Thursday, May 8, 2008

No to “abolishing ISA” and “Whistleblower Protection Act”

Following the Government’s refusal on abolishing ISA and creating Whistleblower Protection Act, this was some of the people’s reaction:

Knowing that this will make the people angry, why do they still do stupid things like this?

Pak Na: I will answer to all my critics when I wake up. Yawn!

Nejis: Eh no time to answer this la. I gotta look for my wife. Sayang, don’t la merajuk. Kan dah tangkap si RPK ni.

Ong La Ling: Tiu, don’t disturb me la. I gotta install more hidden cameras. Foolat Tua Tui Meng ar! Keep on challenging me la.

Semi-Value: This is why we need MIC. MIC will fight for the people

K-Vias: I will work together with Semi on this issue. Haiya, me and Semi now are good buddies. No more fighting.

King Yik: Blame it on Kah Toon la. That bastard betrays me until I got no mood to answer anything.

Tze Kun: Don’t ask me la. I am busy counting money with my wife.

Mahadi: This is why apanama, Pak Na must go down. This apanama, Nejis is a coward and wont change anything. Mukri is the right person for the country. OooopS! Did I say Mukri? Alamak. Rahsia terbongkar. Eh no comment, no comment.

What a pile of rubbish!


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