Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The BolehJokes Opinion: I dont give a flying shit. No hudud for me

You may have your reason. You may thousand of explanations. But hudud is a "no go" for me even if it is only applicable to my Malay friends. It doesn't matter. The thing is, a nation should have a standard law, a standard policy and a standard ruling. How can certain ruling only be applicable to certain race only? It doesn't work that way.

Imagine now we have hudud for Malays. Next we will have Chow Kuey Teow law for Chinese. Then Fried Meehoon law for Indians. Roti Bakar campur Teh Ais law for Kadazan, Bajau, Iban and all the orang asli.

Next, we have law for the women only. And then law for men. Then law for Manchester United fans only. Then law for Liverpool fans. And so on and so on.....

What does that tells you?........

That our nation is a fucking rojak!

no! No! no!

So once again, sorry Uncle Hadi. Rojak idea is a "no go" for me. Focus lah! Unite Pakatan into a strong unit.



Anonymous said...

Chill man, bolehland already has rojak laws. One for Umeno&Co., one for Potatohead Gestapoman (aka shithead aba) minister, one for police, one for Sabah, one for Sarawak, one for syariah (for muslims), one for Chinese, one for Indians, one for non-muslims, one for lain-lain bangsa and another kangaroo-fuck-all-we-can-get-away-with-murder-n-screw-u-n-beg-for-more law for us. Do u think there will ever be a non-rojak n standard law for all? Come on, don't kid urself and stop dreaming that Uncle Hadi n friends is going to give up on hudud (no harm in adding this law to the equation coz we already have fucked-up laws as it is). I've never seen them so 'focused' in bringing down BE ENd but Pas being an islamic party will never lose focus of their Islamic goals. Forgive them if u can, old habits die hard. Even if hudud were to be implemented, what the fuck DIFFERENCE would it make? Didn't i tell u we already have rojak laws (by the way ur rojak pix looks delicious)? Anyway, that's not my point, my point is would u still vote for pas (pakatan rakyat) to bring down Barang Naik knowing full well this issue will not die down for all eternity, even if it's a no-go for u, would u? That is the question... and if your answer is no, then the REAL fucking-rojak-laws-kangaroo-courts stay n will most probably fuck us for all eternity, haha. Refer ur new year resolution again, dream on.

Anonymous said...

No no. Will still vote for PAS but dont want Hudud Lah! MAHAI. Hudud is outdated. Be more advance lah.

harmless oxen said...

Happy Niu Year to you, my dear Bolehland's Cheapskate Joker.

Aiya! All these politicians in Bolehland are just like wolf in sheepskin.

In the year of ox, it's now fox in ox-skin.

All these bolehland politikfox/ politicians are just like the wild and ferocious animals in a jungle.

These ferocious Bn and/or Br politikfox are just like the ferocious fox in the jungle hunting for easy prey without mercy.

These Bn & Pr polikfox must be trapped, caught and removed their ox-skins... and then skinned them alive for their corrupt skins.

That is the only way how to get rid of all these scandalous machinations in Bolehland by skinning them alive... for their skins!

to skin a fox

tiger said...

Dap and Pas are worst than MCA and Umno.

Lks aka the Eunuch emperor of Dap should be like the wolf.... deserving to be skinned for all his greed for power... and his son and dil should also be skinned for practicing nepotism, cronyism, favoritism..

And ditto to the mamgali baike and suicide bombing Pas terrorists....

Then there will be no dynasty/ mad Islamic devils in Bolehland but a peaceful Bolehland for all to live peacefully together...

Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary

ruyom said...

Now come the important part. Of these 871736 Perakians who went to the polls;

400682 voted for a BN candidate
443354 voted for a PR candidate!

If you put it in percentage terms, 51% of those who went to the polls voted for PAKATAN RAKYAT whilst only 46% voted for BN.

oversee said...

Folks, please tell me how do you best manage a country whereby - the majority community who rule, can't competitive on equal footing with other countrymen, and fear to end up as working for very competitive - the other minority!

(Australia/Singapore/USA etc, don't have these scenario, as the community who call the shot is also the majority community.)

Our government complains of brain drain, but do we actually do something to lure all these professionals back?

It is sad to see that we have the greatest minds around the world. One would be proud to see that we have great Malaysian minds in almost every field, for example in dentistry, medicine, physics etc, and yet where did they end up?

They ended up in the developed world, helping the developed countries to become better day by day.

It would be more logical to try to attract these great minds back from other countries than to continue employing health professionals from foreign countries like Bangladesh, Pakistan, that would not be dedicated in their work in the end, because of the poor system here.

But building a world-class university in a third world nation is unheard of, with the exception of large nations of China/India. Simply, a third world Malaysia software does not nurture a first class world-class university.

Will this country ever change? Unfortunately, I doubt it.

We have a daughter who is currently studying oversea. My wife and I have been trying to tell her to stay there and get a PR and not come back.

Even though the white man's land is not wholly a bed of roses, we know we will be treated more fairly and the system is much more transparent than what we have here.

It is a heavy heart that we have to make this decision for our daughter but deep down inside, we know it is better for her and her next generation. We are already near the final lap of our careers and life, and the political situation here has little impact on us.

Our children have a whole new horizon ahead of them. It is their future……….do they have one here?

Malaysia will always be here. It is a nice place to holiday - you want to live a compromised life you can return to work. But you want to be yourself then go wherever you please. We all wish you well.

Believe me, the government too wishes that you don't come back to quell the Chinese professional numbers. So they remain obliged to make your life miserable. All this talk about brain drain……….come on, you doesn't really buy the government's feigned attempt to show concern, do you!

