Monday, July 14, 2008

Taking a break

I dont know about you. I am sick of politic at the moment. The mere sight of it makes me wanna puke. Too much politic, too little changes. bAH!!!

Get to work people!


Khun Pana said...

Most of us really need that , a berak ..i mean a break.
But this year seems to be the best of many odds situations happening .
As a pahang royalty joins in the fray and accuses bloggers as pest.
he better be prepared for salvos.
Wonders what went inside his royal head.

Is your break long or short, do come back fast.Malaysia is still short of quality bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we miss your jokes man.

Anonymous said...

this government commnets really bengang me, everyday in newspaper we hear their kindergarten level ideas like tanam sayur in your garder la, not to mention the health misnister punya clever opinion about condom.

I even know 1 Datuk, i ask him to learn MS powerpoint, he say "aku tak perlu buat, aku boleh suruh orang lain buat" kanasai... lazy

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