Saturday, May 10, 2008

1 thing right but still many wrongs. At least better than nothing

Out of so many stupid things that they have done, they finally got 1 thing, I repeat, 1 thing correct. Hurray!

The open tender system for electrical and mechanical works.

It's been so long since they got anything right that this one deserves a firework celebration. :)

Guan Ink: Eh, copy my idea la now. Finally believe in open tender la. :)
Sin Mohd: Shhhhhh. Hehe. :)

Hold on! As per the title, still many wrongs. Horribly wrong.

Here we go again
Police doused some 500 residents with water cannons and fired dozens of tear gas canisters into the crowd at Bandar Mahkota Cheras.

They don't want us to use the dagger, we use water cannons and tear gas to bathe them la.
Considering the weather is hot these days, we are helping the residents to cool down.

And then
The government is spending RM1.14 million annually on three people. Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil and Tan Sri Hamid Othman, received RM404,726.40 and RM549,675 a year. Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed received a total of RM180,000 annually after retirement.

Pak Na: Aiya. No sweat la. Infact I wanted to give more so that Mahadi will not keep calling me to step down.

Mahadi: When la? Quickly wake up and approve la.

And then

Karpal Singh under probe for sedition

Pak Na: Eh, quickly snap this opportunity to arrest si Kapal la. Good chance. Say he insult Sultan.
Dunggu Adenan: Like that also can ar?
Pak Na: Can la. Bolehland mar.

and the list of wrongs goes on...........

What a pile of rubbish!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

No to “abolishing ISA” and “Whistleblower Protection Act”

Following the Government’s refusal on abolishing ISA and creating Whistleblower Protection Act, this was some of the people’s reaction:

Knowing that this will make the people angry, why do they still do stupid things like this?

Pak Na: I will answer to all my critics when I wake up. Yawn!

Nejis: Eh no time to answer this la. I gotta look for my wife. Sayang, don’t la merajuk. Kan dah tangkap si RPK ni.

Ong La Ling: Tiu, don’t disturb me la. I gotta install more hidden cameras. Foolat Tua Tui Meng ar! Keep on challenging me la.

Semi-Value: This is why we need MIC. MIC will fight for the people

K-Vias: I will work together with Semi on this issue. Haiya, me and Semi now are good buddies. No more fighting.

King Yik: Blame it on Kah Toon la. That bastard betrays me until I got no mood to answer anything.

Tze Kun: Don’t ask me la. I am busy counting money with my wife.

Mahadi: This is why apanama, Pak Na must go down. This apanama, Nejis is a coward and wont change anything. Mukri is the right person for the country. OooopS! Did I say Mukri? Alamak. Rahsia terbongkar. Eh no comment, no comment.

What a pile of rubbish!

Sedition Act (for selected people only)

This is not seditious?

While this is!

What kind of rubbish is that?
Nejis: Cis! We will decide lah which matter should be taken seriously, which ones are not. Up to our discretion mah!
People: Like this also can ar?
Nejis: Of course, this is bolehland mar!

What a pile of rubbish!

Free our national hero RPK!

Seditious statement? FREE RPK damn it!

Farid: Eh, do you know that a famous blogger got arrested?

Ah Beng: Really? For what?

Farid: Apparently he gossip about somebody la. It is consider as seditious.

Ah Beng: Ha? Gossiping also can end up in jail ar? Die la. I gossip about my boss Ah Lek having affair with Lilian in my office today.

Farid: Eh, it is seditious la

Ah Beng: How come?

Farid: Because it may incite hatred.

Ah Beng: Like how?

Farid: Errr.. because all those who have wanted to have affair with Lilian will hate your boss now and thus it create hatred la. It’s seditious la. I think you must surrender yourself.

Ah Beng: Oh shit. Do you think if I buy him “Kopi-O” and say sorry can settle ar?

Farid: Errrrrrr…… OF COURSE CAN LA. This is bolehland mah.

What a pile of rubbish!

FREE RPK (the true hero of Malaysia) ! Why jail our national hero and let the other crime rates increase?

Dont use the law to do the outlaw.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We should be happy with what we’re having

Zamzam: After all, we’re better than Burma and Myanmar.

Confused Citizen: I thought Burma and Myanmar are the same country?

Zamzam: We got erection every 5 years.

Confused Citizen: We do?

Mahadi: For 22 years under my superb leadership, we are developing well.

Confused Citizen: But we are so far behind Singapore even though we have all the natural resources and they don’t.

Mahadi: Don’t compare with them la. Small country easier to manage.

Confused Citizen: How come your son is one of the richest people in Bolehland?

Mahadi: Because he’s smart la. He’s my son of course like father like son. I am smart what.

Confused Citizen: How come people claim that Harry is the one that is ruling from behind?

Pak Na: That is incorrect. I told him to collect all the ideas and then I was the one that gave him the “Yes”. So I’m in charge.

Confused Citizen: Why were you sleeping during sessions?

Pak Na: Sleeping is good for health. I am showing a good example to the people.

Confused Citizen: Why the Government does not want to practice open policy?

Pak Na: Because we are not populists like the opposition

Confused Citizen: Why the Government can’t work with the opposition for the sake of the people?

Pak Na: I will explain later la. I need to take a nap now. Adios fellas. ……. Yawn!

What a pile of rubbish!

I am sincerely sorry but I can’t promise I won’t do it again

Woman: Eh, why did you molest me?

Hashim: I am upholding my hormone rights la

Tea-boy: Sir, people are protesting against you because of molesting la. How la?

Hashim: Haiya, I will make a statement la like that

Press Conference:

Hashim: To all the women that I’ve molested, I am sincerely sorry but I can’t promise I won’t do it again.

People: Uh??!@ What the hell?

Hashim: To my hormones, I am sorry for not being able to uphold your rights

People: Like that also can ar?

Hashim: Of course la. We are in Bolehland mar!

What a pile of rubbish!

“Bocor” comment cannot be taken seriously

Vinod: Eh, Nejis said that the “bocor” comment by the MP cannot be taken seriously. Which mean it is a joke la.

Cheapskate Joker: Eh, isn’t parliament a place to discuss serious issues?

Vinod: I used to think so. But after reading that statement I am also confused la.

Cheapskate Joker: Like that cheapskate joker like me also can be MP la. I can make fun of Pak Na, Nejis, Harry, Hashim and gang and then claim that I was just kidding.

What a pile of rubbish!

All bloggers are monkeys

Before Election:

Harry: All this bloggers ar, are bunch of monkeys la. They keep making bold statements and people will not take them seriously.

Putras: Correct! Correct! Correct!

After Election:

Putra: Boss, you claimed before that bloggers are monkeys, why are you starting your own blog la?

Harry: Aiya, the people seem to like monkeys representing them in parliament la. So I have to become one also la. What to do.

Putra: Like that also can ar?

Harry: Of course la. This is bolehland mar.

What a pile of rubbish!

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