Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The BolehJokes Opinion: Using Go-Go girls to pull in crowd

I almost pissed myself laughing after reading this. Using go-go girls to pull in crowd. HAHAHA.

Sorry fellas for the long hiatus. I'm back!

In perhaps the cheapest political tactic ever, BN decided to use the go-go girl to grab attention in Bukit Gantang.

Come on! Are they really out of ideas? What's next?

Stand-up comedian?

Maya Karin?

Or Mat Rempit Motor Show?

Who suggested the go-go girls anyway? What a brilliant political adviser you got there mate! Hehe.

I like to laugh alot these days. So pardon me. And I just read this headline below and again couldnt stop laughing.
PKR VP Azmin Ali trains his guns at Mahathir during a ceramah.
"Umno has a new president, a new deputy and there is a shift in leadership. So why must they bring the 'suratkhabar lama' (old newspaper) to campaign?" he asked, drawing laughter from the audience.
HAHAHAHA. SURATKHABAR LAMA? Old newspaper?..... bloody good one, brother Azmin.



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