Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Bolehland Breaking News: Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar accused of sodomy amid political tension; he denies charge

Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim was accused Saturday of sodomizing a man, police said, sparking speculation that he might be arrested on the same charge that led to his imprisonment a decade ago.

Anwar, who resurrected his political career after leading the opposition to spectacular gains in the March 8 elections, denied the allegation, calling it a ''complete fabrication.''

''This is clearly a desperate attempt by the ... regime to arrest the movement of the Malaysian people towards freedom, democracy and justice,'' the 60-year-old former deputy prime minister said.

Anwar claimed the report was engineered by ''interested parties'' to prevent him from exposing the national police chief and the attorney general for their alleged role in having him accused of corruption and sodomy in 1998.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi insisted the government was not responsible for the accusation, saying there was no conspiracy ''to cause (Anwar) trouble or harass him or raise such issues to undermine him.''

Abdullah declined to say whether Anwar would be arrested. Asked about Anwar's denial, Abdullah said it ''was common for an accused person'' to claim he was innocent.

The BolehJokes Opinion:
Abdullah said it ''was common for an accused person'' to claim he was innocent. Are you indicating to Najib as well? Why do you jump straight to conclusion with RPK's claim?


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