Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Bolehland Daily: Anwar was 'very cold' towards me

Anwar was 'very cold' towards me

The once close ties which ex-PKR Youth chief Mohamad Ezam Md Nor shared with Anwar Ibrahim has now been reduced to polite acknowledgment whenever the two meet at functions.

Revealing this in an interview with Malaysiakini, Ezam described PKR de facto leader Anwar as being "very cold" to him but was quick to add that he takes all this in good faith.

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The Trojan horse allegation

He said, "These allegations come from two parties. Umno is worried that I would bring Anwar in. While Anwar is worried that I would bring PKR members into Umno. Both sides are saying, ‘don't worry, this is part of our game".

"I have no agenda. I returned to Umno without a personal agenda for anybody - not for PKR or Umno, or even Abdullah. I am in Umno with a reform agenda. To be a spy is the lowest moral standing that any politician should have and that's definitely not my stand."

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Walk proceeds, Zaid booed by journos
Journalists and bloggers made a spontaneous decision to march in Dataran Merdeka this morning in support of press freedom despite a police ban on grounds of security and traffic. The Walk for Press Freedom, which was originally planned to take place at 9am as a precursor to a dialogue between the press and de facto law minister Zaid Ibrahim, took off only after the minister had left the event. Some 150 people participated in the walk led by Writers Alliance Malaysia chairperson Wong Chin Huat

"You must ask yourself first. Do you take up an unpopular issue with your newsowner," asked Zaid in the dialogue hosted by the NPC

"Don't assume all ministers are unreasonable," he said and received a chorus of boos from those in attendance.

And despite the jeers that came from the crowd, Zaid went on to calmly explain that he was all for media freedom. He however stressed on the importance of responsible journalism and the need for media regulation.

"We cannot have total freedom for the media. There is no such thing. If there is, there would be anarchy. If you want the government to deregulate media freedom, you must offer us some alternatives," argued Zaid.

The minister then stressed the need of media activists to come up with a substantial plan that can give assurance to the government that the implementation of media freedom will not be exploited to serve the interests of any particular parties.

"Do your editors believe in what you are fighting for? Are all the reporters together in this? You have to sort all these things out first, then give us your plan," Zaid told the crowd.

He said that not everyone in the media agreed with deregulating the media and argued that some senior reporters and editors in the field do not entirely agree with total media freedom.

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TCJ: If reporters were to write a fiction instead of the truth, then it should be named as The Malaysian Daily Fictions and not newspaper.



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