Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: Najib, the economy saviour?

Ok. I'm not a big fan of Najib but I think what he's done recently is brilliant. Most people like to jump to conclusion about many things but if you fucking use your brain for a moment and think properly, what Najib or his advisor has done is actually holding the economy.

Here are the reasons (This is only my opinion. You can agree to disagree.)

  1. By raising the petrol price, the Government will earn alot of money and have alot in the reserve fund. The prices of other things will go up. Now the Government is reducing the petrol price to RM2.00, not too far away from RM1.92. The prices of other things dont drop, which means the businesses will have more profits as the cost is lesser. Same demand, more profits. Of course the people suffer alittle by spending more but ultimately it is needed to hold on to the economy.

  2. With the strong reserve fund available, the Government is investing the money back into the market which will balance back the demand and supply. Remember your lesson in school? The theory of demand and supply.

  3. The subsidy package of RM625. This is given to you to spend instead of keeping. The Government knows that with the money in hand, people will spend. This again stabilise the economy as businesses need demand to sustain.

  4. The EPF contribution drop to 8% is another brilliant move. That means people will have more money to spend. Yes yes.... I know it's not good when you are old but for now, we need extreme measure to hold on to the economy or else we will all be dead.
The Government is trying very hard to stabilise the economy, which is not a bad thing for me. Afterall, this is their last card on the table. The BN Government has lost its reputation badly which needed no further explanation. But if they save the economy in this trying time, this will be in their propoganda in the next election and it will be really strong. I am not surprise that if they are successful, the cushion might just change and people will swing back to BN and support them. Afterall, people are usually very grateful to economy saviour. The opposition will need to work really hard to pin him down.

So can Najib save the economy, be the national hero and win you back? In my opinion, he's doing a brilliant job so far.



castro said...

Najib and LKS should be tied together and dumped in Kemunting and firing surface to surface missiles at Kemunting from Cuba.

Then the share market becomes Bush run will be up, up and up.......

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Come on, Castro. Give credit where credit is due.

Even if a Mat Rempit somehow, someday did something right for the society, I will praise that Mat Rempit.

Dont judge things with hatred.

castro said...

Aiya! Mr. Bolehland joker,

Don't blame me for this but Najib himself personally ala.

Do you know Najib is a lalang? If not for Najib, Tengku Razaleigh (another Umno hantu)would be the pm in the 1986 umno party election instead of Mamak s/o Kutty?

Najib fanned up racial tension with Lee Golden Lion odf MCA resulting in Operasi lalang!

Why Operasi lalang you know? Well! It's Najib nickname.

Now Baginda is released, you know I know it's Najib's direction.

Do you know how much money Najib had embezzled funds from us? What about his brother Nazir?

Wow! For a sum of zero game, this Razaks have really sodomized the rakyat abysmally.

Dey! my dear Bolehland joker, the petrol price according to today market value should be 139sen la. Now the rakyat is subsidizing the government, on top of that, the government is receiving royalty from the oil companies.

So a meager of reduction of 15 sen is no big deal considering Bolehland is a net exporter of oil.

Now looking at the tolls being set up everywhere in Semenunjung, the cost of tolls is more expensive than the petrol.

In the older days, this is unthinkable.

This is all because of blatant corruptions!

All these politicians are very good in duping the rakyat who are gullible and that inludes you!

If you want to be a critic in politic you have to follow this cardinal rule:

Rule number 1 in politics - do not trust all politicians.

Rule number 2 in politics - do not trust all politicians, and

Rule no three in politics - do not trust all politicians.

FYI, most of the politicians will go to hell when they no longer wasting the oxygen generated by the trees' photosynthesis.

It takes a long long time before one could approach St. Peter for opening the door to heaven.

And do you understand the principle of cause and effect?

Why given a small sweet potato and you got so excited and satisfied when we have been plundered big times by all these corrupt politicians for the past 50 years?

So this is merely to obfuscate the rakyat in Bolehland for the unforgiving sins they have committed.

Razak Baginda was released and exiled to UK at the tax payers' expense, and thus exonerated Razak and Najib who ware deeply involved in the corruption of Sokhoi and Scorpen dealings.

According to Newton third law, to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If these culprits don't pay big time for the notorious crimes they have committed, you can expect much more horrendous crimes happening in the future.

If Bolehland wants to be a land of utopia, all these culprits must be arrested and sent to Guantanamo camps instead of Kemunting detention camp and firing missiles from Cuba, blasting the shits out from them.

It's save my fuel cost, ha ha ha ha..


angry thunder said...

Lim Kit Siang aka dap Eunuch, son and dil have been in politics for too long. It's time for him to pack and go.

I am just sicked and tired of his fucking and obsolete politics.

LKS aka dap Eunuch is no different to all those fucking Umno, MCA, Gerakan and MIC corrupt politicians.

The longer he stays in politics, the more the rakyat in Bolehland will suffer fuckingly.

This fucking akai sure is outright arrogant. When meeting him on the street and wanted to say a fucking hello to him, his eyes just popping to the sky.

And this stupid fucking akai appoints his fucking balls carriers for local councilors who have the same fucking propensity.

