Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We should be happy with what we’re having

Zamzam: After all, we’re better than Burma and Myanmar.

Confused Citizen: I thought Burma and Myanmar are the same country?

Zamzam: We got erection every 5 years.

Confused Citizen: We do?

Mahadi: For 22 years under my superb leadership, we are developing well.

Confused Citizen: But we are so far behind Singapore even though we have all the natural resources and they don’t.

Mahadi: Don’t compare with them la. Small country easier to manage.

Confused Citizen: How come your son is one of the richest people in Bolehland?

Mahadi: Because he’s smart la. He’s my son of course like father like son. I am smart what.

Confused Citizen: How come people claim that Harry is the one that is ruling from behind?

Pak Na: That is incorrect. I told him to collect all the ideas and then I was the one that gave him the “Yes”. So I’m in charge.

Confused Citizen: Why were you sleeping during sessions?

Pak Na: Sleeping is good for health. I am showing a good example to the people.

Confused Citizen: Why the Government does not want to practice open policy?

Pak Na: Because we are not populists like the opposition

Confused Citizen: Why the Government can’t work with the opposition for the sake of the people?

Pak Na: I will explain later la. I need to take a nap now. Adios fellas. ……. Yawn!

What a pile of rubbish!


Anonymous said...

Expose the politicans who abuse their position or put their families in advantageous postions to benefit. Make those Mr. 10% 's account for thir family wealth. It is the people who lose, whether Bumis or non-Bumis.

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Cheers. I believe most people are doing exactly that, which is exposing them if they are wrong.

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