Saturday, April 18, 2009

The BolehJokes Opinion: Freedom in Malaysia (the boleh version)

Malaysia Previously

Any mere mention of May 13 incident will land you into trouble. No joke.

Malaysia Today

You can talk about anything, we will never stop you from doing so. Just that we were saying not to talk about Altantuya, Razak Baginda, murder linking PM and his wife, racial issue, something that incite hatreds, emotional issue and errr.....what else...... oh ya, dont talk about the police force being corrupt as well ya. I'm serious. We are all good people.

What if they still do?

Then ISA lah! What else. They wanna taste Kamunting curry chicken, then try me.


This situation leads me to think about this movie called "Iron Monkey".

In this movie, the corrupt officer was so desperate to arrest the justice fighter cum bandit "Iron Monkey" that he ordered the arrest of anyone who has any link with Monkey. Basically, people who merely talk about Monkey were all arrested. haha.

They even arrested a person practicing his monkey stance.

Even monkey performer were not spared! haha.

Coming back to Bolehland, are we going to be in this situation very soon?

I hope not! Oh gosh.



carefree kancil said...

This Musa the pig was promoted by telling lies in the Anwar Ibrahim sodomy 1 case.

Musa is not the main culprit, The main culprit is that grand mamak thief from Kelera- Mahakutty.

This Mahakutty is the epitome of crimes in Malaysia.

How could you promote a liar as PIG?

As long as Malaysia is controlled by all these corrupt crooks and liars of the highest degree, we can expect Malaysia is akin to a wild and lawless jungle with all these ugly hyenas carrying out all the vicious crimes at their whims and fancies.

Could the kancils and rabbits live peacefully with carefree with all these lawless and vicious hyenas around?

To restore peace and order in Malaysia, this lawless and conking Mamak from Kelera must be arrested, all his loots confiscated and sent him to a dungeon for the rest of his life.

Anwar's Sodomy Trial

Sodomy charge saved us from gay PM: Mahathir


Anonymous said...

FORMER Malaysian prime minister Mahathir Mohamad claims he was forced to sack his one-time protege Anwar Ibrahim to prevent mainly Muslim Malaysia getting a homosexual leader.

Dr Mahathir yesterday defended his actions and maintained that Dr Anwar was guilty of sodomy, a crime in Malaysia. Dr Anwar has always denied the claims and insisted he was the victim of a conspiracy to blacken his name.

"In our society, sodomy is not acceptable. Of course, among some media people even, they are gay. They don't like my taking action against a person for the kind of things that they indulge in. So I became a bad guy because of that," he said.

"But I cannot have a person who is like that in my cabinet who may succeed and become the prime minister. Imagine having a gay prime minister. Nobody would be safe," he said.

Dr Anwar, who was once Malaysia's deputy prime minister under Mahathir, was jailed on sodomy and corruption charges in 1998 for allegedly conducting a sexual relationship with his official driver, then abusing his power to conceal it.


Human rights groups and Dr Anwar himself maintained the charges were trumped up to prevent him challenging Dr Mahathir, whose 22-year reign as Malaysian leader ended when he retired in October 2003.

Dr Anwar was released from jail in September last year after the sodomy convictions were overturned. However, as the corruption charge still stands, he is banned from politics until 2008.

Dr Anwar said last month after a court awarded him 4.5 million ringgit ($A1.58 million) in damages over a book that aired the sodomy allegations, that the decision had cleared his name and proved he was the victim of a conspiracy.

Just days before that ruling he also won an apology from the former police chief who beat him after his arrest, as well as undisclosed damages, in a result he hailed as a step forward for human rights in Malaysia.


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yue fei said...

This Chew Mee Fun is a stupid fucking bitch who is ignorant to the Chinese culture.

Who the fuck is she to bar the Chinese maids from coming to Malaysia?

This Chew Mei Fun was booted out from PJ Utara in the 12th GE for her blatant corruptions and closing the Chinese Damansara Primary School in Petaling Jaya when she was a mp.

This Chew Mee Fun is a real menace to the endemic Chinese and the number 1 enemy of the Chinese in Bolehland and the world all over.

This Chew Mee Fun should be caught, skin alive and tear into pieces and let the Chinese devouring her flesh and gulp her corrupt blood, only then could dissolve the hyper exasperation on this silly-fucking bitch of the highest order.

coolooc said...

The only party trying to stir this up as a racial issue are all the moronic Umno gangs and Umno controlled media. So, Yang Bodoh Nazri - please stop accusing others of racial incitement!

I can't help but notice BN desperate measures to stir racial emotions with killings of first Kugan and now Teoh. We know Umno got away with it in 1969. Now we hope our PAS comrades will put you Umno dogs in check.

BN fall is now complete……….Nazri will be shitting in his pants soon!

aston said...

Umno cybertroopers have to keep pushing the nonsense on DAP and spin, otherwise how to protect MACC?

ruyom said...

Malaysians are very naive.

It is pretty clear that the MACC is operating like the German or Soviet secret police of the ruling party to punish opposition members.

How more transparent can they get? We must be all completely idiots to even discuss MACC.

Something like the MACC has to be completely independent or not in existence at all.

This is truly outrageous, as would be the case if the Mafia ran the police force.

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