Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: Teachers are Gangsters?

I know all the hype has been about DSAI's election campaign in Permatang Pauh. I would like to wish him all the best. I don't really know who will step up to challenge him but I feel sorry for that person. He or she will just merely show up, get some publicity and then lose badly (really big time motherfucking badly). Poor thing. Haha.

Honestly, I am still a little sick of politic. So let's talk about something else. I read an interesting article in the Star today, entitled "Teachers should not act like hooligans".

I can't help but to think about all the past horrible memory that I had as a little kid trying to make my grades in school. I fully agree with the writer. Some of the teachers during my time in primary school are really like some motherfucking big time gangsters. Let me share a few of the most horrible things that I've been through or personally witnessed. I can honestly say, we were all under Nazi ruling in school during those days.

Horrible incident number 1:
I was in standard 5 when I witnessed this. Terribly shocked and terrified and still feel horribly sorry for my classmate. It was in this session when the teacher was talking about the things that we love. So he asked us what are the things that we loved most. Some girls answered clothes or handbags, some said TV, some even said toys but there was one innocent fella who suddenly try to crack a really stupid joke by saying that he loves shit. He was instantly punished.

The teacher ordered him to go to the toilet and carry some shit with his hand and come back to the class and show it to him. At first, everyone was laughing. It was really funny. But then we were wrong. He really mean it. He shouted at that poor fella. He told him to really get some shit back. Poor guy. He went to the toilet, managed to grab some shit and wrap it up in tissue and came back. The teacher was not satisfied.

He demanded that the shit is supposed to be in his hand not in the tissue. How fucking evil. I will never forget this fucking asshole. I hope this teacher will one day trip and fall and smash his own fucking face into some dog or cat shit and accidentally swallow them. Fucking dip shit. Just by merely thinking of his fuck-face now make me angry.

Anyway, that poor fella again came back with the shit in his hand. How disgusting. Still this fucking asshole teacher is not satisfied. He wants that poor classmate of mine to smell it. Put it close to his nose and say "I love shit". My classmate did exactly as what he was told. He was terrified. He did not know what else he can do. So are we. We were all shocked. This is how loving our teacher is during those days. This fuckface have the same moustache like Adolf Hitler.

Horrible incident number 2:

I was doing my homework when one fucking stupid looking teacher came in to our class. This fuckface also have moustache that look like Adolf Hitler. He was very angry because the class was noisy. So he started pulling some boys out and asked them to identify the rest who were noisy. Unfortunately, my fucking classmate pointed out a number of us who were busily doing our homework and was obviously innocent and I was included. While most of them shook their head and helplessly agree to meet their faith, I decided to stand for myself. I told the teacher that I was innocent. I was doing my home work. I showed him my notebook. It was rather unfortunate.

Instead of believing me, he yelled at me and kicked me really hard and pulled me out like I was a criminal facing death penalty. He didn't stop there. He kept kicking me until he was satisfied. Then we were all caned by him. What a loving school teacher. I hope that he will spend the rest of his life rocking behind bar in Sungai Buloh Prison because of trying to sodomize some dogs. He's a fucking asshole.

All my life, I thought of taking revenge against this ugly teacher. I was hoping to do a "count of monte cristo" kind of thing to him one day (Count is the guy who after many years of planning, destroyed his enemies one by one). I thought that if I make it big one day, I will search his whereabout and fuck him up nicely and get my revenge. Forgive me. I was a little naive. He's not worth my time. His children will be smoking ganjas now and smacking him everyday like a pussy I think. He probably had a sex-change lately and became a fully transformed transvestite with a vagina hole. So fuck him and fuck all the idiot school teachers. They are really not worth my time.

I tell you my friend, there are probably few hundreds more incidents to share and I can go on and on because as I said, we were under Nazi ruling in school for 11 fucking years. You guys are so lucky these days to have camera phones. If I had camera phone back then, all these bastards will be flying kites right now. Anyway, if you say some of our police force are heartless people, the same can be applied to the teachers.

If you are a teacher and you are reading this, then fucking tell yourself to be a good teacher or I fucking curse that your children will grow up to be society rubbish, take ganjas and fucking smack you everyday when they grow up.

Ok. Time to chill. Hehe. Sorry for being so angry.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Cikgu Yusri. Fucking useless pig! ARGHHH

Anonymous said...

Fuck Cikgu Ahmad. I hope that he will have a sexchange soon.

AntiRacistTeacher said...

Puan Noriah is a fucking racist. I hope that she will lose her job soon so that no more children will suffer under her wrath.

bodohlah's boss said...

Dey, Bodolah, apa ini, hari hari main belakang, tak jaga negara baik-baik?

