Sunday, August 2, 2009

The BolehJokes Opinion: Crime rate has increased? Why?

Dear Countrymen,

I just heard that Bolehland's crime rate has increased to more than 70% to 80 % since last year. Have you ever wonder why? For the longest time I could not understand.

But now I know why....

Hell! Our police are too busy on the streets! Arresting disgruntled citizens.

WAH! BIG BIG CRIMINALS LAH THESE GUYS! Anti ISA protesters only but bloody big deal to police.

Police said protesters are wasting their time and effort and rightly so. They were sweating whole day playing cat and mouse game with these people. After this, they gotta come out with reason to charge those odd 60 over fellas. They gotta come out with excuses as to why 100,000 others were not charged. Bloody fucking hardworking man these guys. And you said they were not efficient and lazy? Come on! I think come year end, they expect bonuses from Najib for working extra hard on the streets!

On the other hand, our lovely 1Malaysia ideologist reiterate again that we should not waste our time protesting and he is damn right again, just like our bulldozer police force. He is basically telling you to shut the fuck up and take the raping service as it is because you can yell all ya want trailer park and nothing gonna happen. The normal raping service resumes as usual after this. LOL!

But still I think we should do it more often. I mean the protest. Once the police get sick and tired of us one day, they will probably say "Lantak lah. Biar aje lah. Aku nak slumber ni!" (Fuck it. Let them protest all they want. I might as well take a nap!)

DALAM MIMPI BOLEH! (Maybe in our dreams, we can!)

And lastly our lovely retired cute old man, Tun Dr. M said he understands Malaysia Boleh (Malaysia can do it!) concept better than 1Malaysia. Looking at the present situation, of course we should understand why we are bOleh! LEPAK LAH! :)

In order to show Tun that I agree with his ideology of Malaysia Boleh!, the picture below is dedicated to him.

Malaysia BOLEH! LOL. BAH.... FUCK OFF!


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