Friday, April 10, 2009

The BolehJokes Humor: Something to enlighten your day

Interviewer: Since you're not being appointed into the cabinet, what are you gonna do?

Syed H: Hmm...I think I need to reinvent myself in order to stay relevant. Look at Madonna. She reinvented herself many times and remained so successful. I will start with spending some time with Samy to get some valuable advise in getting a wig.

Interviewer: Why did you order the arrest of Teresa Kok last time?
Syed H: I said it many times already (offended). I WAS TRYING TO PROTECT HER!
Interviewer: What do you mean by that?
Syed H: Chua Soi Lek was watching her! She should thank me instead. How ungrateful.

Interviewer: Do you hate Raja Petra?
Syed H: Of course I do! I am better looking and yet he's more popular. How unfair!

Interviewer: What's your plan of action to regain the Indians' confidence in MIC?
Samy: Well it's simple. I'm going to request for more seats. More seats, more indians will support.

Interviewer: Most people claimed that they despise and dislike you.
Samy: I know. It's not my fault. It's my hair stylist! I wanted to change my hairstyle long time ago but was advised that, as long as I am the MIC chairman, it should remain the same. It's fengshui matters you know.
Interviewer: ????

Interviewer: They are all laughing at you right now. They said that you've been sidelined. What's your thought on that?

KJ: Laugh all they want. I got the most important job right now. I am recruiting youth and I will start with all those Mat Rempits. They can contribute to society. Infact, I've been contemplating for a long time whether to get myself a Motorbike courtesy of the Government's fund.

Interviewer: Previously, rumours has it that there is something going on with you and Maya.

KJ: I look into the mirror everyday and I knock my head against it everytime. Maya is not as desperate as some people thought.

Interviewer: Dr Mahathir has been critisizing you lately, putting you in an unfavorable position.
KJ: I know I am not as good looking as as his son Mukhriz but give me a chance! Being ugly is not a crime!

Interviewer: Was Mukhriz's appointment to the cabinet your arrangement, Tun?
Tun M: Nonsense! He sent his resume to Najib himself with his Dell laptop. Of course, he put my name as the referee which adds alot of credibility.

Interviewer: It was claimed that you are the power from behind and that Najib is doing everything according to your advise.
Tun M: Another rubbish. I didnt advise him to marry Rosmah but he did! That shows that he didnt need my advise.

Interviewer: Muhyiddin said that you are like a "pop star"..
Tun M: I know! If only I am alittle bit taller, I would have remained in Bollywood.

Interviewer: People claimed that you listen to Dr. Mahathir and act upon his advice?
Najib: When you go to the clinic, do you listen to the doctor's advise?
Interviewer: Yes
Najib: Exactly. He's a doctor. What's wrong with listening to his advise?

Interviewer: Why you didnt select Khairy into your cabinet?
Najib: It's the face-factor. I cant help it, ok? It's not easy on my part. As I said, UMNO needs a new image!

JUST KIDDING! Dont hate me ya. :)



KanNiNeh said...

I like that....please add more will be fun...

Anonymous said...


jungle bird said...

Great jokes,bolehland joker.

Tun M is a half past 6 doctor. No wonder Najib is now a cuckoo bird after operating by Tun M.

They are all mentally sicked people and should be dumped into tampoi before the rakyat become like them... all are becoming cuckoo birds.

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