What the fuck are you doing, if you are hired to look after the country, do it lah properly, don't play the fool everyday playing backsides. You are a stupid no good use syaitan.

What is this snatching dead bodies from aggrieved families, snatching thieves ever where in Bolehland, inflation at its highest point in history of Bolehland, unemployment at its all time high, corruptions every where, practicing racial favoritism, AP in robbing rakyats' money, bribing Umno members for supporting you, colleges education only producing wielding keris samsen etc...

Now you want to main belakang. Dey! Bodoh-lah you are the impossible man. How could this snake of the century appointed you to be the PM of Bolehland?

You better get lost before you asshole becomes like open flowers!

Get the hell out of here before you are c4ed, ha ha ha.

No use Bodohlah, hari hari main belakang, kerja pun tak mahu buat. You are just a waste of tax payers' money.

Siapkan minyak Omega dan you balik kampong kasil kerbau tendang/hentam belakang -lah. Buat boss awak masa saja.... porahhhh ha ha ha ha...... Bodohlah, tak layat untuk ini kerja lah!

Anonymous said...

Since everyone is on about their former teachers, I might as well join. Fuck you Ms. Tan. Stupid bitch. LOL

KNNBCCB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KNNBCCB said...

if some of the cikgu from Sekolah Tinggi Klang of 1990's kena buli by today's student... padan muka, you had it coming.

KNNBCCB said...

another think i want share out... during my primary school standard 5, there was this classmate, very pretty. since my name is next to her alphabetically, we perform together in music class. during test, i saw this music teacher grabbing her buttock and squeeze like you know. the girl oso hv to tahan and scare, so in the end i blow hard on the Recorder shocked the teacher, tht girl ran out of class instantly & cry hard. wow, what kind of Malaysian teacher is that molesting a child??

Anonymous said...

In my school those days, teachers can be Don Corleone (Godfather movie), they hold their rotan like Excalibur sword. whenever they torture the students they will say "I am the Law" like Judge Dredd.
got 1 teacher i know cubit you so hard its like kena hit by Proton Perdana. she twist it like turning a car key to ignite the engine. I wonder what happen to her now, since she's fatter than E-Honda

Anonymous said...

I was Form5, it was during trial SPM, I got call to office coz i fucking cikgu lost RM50 in handbag and I was sitting at the front desk of class. So the cikgu accuse me of stealing RM50, which i not. the disiplin guru whack me with cane force me to confess. i was so angry i shut up kena rotan until bleeding. after 1/2hr torture, and my ass is swelling like buns, its like ancient soldier torture ppl until they hv to confess, but i kept quiet. In my mind i feel like want to take nearby knife to stab that fucker, but i control myself.
thank god penlolong kanan come to stop him from continue caning. So i went back to start my Sains test(I got C3)can't hardly sit. The very next day they call me into office again and say "Maaf kerana memfitnah kamu dalam kes ini kerana kita dapat tangkap pencuri sebenar..." then i goes out of office ands shout to the pengetua "Fuck You cibai motherfucker, hope you kena langgar kereta", they can't do anything cos scare i will report police bout them. true story (1996)

Anonymous said...

This story more than 10 years ago. I was 11 years old. Our primary school got big gate and small gate. Small gate is almost the size of chicken-coop door but hundreds of students must enter and exit the school using only that gate. Anyone found crossing the big gate will be sent to discipline teacher. Big gate, only for teachers' big cars to drive in and out from.

One afternoon, my sister held my hand and together we walked out from big gate.
Next day, kanasai. Got called up to discpline teacher's and kena scolding like shit by Cikgu Hajjah Puteh. KNN, made me cry like hell.

A few years later, this Puteh fler passed away because of cancer.

Not sure how I should feel now. Indifferent.

Sounds so much like where we're all living in currently.

Anonymous said...

When I was ten years old, our school got Fun Fair to raise money. Can't remember want to raise money for what.

I bought Fun Fair ticket but told Mrs Khoo that I couldn't attend the Fun Fair during that weekend because I got tuition class to attend.

Useless woman, that Mrs Khoo sent me to Mr Razak, a mamak Amrish Puri lookalike. Razak was the bugger we all had to see for caning and shit like that.

Razak heard my story and told me to just write a letter stating that I want to stop studying in school.

WHAT THE HELL! I go tuition class to improve my grades, bring good name to school and you f*cking tell me to write a letter and stop studying!

Made me cry the whole day in class after that and that shithead Mrs Khoo innocently asked, "What's wrong?"

Like, hell, woman. Why do you still go to church?

Sorry, just sharing my story.

Anonymous said...

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