Saturday, October 11, 2008

Taking a Boleh Break

Dear All,

Sick of the latest development in Bolehland so I'm not gonna give a flying fuck about politic for a little while.

In Distraught!



ex nec graduate said...

Yes! Yes! Yes! Me too! I am tired and sick of all these traitors of the highest level in Bolehland.

All those bastards of the highest level should be sent to the firing squad including the pj traitor and all the collaborators from the new era college.

They are worst then animals, they are devils. Do you let the devils do whatever they pleased?

No, all these despicable new era devils should be sent to hell before more devils being spurned out from the college.

Anonymous said...

I quite following the news about 2 weeks ago. Sadden by all the happening to RPK. Despair, helpless and disappointed are what the majority malaysians felt nowadays. Pls take a rest, recharge and get back on your feet. RPK still in Kamunting and he need us. We cannot let him down...

bolehland liberty fighter said...

Whether with or without RPK, the battle against Madhathir and Umno pukitras will continue.

Yes! Lawa tetap lawan.

All these Umno pukitras are the enemies of mankind.

Yes! Eternal battle against the Umno Pukitras is the price of liberty.

So folks, prepare this protracted battle against this Umno Pukitras as long as they are still around.

They are the devils among us. Either the Umnopukitras perish, or we perish. There is no alternative to this.

Liberty or death is in our hands.

Yes! The people power will always prevail. The Umno pukitras are just a bunch of ignorant idiotic suckers/hantus awaiting to be obliterated!

Liberty is our Right

frostee said...

I feel you buddy. The sentiment is mutual everywhere. Whenever I think of the 'leaders' of this country, I shake my head in despair.

Anonymous said...

Hang Tuah and the Hang gangs were pure Malay heroes. They and Umnopukitrakis are different side of coins.

How can the Umnopukitrakis compare with the Hang heroes who defended the weak and helpless.

If all these Umnopukitrakis were in the Hang's brothers era, hahaha.... they were (carcasses) lying everywhere on the ground.

Anonymous said...

I am also taking a break from all political news. So sian and fed-up. Take a break for a long christmas or new year. But I have a wish. I hope, after your break with a fresh mind and maybe full of energy again- please set up a blog to document all the news and events for "guide to vote in the next election". You are those that can write and have a fair mind and love this country. May be you should just call the blog ... 2013 or other name but this has to be done. This is to prepare us for the mother of all battle- which will not be a joke anymore.

pj voter said...

This pj traitor has a big chest with an evil lion heart. How could this pj traitor manage to get this job after he betrayed the pj voters by accepting bribe and selling his ticket to his mca opponent so that his opponent could win the parliamentary seat uncontested?

This pj traitor has committed a pernicious crime with impunity. Now he is committing yet another one….

All the while this PJ constituency had been the eunuch dynastic action party bastion.

So this pj traitor got a handsome sum for all his greed. This pj traitor has no conscience, dignity, integrity and honor in his character, hence the selling of his soul to his opponent.

Hey! If this is in the Sung Dynasty, this traitor and all his next of kins (3 levels) would have been taken out, juxtaposed and beheaded one by one.

That would eliminate his line of root.

pj voter said...

This pj traitor just doesn’t know his strength and is akin to an egg knocking against a rock.
The Chinese movement has been here before this traitor was born and he thinks he can conquer the Chinese movement with his super power?

Dey! Please la pj traitor, know thy strength, it’s no use fighting against the Chinese movement. The Chinese movement has got 6000 years of solid history.

Use your otak udang la professor in traitorism.
With you as the head of New Era College of Traitorism, you must be very adept in producing professional traitors!

Use la some logic, pj traitor of traitorology, you should find a job in a country which hires traitors in traitorology, or you could join the MCA, Umno, Gerakan or Mic Institute of Traitorology, they might hire you since they practice traitorology and are vivid professional traitors of Bolehland-just like you.

You and them are the same genre and are abang and adek in homogeneous blood.

Use la logic! All these politicians are just useless buggers.

This lks has been in politics for 50 years and where are we heading to when he was the opposition head?
No where!
This lks was partly responsible for the May 13th riot because of his lack of intuition.

But those Umno buggers had their plan drawn up and this ignorant lks just played into their notorious plan.

Yes! This lks had innocent blood spilled on his hand.

So all these Bn putras are supporters of ISA which jail rakyat without a fair trial.
And who are all these BN putras? Who are the rakyat?

Aiseh man! The rakyat is the big boss of this Bolehland and all these Bn putras are just servants elected by the rakyat.

Now they are jailing the Boss without trial! What system are they applying?

Just imagine, if a rakyat is hiring an foreign servant and that foreign servant put her Boss in jail just because the boss is asking the servant to do a reasonable job.

These BN putras servant are just out of their mind. Where is the logic?

These BN putras are insane. No wonder Bolehland is in deep quagmire with all these cuckoo servants running the country.
Only a cuckoo will arrest a 6 year old girl!

Dey! Pj traitors and all the Bn traitors, is that the way to treat your boss?

Go la and read more Chinese culture. After all, knowledge is power.

Without knowledge, all these Bn putras and the pj traitor are behaving like bandits.

Sigh! How on earth these Bn putras and pj traitor could be hired when they don’t understand the principle of a good servant?
Now these traitors are bullying the BOSS.

This world is really screwing up with all these ignorant philistines running Bolehland.

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