Monday, June 2, 2008

The Bolehland Daily: Be prepared for another case of "Police getting away" and "Victim suffered in the dark and kept quiet"

Latest update
Kajang police chief ACP Shakaruddin Che Mood told a press conference this morning that the police have a right to protect themselves.

While conceding that he has not seen evidence of the assault, he said: “Anyone can make up a story.”

MCA Youth legal bureau chief Gan Ping Sieu said he would write to the inspector-general of police and the home ministry soon, seeking an inquiry into the police brutality. Gan, who is representing the four suspects, said Shakaruddin had assured an “impartial investigation” into the incident.
“He said he would assign two separate investigating officers, which is good news,” said Gan.

He also called on eyewitnesses to provide information, and added that he would work with the human rights commission which is to consider a public inquiry into the incident.

Gan also said that the youth wing hoped that the attorney general will not prosecute the four.

He added that the police had indeed used excessive force on the four and those responsible should be dragged to court to face action.

"The four were unarmed and defenceless. There was no reason for the police to use excessive force," he said.

Police bail extended for BMC four

(Malaysiakini) The four persons who are being investigated for attempted murder and rioting during a fracas at Bandar Mahkota Cheras on May 27 have had their police bail extended until next week.

The bail for three has been extended to June 10 while 23-year-old Chang Jiun Haur, who was badly injured as a result of police assault, has had his bail extended until June 11.

The four are being probed for allegedly attempting to cause injuries to several police personnel near the barricaded toll-free access road in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. On that day, BMC residents had gathered in numbers to tear down the barriers which were put up by toll company Grand Saga to cut off the alternate route.

Driver still in shock

Chang, the driver of the vehicle, sustained severe injuries after being assaulted by at least 20 riot police personnel that night. He was admitted into the intensive care unit at Kajang general hospital by the police. Chang was battered with bruises and severely traumatised by the incident.

Today, all but Chang gave statements to the police at the Kajang police station.
Chang, who was present today, was excused from giving his statement, as he said he needed more time to recover from his state of shock. Meanwhile, Kajang police chief ACP Shakaruddin Che Mood said the investigation would be completed in the next two days. He added that almost 85 percent of the probe has been done. The four were represented by the MCA Youth legal bureau and its chief Gan Ping Sieu said that he would be writing to the inspector-general of police and the Home Ministry soon asking for an inquiry into the alleged police brutality.

The BolehJokes thoughts:

TCJ: Up till now, I still cannot believe this. I cannot believe how this man and his family are being treated. I cannot believe how inhuman our police can be. Yes, he's a chinaman and he's a poor nobody in the society but he's a human-being, not an animal. For the FRU, please check out the TCJ trademark below and do the same, and then shrug it up your own ass RIGHT NOW!



Anonymous said...

so, our policemen are not humans.

Easier for us, then ; we can treat them like crap and we would feel no remorse as we were talking about humans who would devastate the lives of others for no good reason.

Oh wait...

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