Thursday, November 6, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: Back after a long break but still sick of Bolehland

You know, 50 years of Independence has not taught us any shit! We are still the same bunch of fucking clowns wondering about how our nation should progress and have no fucking clue. We are still busy squabbling, arguing childish facts, politicking matters like road sign language or mini fucking skirts and many more stupidity which skips my mind at the moment.

I am really fucking sick of this country. Plus, I have lost my patience in PAS. I seriously don't think this bunch of extremist are going to be the people that can uplift the nation to another stage. Why do they keep politicizing religion? This is not Islamic, we are doing this the Islamic way or according to Islam? Why must relate religion into your fucking administration? For the last fucking time, let me tell you that religion is SELF PREFERENCE, you fuckheads! Dont you just fucking get it? Look at the fucking simple explanation below and work out your fucking formula.

Country administration - Strategic planning
Religion - Self preference

Supporting Manchester United Football Club - Self preference
Managing Manchester United Football Club - Strategic planning

Can I fucking say that we cant do this, we cant do that because it is not the Manchester United way of doing it? What about Liverpool and Arsenal supporters? Will they agree with your Manchester United way of doing things? Anything that relates to self preference should be left out of administration. Your administration strategies should be about bringing the nation to further improvement and that's all it is about. Why must complicate matters into your self preference? Fucking clowns. How can I trust that PAS can manage the country? No chance. I will not fucking vote for them. No fucking way.

Plus the fucking economy is the main concern of the world. Yet our politicians, be it BN or Pakatan seemed to be very hardworking in attacking each other rather than working things out for the people.

Plus, the majority of fucking Bolehland citizens will only jump to conclusion, point fingers, start some childish debates, siding the Opposition like a no-brainer and critisizing every Government plan. Not all the things done by Opposition are correct and that includes Anwar, the man that I respect alot. So stop being a no-brainer. Stop worshiping Opposition and support them for everything they do. Go for what's right. Dont be a fucking clown.

Now now, I know you will jump to the conclusion like a no-brainer YET AGAIN and start cursing me or may want to attack me with some really pain in the ass comments. All I did was to tell you straight to your fucking face that, it is the truth. And truth fucking hurts! So fuck them and fuck you too!




Anonymous said...

thou speak at right! Country first and it's time for a change in our attitude and improve our level of maturity.

Or else, we will forever be in declined.

new era said...

Hahaha! Bolehland joker! You are a greatest fucker alright.

Well come back. You sure come back with a lot of fucking power, jajajaja~`

Don't limit fucking the pas fuckers only, you should fuck the arabs as well for giving pas and same kind 67 virgins when they fucking all their way up.

In this new era, if the rakyat are
progressing proportionately with the time of new era, yes, anybody can be a pm.

Unfortunately, we have these BN putras still living in the old eras, hence only the Umno putras of old eras could be the pm.

Malaysia can never progress with the BN putras of old eras reining Bolehland.

Just like the New Era College, we have a traitor who couldn't even fill a nomination form for the GE but still could head the college.

Now this traitor has been tendang out from the NE college.... ha ha ha ha ha ha.... you deserve it, you PJ traitor!!!!

nobama said...

Obama will be like the sleepy fucking head, sleeping in the fucking half white half black house in washington dc fucking all the fucking nice chicks ala najib in putra jaya.

Anonymous said...

Where the fucks have you been?
Keep fucking around please to keep everyone fucking awake with all your fucking stories!
Otherwise people will doze off like our fucking Pee Em.

pj voter said...

Just like this principal from New Era College! Obviously he is ignorant to the Chinese culture. How could he dare castigate Dong Jiao Zong (DJZ)- the highest endemic Chinese Educational Association?

If he has no respect to this DJZ, he has no respect to all the endemic Chinese in Bolehland!

This pj trairtor is the antithesis to the wishes of the endemic Chinese and is nothing but a traitor in colluding with other collaborators trying to hijack the control of New Era College!

This traitor had sold the pj voters' backsides to the MCA dogs and now wanting to hijack New Era College?