Where is the fucking local authority election as promised during the campaigning of the 12th GE ?

This bloody old fcuker LKS, aka fucking dap Eunuch, is just a fucking nuisance when in the opposition, more so when in the government.

LKS and family better go fucking kites in Johor Tampoi.

LKS aka dap Eunuch and family, better fcuk off from politics, the sooner the better.

Cannot fucking tahan you anymore

mr.kehpeesee said...

@the cheapskate joker

"Come on, Castro. Give credit where credit is due. "

you are definitely giving credits to the wrong person. You think Najis is the one making all these decisions ah? pls la. That bastard is busy saving his political career, and so are all the other Bee-Yen dogs. Now all focus is on Arm-No Bitch's Power transition as well as the one involving the PM and Najis himself. For these rubbish itself they can't use their brains and work things out, what more multitasking and 'saving the economy'. Saving their asses yesla, saving the economy a big no no.

pj voter said...

Najib is a lawyer and hope he can practice good laws in Bolehland. Bolehland will havw a bright future with Najib at the helm!

Wow!Looking at this outgoing Mr. Kua Kia Soong of New Era College, Kajang aka pj traitor is having a Bolehland tour trying to market his philosophy to the Chinese societies in Bolehland to savage his job so that he could carry out his evil machinations in New Era.

To see and listen to the wicked is already the beginning of wickedness

And what is his theme? Sos New Era.

This is the greatest joke in the world. This pj voter was elected as a dap PJ Member of Parliament in 1990 not because he was good but because it’s an opposition bastion. If you put any Tom, Dick and Harry as a candidate, anybody would win the PJ constituency.

Once elected, this pj traitor was only keen in his party’s internal power grabbing (dap culture) and didn’t do his job properly and only keen in playing the pj voters’ backsides.

Once this pj traitor has had enough of playing the pj voters’ backsides, then came the 1995 nomination day, he sold the pj voters’ backsides to the MCA dogs by wittingly filling his nomination form wrongly.

The MCA dogs sure had been in their pleasure sodomizing the pj voters’ backsides to the hilt for 13 years- all at the courtesy of this pj traitor. This pj traitor is just a soul-less traitor in carrying out such an evil deal with his opponent, forsaking the pj voters’ who had high hope in him for fighting the aspirations of the pj voters.

Since then, the pj voters haven’t seen a shadow of this pj traitor stepped foot on pj soil.

It is easy to hate and it is difficult to love. This is how the whole scheme of things works. All good things are difficult to achieve; and bad things are very easy to get.

Once the MCA dogs took reign of the PJ constituency, the MCA dogs showed no mercy to the pj voters by sodomizing the pj voters relentlessly.

The MCA dogs closed down the Damansara Primary school and the school children have no choice but to study in a hauling container in a small compound in a temple opposite the school.

The pj voters then started the SOS Damansara Primary school and have the unanimous support from all the Chinese all over in Bolehland and donating generously for the running of the school.

And how on earth this dishonorable pj traitor could land a job quietly in the New Era College is beyond one’s comprehension.

This pj traitor’s lackadaisical attitude in running the college would never achieve a honorable mission to inspire and equip the college to lead with purpose and excellence while building an environment filled with compassion, caring and the attitude to learn in the college.

I will not be concerned at other men's not knowing me;I will be concerned at my own want of ability.

As such, even this pj traitor couldn’t run a college efficiently but only in carrying out his evil scheme in New Era. The New Era College failed in its attempt to raise its level to University status, no thanks to this zzzzz pj traitor. Yes! He wants to hijack the college from DJZ and has a total control of the college.

Now this pj traitor’s service was not continued and was asked to leave the college. This pj traitor has the cheek to duplicate the slogan of SOS Damansara to New Era College. This pj traitor is just such a dishonorable traitor and is an outright disgust.

The SOS Damansara was shut down due to him for selling the pj backsides to the MCA dogs and now this pj traitor has the cheek in mimicking such movement for his own selfish agenda?

This is more like SOS pj traitor! This is an outrageous event of the century.

To see the right and not to do it is cowardice.

Where was he when the SOS Damansara school was celebrating being the last year at the temple early this month? This pj traitor has no guts to face the pj voters again. Only his collaborators were seen there but they were not welcomed to the SOS school.

So this pj traitor is going across Bolehland trying to dupe the Chinese societies to give him the support using the copied theme SOS New Era. Would the Chinese lend him support?

He who speaks without modesty will find it difficult to make his words good.

In the first place, New Era College was not shut down like SOS Damansara by the corrupt government. New Era wants to boot this pj traitor out so that a new honorable principal could lead the college for a better future.

This pj traitor is no descendant of the Dragon. Do we want to listen to the lies of a dishonorable pj traitor? Are the Chinese in Bolahland aka descendants of the Dragon gullible and easily duped by this avaricious pj traitor?

The Dong Jiao Zong has gone through countless Tsunami impacts and still solid in one piece and united as one.

No way a little, dishonorable and soul-less traitor who doesn’t practice the culture of law and the culture of honor could shake the solid foundations of DJZ.

If you look into your own heart, and you find nothing wrong there, what is there to worry about? What is there to fear?

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