moose: No sweat la. This kind of thing happen every now and then. Small problem only.

The people: Fuck off, Moose!

Word fails me!

What a pile of rubbish! And this 2 news really deserve 2 middle fingers!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Bolehland Exclusive: Crossing? Seriously Crossing?

Over 30 Barisan MPs have decided to cross over, says PKR Sabah chief

Pak Na: We still have the people's support
Nejis: They are dreaming la.
Koo-Li: They could be serious
Mahadi: They are serious, ok.
Jeff Kiti: You will know soon la. Err... guys, pack your files now ok? I dont want the jail to be overcrowded. Thanks ya.
DSAI: I rather concentrate on stabilising Pakatan. No time to revenge against Mamat.
Semi-Value: Pack weh, pack now.
Hashim: They shouldn't do that. They have no integrity. Finish packing ar, Sayang? Dont forget my keris ya. Mau lari kuat kuat la.

Wait wait. It ain't happen till it happen.
Cute Ahmoi: Hope that Pak Na will remain as strong opposition. To be honest, I think he's a good man in the group of sharks and crocs.
Angry Joe: It's about time. Even my Chow Kuey Teow skill has improved alot but the Government has never improve. Nia Sing ar!
Pakcik Daud: Padan muka lah BN.
Supra Singh: Underestimate us some more la
Iban Tim: Dont care about us some more la
Kadazan Jim: Serve them right!
Dayak Ree: If it's real, then finally, Malaysians memang Boleh.

On the other hand, bad news:
1 more NS trainee dead.

Nejis: Eh, not my fault la. Everyday also got people die la. All blame me ar?

Concerned Mum: You should resign and be accountable
Concerned Dad: You send your children there and see la, pukimak
Concerned People: Son of a gun. Cannot provide health and safety some more say not his fault. Eat shit la!

'No such thing as social contract' said Ungku Aziz
But TDM disagree by saying there was a verbal one, not written one.

Linarani: Like that you can say whatever the fuck you want la, Mahadi
Wise Bloke: See. Told you Mahadi and Putras all cheated you guys for many years.
People: Arghh!!!! PukimAK you, Mamat!!!!

Sour grape
Dr M: Anwar out to discredit Lingam.
"If I'm found guilty, I'll go to jail if I have to. If I go bankrupt, then I'll go bankrupt. It's all right," he said.

Cool Liza: You think everyone is like you meh, always want your enemy to be incarcerated. Only heartless people like you will do that.

The beggar confession:
“Beggar Minister” finally admits
“Position of BN component parties like beggars”

King Yik: To be honest, all this while we dont get to talk. Once we raise an issue, those very low rank putras also can tell us to shut up. :(
The people: Then why you still stay in BN? Protecting your own interest la, old man!

What a pile of rubbish!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

What's next? Another childish act

Instead of focusing to serve the people, he now wanna challenge Pakatan.

Tajul: I'm gonna give Nisa some headache to deal with. I'm gonna vacate my seat. Ngek ngek ngek!
Nisa: Eleh. People busy managing state, you wanna fight here, fight there. Grow up abit la.
Tajul: Aiyo. I'm bored la. Give me some attention la. Don't leave me out in cold la.

Pak Na: Aiyo. Enough problem la. I wanna pengsan already here, some more you wanna challenge here and there and setup by-election!

Kapal: Yen Nar Dey! I didnt ask for your opinion regarding my statement to Sultan. Dont look for attention la. Good boy. Go and play with your boo-boo.

On the other hand:

According to AIRINC, Associates For International Research Inc.

Antara Mac 17 hingga April 1, 2008 telah menunjukkan bahawa Malaysia adalah antara negara pengeluar minyak yang mempunyai harga minyak petrol domestik yang amat tinggi. Berdasarkan harga RM1.92 seliter dan 1 gelen bersamaan 4 liter, maka harga minyak petrol negara ialah USD2.40 segelen.

1. Venezuela 12 cents
2. Iran 40 cents
3. Saudi Arabia 45 cents
4. Libya 50 cents
5. Swaziland 54 cents
6. Qatar 73 cents
7. Bahrain 81 cents
8. Egypt 89 cents
9. Kuwait 90 cents
10. Seychelles 98 cents
38. Malaysia $2.40
45. United States $3.45

Mat Salleh: How come your nation has Oil but still poor?
Mamat: Entah la. Poor housekeeping of account la maybe. The money is there somewhere but dont know which drawer la. hehehe :)

What a pile of rubbish!

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