Wednesday, May 7, 2008

All bloggers are monkeys

Before Election:

Harry: All this bloggers ar, are bunch of monkeys la. They keep making bold statements and people will not take them seriously.

Putras: Correct! Correct! Correct!

After Election:

Putra: Boss, you claimed before that bloggers are monkeys, why are you starting your own blog la?

Harry: Aiya, the people seem to like monkeys representing them in parliament la. So I have to become one also la. What to do.

Putra: Like that also can ar?

Harry: Of course la. This is bolehland mar.

What a pile of rubbish!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good on you for starting this blog. You are not "cheapskate". You have done the right thing. For too long we have allowed our leaders to take us for granted, bullied us, treat us like nobody, and to make a fool of themselves e.g. like waving a keris.
It is about time that we elect MP's who can be accountable. They should not behave as if they are above criticisms.
This may be fun blog, but there is a serious side to them jokes.
Keep it up.

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Thanks. I named myself cheapskate so that I can curse and swear all I want without feeling guilty. :)

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