Sigh! Where is justice in Bolehland? The Bn putras have been sodomizing the rakyat for 50 years, and this pj traitor is further sodomizing the endemic Chinese in the sub-system by hijacking New Era College.

This pj traitor is just not in congruous with DJZ and hence by and large, the endemic Chinese!

How dare this pj traitor castigating DJZ, the highest Chinese Association in fighting for the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese who have been oppressed, suppressed and exploited by Bn putras for the past 50 years and counting.

Instead of fighting together with DJZ against the oppressive and dictatorial Bn putras, this pj traitor is antagonizing DJZ and hence the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese in Bolehland.

Therefore, DJZ has to boot this pj traitor out from New Era but this pj traitor has become insane using students and parents as a tool to fight against DJZ and hence the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese in Bolehland.

If the rakyat want to see the end of ISA, this pj traitor must be stopped first. How could the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese allow this pj traitor destroying DJZ, the last bastion of endemic Chinese?

This pj traitor has become a horrendous traitor now has been educating and nurturing more little and oppressive traitors in future who would not hesitate to use ISA to silent dissidents ala the Mca and Gerakan traitors.

Abolishing this ISA yes! Boot all these endemic Chinese traitors from Parliament and state assembly before they enact more oppressive laws and antagonizing the rakyat further.

This pj traitor is utterly shameless, he is being paid by the endemic Chinese in Bolehland but has the gall to act rudely to the endemic Chinese boss! What kind of animal is this?

How on earth this pj could land up on this principal job in New Era in the first place when this pj traitor should be in jail?

And now this pj traitor has been producing more traitors going against DJZ and the poor and oppressed endemic Chinese in Bolehland?

Looking at this dap's little traitor from Penang Bendera Constituency, isn't this little traitor a product of this pj traitor going against DJZ- the real champions of the poor and oppressed DJZ? This Penang little traitor has nothing to shout about representing dap as a sky trooper.

Even if you put a dog to contest, the dog would also have won the Bendera Parliamentary seat. When the next GE come, this little dap traitor can say bye bye to his constituency!

This pj traitor is just ignorant to the 6000 year of culture! Hey, the Chinese culture advocates respecting the elders and always learn from others.

But looking at this pj traitors, this pj traitor has no respect to elders and in fact is teaching his students not to disrespect the elders. This is a serious offense in Chinese Culture and this pj traitor ought to be wallop for such rude behavior.

pj traitor, the endemic Chinese has got enough of your machiavelians. Please pack your bags and go peacefully.

There is no room and no place for you and your cohorts in this new era. It's impossible for you to live without going to jail in Bolehland, let alone reining New Era.

If you have any conscience and dignity left in you, stop brainwashing the gullible students and parents for your selfish agenda.

You and the endemic Chinese in Bolehland are of two different worlds. No Chinese in the world can accommodate a mother of all traitors like you anymore!

The endemic Chinese and rakyat will hold you and your cohorts total responsibility for all this horrendous fiasco created by you and your cohorts.

Anonymous said...

PJ Voter,

who is the PJ Traitor you are talking about?

Dont understand lah!

pj voter said...

Dear Anonymous,

This pj traitor is the principal of New Era College, Kajang, his name is Kua Kia Song aka pj traitor.

He was the MP for Petaling Jaya 1990-1995. He was assigned by the Dynastic Action Party (DAP) to defend his Parliamentary seat in 1995 but came nomination day, wittingly filled the nomination form wrongly thus disqualifying himself and allowing the MCA dog winning the PJ Parliamentary seat uncontested.

A few weeks later after the 1995 GE, this pj traitor was seen touring Europe with his family and a family picture was taken ala the correct correct guys in New Zealand.

PJ was a strong opposition constituency and the BN had never won the seat before.

cheng hee said...

Just attended the Candlelight Vigil in Petaling Jaya and met a few Dap eunuchs over there.

Phew! These Dap eunuchs really know how to market themselves.

When rpk was in Kemunting, we couldn't see a single shadow of them. Now that rpk had been released and a lot of advertisements were focused on this vigil.

Then you saw many of these Dap eunuchs suddenly appeared for the candlelight vigil.

