Monday, August 11, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: And now it's BN 5 PR 3

Boleh-Moan: I am not being negative but are we dreaming? Or rather am I dreaming? I have always harbored the hope of "Bangsa Malaysia" strongly but I just can''t see it happening to this hopeless bloody nation. Let's face it. Barbarians are among us. They incite hatred whenever they can for whatever the fuck reason that they can have. Are humans all born to be biased? WHY? I mean fucking WHY? I am Chinese. So what? Must you hate me because I am Chinese? I cant fucking change that. So FUCK YOU and FUCK YOUR THOUGHTS!

BN 1 PR 0
Ella is too sexy

PAS Youth demonstrated and BN is smiling.

BN 2 PR 0
Indonesian singer too sexy
As if one time is not enough, they did it again.

BN 3 PR 0
PAS Youth to protest over Avril Lavigne concert
At least they were consistent. Consistently crazy. If there's any claim that PAS will practice extremist policy and make our womans all wear tudung and cover their faces like batman, I will certainly believe it.

BN 3 PR 1 Anwar's sodomy case
This has bring abit of balance back to PR. If without DSAI, where will all these monkeys from PAS Youth be?

BN 4 PR 1 The long-standing disagreement between DAP and PAS.
Can they work together and not kill each other? I don't know man. PAS seems to enjoy ticking off DAP people and I just saw an UMNO and MCA kind of relationship over here.

BN 4 PR 2 Election campaign scandal four years ago
Maybe I am just so used to it. Used to BN screwing up and thus, it's becoming a norm. PR scored on this one.

BN 5 PR 3
A Nation with Lost Hope - The trashing of Bar Council
This is a draw. Violent fanatics from mostly opposition parties caused Bar Council meeting to cancel with chants of racial sentiments while BN practicing double standards as police are not stopping the demonstrators while urging the Bar Council to cancel the meeting.

If Pak Lah and his BN people did indeed planned the use of racial card to pull back some sort of support, he had succeeded. Finally he can afford a big smile. He succeeded with the help of PAS. What's more, he's getting an even bigger support from PKR debutant, the champion of race wannabe, Zulkifli Noordin. BN may lost popularity and credibility in the way they handle certain things which angered most of us. But I am slowly losing confident in PR because of PAS and Zulkifli Noordin. What's more, I have lost all my confidence in PAS and their ability to be a good ally to PKR and DAP.

Why must I fight against the tyrant only to be harboring false hope and fell into the trap of another tyrant? Unless DSAI get rid of PAS immediately, form PKR and DAP into one party or I may never regain the confident in PR. I don't mind my leader is Malay but I simply don't want extremist to be ruling. I still remember what PAS did to Terengganu the last time they rule over there. DONT RELATE RELIGION INTO ADMINISTRATION, you retard!

I am very confident DSAI will still win but what will happen next? He becomes Prime Minister with PAS's backing? What will PAS do next? Make all Malaysians regardless of race to wear Songkok and Tudung? Men and women queue up in different line? We have to change our name to Eddy Yulianto Abdullah? What else? If DSAI dont succumb to them, will they pull out and join BN and help BN regain back the Government? What's next in PAS Youth's agenda? Whatever it is, fuck them. UMNO Youth suffered badly because of their stupidity. Now, PAS Youth is joining them in the fast lane.

4 years is really a short time. All I can see is, 4 years from now, people will want to punish PAS badly so that they will finally be a thing of the past. As for me, I will have to spoil my fucking vote because this nation has no hope with UMNO Youth or PAS Youth. Hell, I don't even know if I will go and vote. I may just fucking watch Desperate Housewives and sip some lemon coke and don't give a flying fuck.

Now that's why I am so sick of politic. Uncle Nik, sack some people lah! Sack PAS Youth.



Khun Pana said...

Pas people are odd people indeed.
Pas protest about Ella , Pussycats and so and so.
But they don't protest against calsberg beer , anchor beer , toto , 4D , illicit drugs , bohsia , mosque with extravaganza price tag .
In fact Pas also never protested the Buddhist funeral rites given to the late Altantuya.
Maybe they forgot that Altantuya was a muslim and her name was Amina.

Pas people are one bunch of strange people. Sometime they are so sensible and able to make logical senses.At times they are weird fuckers

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha.... If you want PAS to do anything for you, just pray to allah in front of the gullible PAS that they will go to heaven and there are 69 beautiful virgins awaiting to embrace them passionately....

Pas will even strap waist bombs and get themselves killed all because they want the 69 virgins in eavens....

Ha ha ha..... this is the best carrot for the gullible Pas....

Pas and the 69 virgins are in one entity, the 69 virgins from heaven are embedded in their undergarment.... ha ha ha ha

You can do anything to them or ask them to do whatever you want them to do, but don't forget that at the end of the day, they will have the 69 virgins.... kia kia kia ........