So, be wise, stay outside. Come back to get yourself rejuvenated with Malaysian food, and culture, as often as you can and stick your fingers up to the government too.

But just remember if you are not prepared to compromise principles……….just stay out!

Just be practical. One anesthetist told me, your perception will change when you have kids and a wife to worry about.

aston said...

· The Malaysia Constitution has been amended some 690 times. The USA has been in existence for more than 200 years and their constitution was only amended 27 times.

· Because of the overwhelming power available to the executive, the judiciary has been corrupted and emasculated, the legislature has been reduced to a rubber stamp, the power of the Agung has been clipped.

· The legal system is a sad joke, serving only further the desires of the ruling group.

itchy belakang said...

Eli just doesn't have the knowledge to be a professional politician! Go study some political science before joining any political party-la!

Eli also doesn't have the skill of a professional negotiator who is supposed to be round and smooth.

El also doesn't practice the six thousand year of Chinese culture which teaches her that the head of a sex there is a knife.

Eli should not sleep with a man, especially a Malay man.. most of the Malays could turn traitor when dangling with a carrot, eg. Mahathir, Pak Kau Lah, Najib, Botak hid, Ezam, Jefri, saiful, zaidi, .... The Malays are untrustworthy... never trust a Malay especially a Malay politician..

Eli is not the first and also the last, so no big deal on this..

Eli should apologize to all the Bukit Lanjan and Petaling Jaya voters before she resigns for good but she hasn't! What a stupid girl is she?

Eli has to go! Why? Watch this and people will link to Eli...

Edison Chen / Gillian Chung sex scandal

Hot Edison Chen Photos

Hot Elizabeth Wong Photos

Anonymous said...

Eli has to leave her posts and Malaysia because she fears her pictures showing her licking her ex-boyfriend's cock surface in the market!

Licking a cock photos

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Eli will come back reinvigorated from overseas. More sexy, more juicy with monsterballs.

proverb said...

Proverbs 7:5

That they may keep thee from the strange woman, from the stranger which flattereth with her words.

Man! It is God’s blessing to have a wife as your life companion and lover (18:22; 19:14; Gen 2:18; Eccl 9:9; Heb 13:4). Any other woman, though you may know her, though you may want her, is a stranger. She cannot be your companion or lover. She is an outsider, a foreigner, to your marriage. Solomon warned long and loud against the sin of adultery.

Sexual sin is a great threat to wisdom, success, and prosperity. It corrupts and enslaves body and soul (5:20-23; 7:22-27). History reveals the destroyed lives of men, who did not resist the advances or availability of a woman outside their marriages. From princes to paupers, men have been seduced and sacrificed by adulterous women (23:27-28; 31:3).

What is a strange woman? Solomon used this descriptive phrase to describe an adulteress or whore (2:16; 5:3,10,20; 6:24; 7:5; 20:16; 22:14; 23:27,33; 27:13). Jephthah was the son of a strange woman, because his father conceived him with a harlot (Judges 11:1-2).

How is she strange? Does it only apply to liaisons with unknown partners? No, the word is used to describe a woman with whom you have no rights for intimate companionship or sexual pleasures. She is outside your marriage. She is a foreigner to your bed. She belongs to another man, either father or husband. You have no marital rights to her.

Where is she found? Anywhere, today! Street prostitutes and hired escorts are extreme examples. Women’s liberation and Hollywood give every woman the right to sex, so she is in the office, the neighborhood, the gym, or even church. The perilous times of the last days turn even Christian girls and women into whores (II Tim 3:1-5; II Pet 2:10-19).

Consensual sex is a lie – your Creator God has not consented! It does not matter that she is willing, wanting, or eager! The King of heaven is angry, jealous, and provoked! Do not call it a “victimless” crime! The Lord is a victim of your moral rebellion! And there are always other victims to sexual sins, even if you are too selfish or stupid to consider them.

Flattery is her tool. Men are helpless before the smooth praise of a whore (2:16; 5:3; 6:24; 7:21). Here are two lessons: men must avoid communication with flirting women, and wives should praise their husbands. Godly men will guard exchanges with women other than their wives in person, by phone, by email, or by letter. It is for your life.

Solomon diligently tried to warn his son (7:1-3). How well will you listen? Wisdom, success, and prosperity are impossible, if you allow strange women any place in your life.

banana said...

This Chong Eng is married to an Indian but still masquerading as a Chinese.

She is just a stupid joker like Eli!

This Chong Eng is a hypocrite of the highest level.

No wonder she was booted out by dap but still holding important post nationally!

What a great joke and she is just a stupid joker/whore like Eli!

banana said...

Chong Eng, Ng Yen Yen, Eli and sloone have one thing in common- they are all stupid whore and banana and love to eat bananas, especially mangalis' bananas.

Anonymous said...

This petaling jaya traitor had betrayed the petaling jaya voters by selling his pj mp seat to a mca traitor. both should be skinned alive and chopped to ten thousand pieces and feed to the petaling jaya crow.

Anonymous said...

This Eli has also blatantly colluded with this petaling jaya traitor of the highest degree, therefore this Eli is a traitor's traitor of the highest degree and should be skinned alive and chopped to pieces and fed to the bukit lanjan crows.

Anonymous said...

This sloone is just a strayed and stupid wild cat colluding with this petaling jaya traitor-bukit lanjan traitor.

Therefore sloone is also ttraitor of the highest order and should be skinned alive and chopped to pieces and fed to the penang crows.

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