Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Bolehland Daily: Pak Lah and Dr. Mahathir both defended Najib and wife

They may have a lot of differences lately, but they found a common ground on this one.

Pak Lah and Dr. Mahathir both defended Najib and wife in Altantuya murder. Abdullah said that action would be taken against the blogger who made the allegations against Najib and his wife Rosmah Mansor, and who has already been charged with sedition over the issue.

"I don't believe that Najib and Rosmah are involved," the premier told reporters.

While Dr M went further by stating that Raja Petra accusation a political ploy.

"They (Lim Kit Siang and Raja Petra Kamarudin) are not really interested in crime or achieving justice. They have a political agenda.

"As far as they are concerned, this is the time to run somebody in government down. So, they just seize the opportunity.

How stupid. Come on. Will the murderer openly confess “Oh yeah, my homie. I fucking slain somebody”? Will those people who are involved tell you that they are involved? I mean, how do you know they are not involved? Which part of their fucking face will tell you? You are not fit enough to comment whether they are or they are not involved. This is some serious shit as this is a murder case. It should not be based on your fucking believe. If all the murder cases in fucking Bolehland are based on PM’s or some senile retired dictator’s believe, then why do we fucking need CID and court? Let the fucking police investigate and don’t act like some fucking expert in CSI. This ain’t no drama.

By defending Najib, they have actually made the situation worst. Now I am feeling rather suspicious of the whole affair. What’s more, they are embracing more popularity into the case. Based on popular view, Pak Lah is someone that goes against his own words.

(based on Patrick Teoh’s Niamah Blog)
No. I am not getting married. Boom! He gets married.
No. I will not dissolve Parliament. Boom! He dissolves Parliament the very next day.
No. There will be no fuel price increase (the first time last week). Boom! RM2.70 per litre the next day.

I don't believe that Najib and Rosmah are involved. Boom …. I can’t say further or I will end up in the same prison cell as the transvestite (RPK’s neighbor in Kajang Prison) and I will then be properly sodomized by sheim (sheim = combination of she and him). HELL… NO!. :)

Who are the consultants for Pak Lah and Dr. M? They deserved to be sacked. As for Najib, he will be feeling aggrieved and will probably be saying “Thanks guys, but no thanks.”

For your stupidity!


Anonymous said...

Be ready. The crooks are defending the crooks, openly and boldly.

Anonymous said...

Old trick wont work anymore. Pak Lah definitely need a new adviser.

Anonymous said...

oh hay, even Najib himself defended his own wife.

As if anyone's surprised by this turn of events

the accountant said...

Looking at the accounting ledger of the Russian Sukhoi and French scorpen,

Commission to the Malaysian partners ..........RM880 millions.

Mahathiu ...... RM250 millions

Bodowi ......RM250 Millions

Narjis ......RM250 millions

Baginda ......RM130 millions

Well, if Narjis is convicted of murdering, all the parties mentioned above will also be convicted.

The penalty is death by hanging.

Wondering why are they in denial mode defending for Narjis?
Not a bit.

Khun Pana said...

Please do learn some shinning classic example of denials from the VK Lingam tape scandal.

Lingam claims that he himself dont know who was the "Korek,korek,korek" man in the video.
Tun Dr.Mamak claims suffering from classical temporal amnesia .
Eusoff chin claims " whose the hell was Lingam " in those New Zealand photos .
Lingam accuses his own brother as insane in order to saves his own skin and skins of his rat packs.

Do bear in mind that pak Helah was in charge of the polis at that material time.he was the home minister as well.He could have well instructed the Polis Inspektor General ( PIG ) to dispose/omit/delete/destroy/hide/destruct/ one eye open and one eye closed regarding the Altantuya murder case .

I have more faith in RPK on this one.

rpk4pm said...

Malaysia had a democratic system which functioned perfectly practicing the separation of powers and checks and balances.

This democratic system was destroyed by Mahathir. Mahathir is the most evil man in Bolehland who is solely responsible for the current states of affairs of Bolehland.

Bodowi is just another nincompoop who doesn't understand the basic principle of rule of law.

All the previous PMs were practicing lawyers who adhered diligently to the rule of law of Bolehland.

Now Bolehland is practicing a despotic system. No thanks to the evil Mahathir and the ignorant Bodowi.

If they have conscience, they should hang themselves voluntarily or the rakyats have no choice but to conduct themselves.

The Malaysian judiciary is a laughing stock of the world as it being construed as kangaroo courts.

Mahathir was akin to the executive, the legislation, the judiciary, the attorney general, the IGP, ACA.
Henceforth Bolehland was under a ruthless dictatorial rule during Mahathir's 22 tigh-fist rule.

Now this Bodowi the nincompoop just resumes this dictatorial system without revert to its original democratic system just proves that this Bodowi is just another decadent, ignorant, corrupted and evil devil.

Could we expect the being manipulated judicial system conducting a fair trial? Sigh! Not In Bolehland

Court says detainees have rights, bucking Bush

hindraf 5 +1 said...

What kind of democracy Malaysia is practicing jailing ordinary citizens at their whims and fancies?

Is Bolehland ruled by a herd of hyenas who practicing jungle law?

Where is the outrage of the the people of Bolehland and from all over the world?

Are where staying in a jungle or what?

Dey! Bodowi, you better evacuate from Putrajaya and set up your office in Batu Caves. You are no different from the ignorant and uncivilized caveman.

You don't deserve the slightest to live in Putrajaya, period.

If you have conscience, you shall release the Hindraf 5 and all the detainees held under ISA NOW.

You are a total disgrace to your respectable mother, Endom and the people of Bolehland!

You are nothing but another myopic, uninformed and ruthless hyena hunting greedily for food literally in the jungle.

Malaysia has no hope and future with an stupid and ignorant animal like you in the Binatang Nasinal!

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