Monday, September 22, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: OH MY GOD!!!!!!

In perhaps one of the most suicidal statement of all time, ex-deputy president of SAPP and the current Deputy Chief Minister of Sabah Raymond Tan claimed on Saturday that he had been instrumental in preventing the arrest of party president Yong Teck Lee in June in relation to allegations of corruption. He said he had pleaded with Abdullah not to arrest Yong as it would be a bad move.

“This is an admission by a BN deputy chief minister that the prime minister can interfere with ACA work,” said Chong Pit Fah, SAPP newly-appointed information chief.

That's why the title is "OH MY GOD!". Tell me. How can he be so stupid? I am shellshocked! He just busted the PM's bubble and instead of helping himself, he got the PM into the act. Now they will both be questioned by the people as to why the PM is interfering with ACA's work and what's more, how come a Deputy Chief Minister can persuade the PM to stop it.

This is absolutely schoolboys standard of politic. Unbelievably dumb. I'm sure Pak Lah will now be cursing and swearing and shouting "Why Raymond, Wahai Raymond, WHY?"

What the hell is wrong with Bolehland? We seem to have substandard politician everywhere. Come on guys! Hire some really qualified political adviser please. Stop hiring abang - adik as your advisor. It wont work. Dont keep putting yourselves to shame.

As for Raymond, he may need to study politic for 5 more years before getting involve. Pure crazy statement.



Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Case of the snake tried to cover the leach and the leach tried to cover the croc and the croc tried to cover the vulture.

rotten to the core.

Anonymous said...

This guy is really a disgrave to his family and all Malaysian. This Raymond kid will be remembered as someone standing in our way for a Just and Fair Malaysia.

Say yes to PR!

Anonymous said...

This Raymond is talking rubbish to justify his position in BN. What a LOSER.

aston said...

UMNO is basically a fascist, supremist and feudalistic party. It has never sincerely wanted others to be its equal. Let us go back to the days before Independence.

In 1951, Onn Jaafar, a leader ahead of his time, was willing to open the membership of UMNO to non-Malays but was vehemently opposed by radicals in the party and he sadly left the party. Onn Jaafaar realised that in order for Malaysia to progress all the races had to be included. Unfortunately, many from his own party failed to see this truism.

The British colonist master also realised this truism: that unless all the races are in together, Malaysia would one day be a basket case. That is why the British unequivocally insisted that UMNO had to work with the non-Malays or there would be no Independence.

The British, having established themselves and ruled in many part of the world, naturally had acquired the knowledge of being shrewd judges of the characteristics of many peoples. They knew that without the cooperation of the non-Malays there would be no progress and they were afraid that if only one race were to rule the country to the exclusion of the other races, the country would invariably revert back to the era of feudalism.

Remember before the British came, the country was in a state of anarchy. Warlords were literally warring and killing one another. There was no peace and development. The population were just treated as cannon fodder for the war efforts of the struggling protogonists. They were never taught new skills or to think on their own.

Everyday of their lives was on a war footing. Needless to go further, the British finally stamped their authority and brought peace and development to this troubled country. So much so when they gave Independence, the land area of this country almost doubled its original size and left a legacy of an efficient civil service, a respected and trustworthy Judiciary and a world-class infrastructure and economy.

Hardly, a decade after Independence the path to a state of feudalism had begun. One person who had played a vital role in this development is Mahathir. It can be said that he single-handedly ushered a country with a workable Constitution into the slippery path of feudalism. It was his belief that feudalism is still workable in this modern era and he avidly worked full-time to dismantle every institutions in this country.

Everything that he touches turned to dross and he is still in this game up to today! A country whose civil service and Judiciary which were the envy of many countries turned to shambles. It was Mahathir's shrewd hands that had guided the morbidity and destructiveness of UMNO that we are witnessing now.

UMNO had never respected the other races capable to rule this country. They depend on the divide-and-rule concept to perpetuate their power. Unfortunately, MCA and other component parties were fooled by UMNO in that political power were to remain the exclusive preserve of UMNO while the rest can go unhindered in their search for pots of gold.

However, as time passed even this "agreement" was trampled upon by the UMNOputras. Things came to head recently when they unashamedly brandished their keris and go amok and told the non-Malays that they are still pendatangs in this country. The ISA, a colonial tool, was used unjustly to imprison innocent parties, while the UMNOputras culprits were left unscathed.

In conclusion, it seemed that Malaysia has come full circle: from anarchy to colonialism, to independence, back to feudalism and finally to a state of anarchy where the UMNOputras are at each other throats. The fear of the British have come to haunt the people of Malaysia!

vesewe said...

When will be the good day the Orang Asli come forward to utter their rightful word - "you all go back to your land of origin and leave us alone". Then malays, Indians and Chinese etc, can all pack and leave Malaysia for good.

ruyom said...

Despite Malaysia pretty economic growth over these past few months, something just doesn't seem to be right. It is almost as if the GDP growth figures were manipulated or spiced up.

Well, they weren't. Contrary to popular belief, the government does not really "jack up" economic figures. It just found clever ways to "spice up" growth figures. That is all.

Let us use last year as an example. Abdullah found out that the economic figures were not good, and it couldn't have been at a worse time. Elections were just around the corner and he didn't want the economy to appear weak.

So he did something very clever - he increased the wages of civil servants. This of course, leads to higher spending. And as we know, spending helps boost the economy.

I am not saying that civil servants do not deserve a pay rise. But the reason why they were given one couldn't be any worse. Yes, Malaysia is actually a failing economy. China and India are fast replacing Malaysia as manufacturing powerhouses. Half of Malaysia GDP figure comes from the manufacturing sector.

If oil and palm oil prices did not increase last year by a mile, Malaysia would have registered an economic growth of somewhere near 3.5%. This is a measly figure for a developing country.

By 2014, Malaysia will no longer be a net exporter of oil. In turn, this translates to losses for every sen oil prices go up.

To achieve developed status by 2020, Malaysia should have registered at least an 8% economic growth annually since 1995 (a developed country should have Purchasing Power Parity of at least RM25000, and GDP per capita should be close to PPP figures).

Right now, Malaysia has a GDP per capita of RM6500 and PPP of RM14700.

We have only done an average of 5% increase in GDP growth from 1995 - 2007. So Vision 2020 will not be achieved despite what the government might claim. Furthermore, for Malaysia to move up the value chain (I define this as a country that is able to innovate and produce high quality products, e.g. companies such as LG, Samsung from Korea), large amounts of foreign direct investments (FDI) are needed.

To show you how low our FDI is, Malaysia has a pathetic RM7 billion of FDI annually while Singapore, a country 100 times smaller than Malaysia, has FDI of RM55 billion annually. Last year, nearly 50% of our FDI went into the Iskandar Development Region.

This, in my opinion, is a project bound to be a major failure. When Singaporeans were invited to invest, they did. But when they started to invest, our smart politicians said this would chase the malays into the jungles.

To summarise everything up:

1. All the people tax money is being used for stupid subsidies and unnecessary mega projects.

2. Immigrants from Indonesia, Philippines are causing wages to remain stagnant.

3. Malaysia economic growth is now based on oil and palm oil prices. (Malaysia will soon be a net importer of oil, and palm oil prices have reached their peak, meaning it will be downhill from here on.)

4. Malaysia is suffering from a "brain drain". No qualified professionals want to work in Malaysia anymore.

5. Malaysia manufacturing sector is shrinking, thus unemployment rates will go up.

Anonymous said...

just too bad foor him.

Anonymous said...

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