Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Bolehland Daily: Pak Lah is digging his own grave

In a highly unpopular move, our lovely or indeed trying so hard to be lovely, the once Mr So-Called "Clean" wannabe PM made a statement claiming his Government is not making an attempt to be popular.

Mr So-Called CLEAN (but dont know which part) said:
"We try our best. This isn't an attempt to be popular. (But) we have to think in the best interest of the people," he told reporters during a 50-minute press conference held at his office in Putrajaya this afternoon.

"We can't satisfy everyone. Anything that involves people paying more, naturally they are going to be unhappy. (I hope) they will understand the circumstances we are working under," he added.
"Insyallah (God willing), I hope they will not demonstrate over this," he said.

Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi also revealed an increase in electricity tariffs effective July 1. Electricity tariffs to raise by up to 20%.

Am I dumb or what? I simply do not see how this move will be popular? Popular for what rubbish? How is this in the best interest of the people? You mean feeding more cronies will be the best interest? I am already FUCKING POOR and you are taking more away from me and that is the BEST FUCKING INTEREST that you can have for me and my mates in Bolehland? Pure FUCKING rubbish.




Anonymous said...

Come on fellow Malaysian. Slap yourself and let's wake up. Enough is enough!

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