Thursday, May 8, 2008

Seditious statement? FREE RPK damn it!

Farid: Eh, do you know that a famous blogger got arrested?

Ah Beng: Really? For what?

Farid: Apparently he gossip about somebody la. It is consider as seditious.

Ah Beng: Ha? Gossiping also can end up in jail ar? Die la. I gossip about my boss Ah Lek having affair with Lilian in my office today.

Farid: Eh, it is seditious la

Ah Beng: How come?

Farid: Because it may incite hatred.

Ah Beng: Like how?

Farid: Errr.. because all those who have wanted to have affair with Lilian will hate your boss now and thus it create hatred la. It’s seditious la. I think you must surrender yourself.

Ah Beng: Oh shit. Do you think if I buy him “Kopi-O” and say sorry can settle ar?

Farid: Errrrrrr…… OF COURSE CAN LA. This is bolehland mah.

What a pile of rubbish!

FREE RPK (the true hero of Malaysia) ! Why jail our national hero and let the other crime rates increase?

Dont use the law to do the outlaw.


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