Ditto to the Umnoputra kampong folks ha ha ha ha ........

proverb said...

The words of the wicked are to lie in wait for blood: but the mouth of the upright shall deliver them.

Wicked men use words to slander and snare their victims. They want to destroy the helpless, the oppressed, or the righteous. They conspire to steal their assets; they pursue them to death (1:11-19). But upright men use their mouths to deliver the helpless, the oppressed, and the righteous from trouble. They only want to speak the truth and help.

You cannot trust the words of wicked men. They speak to confuse, to entice, to slander, or to trap. Their goals are to injure, steal, or kill. Since the object of their envy, greed, or malice is not their own blood, it must be understood as the blood of the helpless, the oppressed, or the righteous. It is these persecuted ones that the upright man saves.

Good men always speak the truth, and it is their desire to help any man in trouble. King Lemuel’s mother exhorted him to use his mouth to deliver the poor, the needy, and any unjustly appointed to destruction (31:8-9). As king, he would have a golden opportunity to righteously judge the cases of those who were being pursued by deceitful murderers.

Consider the pronoun “them” in this proverb. What is the plural antecedent? Who are those the upright man delivers? It cannot be the wicked, because that would be confusion. It cannot be the words of the wicked, because they cannot be delivered. It cannot be the upright, because that sacrifices the proverb’s parallelism, and it also is singular. It must be the victims of the wicked, understood elliptically from the first clause.

The wicked Haman flattered and deceived King Ahasuerus of the Persian Empire to pass a law for the extermination of the Jews. His words were to lie in wait for blood, not only for his enemy Mordecai, but for all of Mordecai’s people as well. However, it was the mouth of Queen Esther that delivered both Mordecai and his people from the decree.

Jesus Christ once ate at the house of Simon the Pharisee, who despised a sinful woman that came to beg for mercy (Luke 7:36-39). But the Lord Jesus, the most upright Man ever, used His mouth to condemn Simon and deliver the woman (Luke 7:40-50). He did a very similar thing with the adulteress brought to Him by the Pharisees (John 8:1-11).

God despises men who use words to harm others (26:24-26). Death and life are in the power of the tongue, so be careful how you use it (18:21). The tongue is an unruly evil that must be guarded and ruled (Jas 3:1-12). The Lord considers unjustified name-calling to violate the sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill,” (Matt 5:21-26). He ground to powder a generation of Jews that used words to snare His Son (Matt 21:44; Luke 20:20).

Avoid angry and deceitful men (22:24-25; 23:6-8). Look out for arrogance, backbiting, deceit, flattery, railing, scorn, sedition, or talebearing. Drive away such wicked tongues (25:23). Always use your words to help those in trouble, because the holy and just God will reward or punish you in kind (24:11-12; 31:8-9; Eph 4:29). Is there a helpless, oppressed, or righteous person you could deliver today with your mouth? Do it.

Anonymous said...

Those who are corrupt should be isa-ed. This means that 80% of Muslims aka Bn politicians, cronies, family members, rayal families, government servants, polis, armies, navy, air-force etc. and those 80 % of non-Muslims aka MCA-putras, MIC-putras, Gerakaniputras, their cronies, members of families etc. must be isa-ed.

Where got these criminals aka corrupt Muslims and non-Muslims are allowed to enjoy all the wealth plundered from the rakyat?

Something must be very wrong to the denizens of Bolehland to allow this horrendous crimes to continue with impunity!

Are the denizens of Bolehland some cuckoo birds?

Anonymous said...

fuck PAS la. Bunch of retards.

frostee said...

We have all lost hope for this nation. As long as race and religion is tied closely with polictics... this nation will go nowhere.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! Harimau mati meninggal kulit, orang mati meninggal nama......

Mahathir (pukimak), Badawi (pukimak), Ghafa (pukimak), Ling Liong Sik (pukimak), Samy Vellu (pukimak), Lim Keng Aik (pukimak), OKT (pukimak), Lee Kim Sai (pukimak), Harun (pukimak), Azazan (pukimak), Umi Helmi (pukimak), Paul augustine(pukimak), Zam(pukimak), LKS (pukimak), ......

"Man is not free unless government is limited." -- Ronald Reagan: Farewell Speech, 1988

"We’re dealing with the oldest political error: the belief that because everyone wants something, government should or must provide it. If the error is pervasive, the result is the total state. If it is completely uprooted, the result is the purely free society." -- Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Anonymous said...

Najib(pukimak), Hisham(pukimak), Ezam (pukimak), Ronnie Liu(pukimak), Lim Ah Lek(pukimak) Chew Mee fun (pukimak), Abu Talib(pukimak), Rosemary (pukimak), Tan Siew sin (pukimak), Set Quee Fong (pukimak)...

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