Then when you just gestured to them or just said hellow to them, their eyes were looking at the stars in the sky.

All these fucking dap eunuchs are just like the useless fucking Pas which has been in politics for 50 years.

All these fucking dap eunuchs are no different to the Mca running dogiputras for Umnobabiputras.

These dap eunuchs are just incompetent whether they are in the government or opposition.

All these dap eunuchs are either in cahoots with the Bn babiputras or in-house fighting for powers.

This lks is just a useless fucking eunuch who is crazy in holding powers for life!

Well! What do you expect from the dap dynastic eunuchs?

Tey got no balls!!!

pj voter said...

Just returned home from candlelight vigil. It's like the previous assembly minus our 'police friends' but the assembly was rather 'mild', might be considered anti-climax for those who expected exciting actions like last week!.

No untoward incidents and the gathering dispersed after singing the Negara ku.

What do the rakyat really want? Is it just to abolish the ISA?

I think what the rakyat want is a true democracy in Bolehland, ie. separation of powers and check and balances, the tenure of pm is limited to two terms and local government must be elected by local rakyat!

Now that rpk has been freed, the goals now should not confine to the releasing of Hindraf 5 but must also include the other agenda.

It's the other ultimate agendas that the rakyat must also focus on!

Just like this New Era principal Dr. Kua Kia Song (Kua literally means dead in Cantonese) aka pj traitor who wittingly filled his nomination form wrongly so that he was disqualified from contesting the Parliamentary seat in Petaling Jaya.

Wow! This pj traitor had really got the guts selling the backsides of his pj voters to the MCA dogs.

Once he sold the pj voters to the Mca dogs, the MCA dogs continually sodomizing the pj voters for 12 solid years.

The Mca dogs really screwed up the PJ constituency with rampant housing developments and tolls erections everywhere.

How dare this pj traitor has the guts in selling the pj voters' backsides to the MCA dogs considering this is the homes of Zorro, his personal party Dap headquarter and many learned scholars?

This pj traitor is just a stupid nincompoop in carrying out such a suicidal decision in making such a foolish deal.

The MCA dogs closed down the Chinese Damansara Primary School and the pj voters really paid big times for the crime this pj traitor committed.

Paradoxically, this pj traitor has no shame or feeling remorse for this greed in resulting the closure of the Damansara school in Petaling Jaya and now has the cheek mimicking the sos damansara school and applying to New Era college.

Wow! This pj traitor just doesn't know hoe high is the sky or how deep is the sea?

Dose he fear god? What kind of devil is he?

Are the pj voters incompetent or just oblivious to the crime he committed without taking the necessary reaction?

Dey! pj traitor, you picked the wrong constituency for your evil machination la.

You shall pay big time for such a monumental crime. The pj voters haven't finished with you just yet and will make sure you pay big times also for all your monumental crimes.

Now this pj traitor wants to do a deja vu in New Era college in Kajang.

The endemic Chinese has had enough with you. Stop your evil machination for we know what you are up to.

The Dong Jiao Zong (DJZ) has been assigned to the surveillance of New Era College but this pj traitor wants a total control of New Era College ala the BN putras total control of Bolehland.

Now we have dictatorial rule of Bolehland by the Bn dictators in all departments of Bolehland- laterally and vertically.

Do we want a system in New Era college similar to the dictatorial system in Bolehland?

Where is the check and balances and separation of powers in Bolehland?

Isn't this pj traitor is pursuing the dictatorial system by getting rid of DJZ so that this pj traitor could do whatever he likes at his whims and fancies ala the Bn putras in Bolehland?

This pj traitor is just a nuisance to mankind! Ditto the Bn putras.

The Bn putras and pj traitor must be booted out the sooner the better for the betterment of all rakyat in Bolehland and New Era College.

Yes! We want to abolish ISA, the release of Hindraf 5 unconditionary and we want the restoration of democracy in Bolehland by bringing back the systems of check and balnces, separation of powers, election of local councilors and the tenure of pm being limited to two terms.

Then it's only worth living on this wonderful planet of ours.

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