Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year Everyone. What is your new year resolution?

Hey guys,

Sorry for taking such a long break. Anyway, Happy 2009 to everyone. I wish that Bolehland will survive through the economy crisis and that our politicians will be more matured and be more caring.

It looks like Najib is going to be our next Prime Minister soon. Politics aside, I only wish that he can bring this nation forward.

Sorry Uncle Nik and Uncle Hadi. Hudud is a "no go" for me. Please. The economy is the main concern this year. Stop bickering and save us from the downfall.

With all the chaos from the opposition, I am only glad that Anwar didnt takeover now. I bet he can see clearly now that once in power, all his allies are not so united afterall. They end up biting each other. So maybe they will be better prepared for the next term but not now.

Best wishes,

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