Thursday, September 18, 2008

The BolehJokes Opinion: Will he, will he not? Is he deceiving us?

He's lying. It's a big political lie. I'm in charge. I'm still in charge!

We said we will deny them 2/3 majority. We did it. We said we will take Selangor, Perak and Penang. We did it. We said we will win big in Permatang Pauh. We did it. And now we said we got the numbers and they again denied it. When will they ever learn?

For the past few days, I've been thinking. I've been thinking about what can Anwar gain by lying about the numbers. What will he gain for bluffing? I couldn't think of an answer. Unless he's an extremely sad attention seeker. But hey, does he need that? Come on. If he's being exposed for his lies, he will lose credibility and the confidence of the people. Too much of a risk, isnt it? He's rapidly gaining popularity by the days, why would he commit to such a suicidal move? It seems senseless.

On the other hand, I've been thinking about how many times the PM deceived me. WOW! It's like most of the time. He aint gonna marry anytime soon, and boom... he got married. Petrol price aint gonna be hiked up anytime now, boom.... the next day it was hiked up and many more which skips my mind at the moment. I hate to point the obvious but he has a history of contradictions. That is why he is a weak leader. He failed to keep his promise most of the time. No offense.

After all the careful thinking, I choose to believe in DSAI. It may be delayed, but it will happen. After all, it's not an overnight decision for the PM to step down. It wont be easy for him. Imagine letting go of something in your possession for so long. It's difficult. You saw Mahathir cried like nobody's business when he stepped down. When you are in power, it's hard to let go.

But ultimately, that's the people's choice. One way or another, please respect it.



Anonymous said...

Well i guess until now he still doesn't know what is Anwar's last card. He's still shaking cause he aint got nothing concrete leftover. I am sensing tears will be coming soon from his eyes.

Poor old man.

Anonymous said...

Add one more lie - PM says if the world crude oil price drops below US$100, he will reduce the country's petrol price for the rakyat. The crude oil price had already dropped below the US$100 mark but no indication or announcement of petrol price adjustment. Where is the petrol price adjustment according to the world's crude oil fluctuation which he promised to put in place? Please wake the PM from his slumber..zzzzzz!

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Mr.Flip flop dares to lie to tun mamak too , remembers the bridge?

Even the nasi kandar he opens for his relative in Australia is a flop

As well as when he first started off as premier , Mr Flip flop promised us the IPCMC . 6 years came and gone and habuk pun tak ada.

His only successes so far are using the ISA on the Hindraf , RPK , Teresa and getting the panties off from jeanne!

frostee said...

Well... at least we can say that our PM is consistent. Consistently lying to the people!

Badawi will go down in Malaysian history as the worst ever Malaysian PM who has brought the country into financial, economic, and political turmoil.

Anonymous said...

just like another chapter in Star Wars: Knights of the old republic

cancan said...

Our PM is thinking now


Anonymous said...

you could add another lie: I'm not gonna dissolve parliament. then within the next day... Parliament dissolved!

Anonymous said...

The Indians are masquerading as mamaks cos they wear songkok and go to mosque. But their Hindus roots are there, listening to Tamil songs and reading Tamil newspapers.

All they want is the privilege that goes with the Bumiputras. This is that fu****g Mamak assh&&*e idea. He thinks he is allah!

This Mamakkutty should be castr&*&* and send for injection for his dick to shrink like pea size!

The Mamak food is very high in cholesterol, so no need to boycott. Don't eat Mamak food, cos it's dirty and bad for your health.

That's why all the Mamaks die very young. The Mamakkutty everyday eating ginseng and licking monsterballs, that why still not yet die. But other good people die first.

So this PKR is just another useless fu****g party, or else this Mamakutty would have been in jail long ago and all his and children' loots which he plundered would have been confiscated.

Send all the Mamaks back to India licking monsterballs by no eating Mamak food!

Anonymous said...

Aiyah,rakyat selalu kena tipu lah,mungkin suka di tipu baru syok

Anonymous said...

By moderating, the bloggers are suppressing the thoughts of commentators.

So what is the different to the BN dogs who have been suppressing, sodomizing, oppressing, murdering, raping, stealing, kidnapping, dividing, robbing .... the rakyat?

By kowtowing to the BN dogs, now the bloggers are paying for their cowardice.

They deserve to be jailed.

Anonymous said...

If u see it as a battle of wits between Anwar vs. Bodowi, then it's pretty clear who will win.

After all, they don call him Bodowi for nothing!

NgapSayot said...

Today is Sept 23, the day of reckoning. Or the day that will pass by and nothing happens. As I write this, we see West Malaysia is in a state of haywire and amazingly all eyes are suddenly on us in the East now. The politicians here are now being looked upon as the KingMakers to decide the fate of the nation. As we muddled through 2008, the state of chaos has resulted a deeper economic hardship to us. While you politicians are fighting each other for political dominance, we the rakyat, are suffering. And yet, you guys still doesn’t sit down and asked of what we really want. Instead, you continue to create issues that are degenerating our nation into mayhem.

Let us tell you that we, the People of the East want this chaotic situation to end. When we became part of Malaysia in 1963, there was a consensus under the Cobbold Commission. It gave each and every one of us the opportunity to show our preference. Now, what we want is a consensus again to determine to whom our allegiance are. Politicians may said they have the support from the people, but do they? All, in all we are the ones suffering from this debacle.

Read more here:

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