Friday, July 18, 2008

Hello Malay People. Please Buck Up!

First of all, I pray that RPK and DSAI will be alright. Let’s talk about something else other than politic.

I’ve just recently sacked a Malay staff. I can tell you that it is extremely heart-breaking. I am not a racist. I really believe in the spirit of “Muhibbah” and the concept of “Bangsa Malaysia” which is why I took him because I really want to give him a chance. I know he’s not highly talented but he’s a really simple person who at first showed a lot of promising sign and willingness to learn. I trained him patiently and worked with him for a few years. But it all went up to nothing. He is the second Malay I have sacked so far. I had to. I have no choice.

As time goes by, he’s taking more and more MCs. His performance dropped and he constantly got criticized by others while the complains about him are flying in every single month.

Still, I gave him chance after chance. Time after time, I tried to convince him that he gotta buck up or be left out. He took my kindness for granted and continued with his “lepak lah” attitude. In short, he was getting more and more lazy. His performance was crap. What’s more the management noticed.

I was heavily criticized for not sacking him. Still, I believe in giving people a chance. I had many sessions of heart to heart talk with him. It got worst. He’s faking MCs and he was caught by HR red-handed. No escape. HR gave me an option to sack or to give him a last warning letter. I chose sacking. I gave up hope on him. There’s nothing left in him that I can convince myself to see a change.

The next grueling moment is when I started to look for a replacement. As usual once the ad is out, the resumes kept flying in. You know what is so shocking my friend? I had 30 Malay people who applied for the job and majority are 1st class degree students. They are graduates from MARA, UKM, UTM, etc etc. Wonderful I thought.

So what is so shocking, you must be wondering. When I interviewed them, none can speak English. I mean it. None. Not even simple fucking English. I mean as simple as those Chow Kuey Teow taukeh can speak. How in the fucking hell these people can survive in Multi National Companies?

Nevermind. I test them in Malay. Goodness sake, not only they can’t speak English, they don’t have simple fucking I.Q. as well. I am really worried for Bolehland. I don’t mean to discredit these people but they gotta buck up. Although I did not hire them, I got them to know the importance of English and told them to take up lessons in English.

Come on man. Stop blaming the Chinese and Indians for your problems. Stop the fucking “Lepak Lah” attitude. Buck up! At least learn the necessary survival skill. Here is my hand if you need me. Allow me to guide you to the practical ways of life (take note of the word “Guide”, not control).

I don’t care if you are Malay, Chinese or Indians reading this post. Know this. We are Malaysian. We cannot survive without one another. Lend a hand to help a friend. If our Malay friends are weak in one thing or another, let’s help them. Let’s learn together and stop pointing fingers at each other because this is no gain for our already weaken nation. Let’s be a knowledge worker together. Let’s save our nation. Let’s be united as Bangsa Malaysia. Peace.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Taking a break

I dont know about you. I am sick of politic at the moment. The mere sight of it makes me wanna puke. Too much politic, too little changes. bAH!!!

Get to work people!

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