Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Bolehland Daily: Anwar says it again: We have the numbers

(Malaysiakini) Anwar Ibrahim says it again. Pakatan Rakyat has the numbers to take control of the federal government from the Barisan Nasional. Addressing a PKR dinner in Kuching last night, the Pakatan de facto leader said many things were happening which made many Barisan MPs unhappy but they dared not speak out in Parliament.

The Barisan MPs could speak out if they join Pakatan, he added. The former DPM said under the BN's long rule, a lot of things were going wrong which had put Malaysia way behind many other countries, such as Singapore and even Indonesia and Thailand , in terms of the economy, except for the corruption index which was going up.

Figures from Jeffrey

The current leadership crisis in Umno and the continuing demands especially by component parties in Sabah are threatening to chip away the ruling coalition's majority, and it is the frustrated Barisan MPs from Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak that are now the targets of Pakatan. As Anwar repeated his ‘number’ claim, one of his party’s veeps came out with some 'figures', as if to lend credence to the claim. Dr Jeffrey Kitingan told Malaysiakini last night the numbers come from Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia, almost equal in number for each of them.

According to Jeffrey who is also Sabah PKR deputy chief, the first batch of Barisan MPs to join Pakatan will take place either at the end of May or early next month.

This would be followed by those in the peninsula, he said, adding that Sarawak MPs would be the last to follow suit.

Anwar had earlier said that when forming the government, political stability was important just as immediate attention must be paid to the economy.

He repeated pledges to increase oil/gas revenue for Sarawak, Sabah and Terengganu from the present 5% to 20% should Pakatan form the government at the centre as well as reduce oil prices, saying this was possible because Malaysia, unlike Singapore and Thailand, is an oil exporting country, like the oil-producing and exporting Middle East countries where petrol prices for the local consumer market are low.

“You cannot say our petrol prices are lower than Singapore or Thailand and compare it. You should compare with the oil producing and exporting countries,” he added.

Anwar said under the BN, the country has lost its sense of direction, foreign direct investments are declining and the state of the economy is a big worry.

The former DPM said he would not like to make promises he could not keep, adding that should Pakatan take over, he would use all his overseas contacts with countries in China, the Middle East, Europe and the US to bring in foreign direct investments and to make Malaysia great again.

The BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
Melissa: Hurry up guys! Dr. M is playing hard on racial issues and trying to stir trouble. Quickly takeover and get rid of this racist.

Dr M warns of unrest amid political turmoil

Dr Mahathir Mohamad has warned of possible unrest in multi-racial Malaysia, accusing his successor, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, of failing to assert his authority.
"Now we are seeing the different races making demands on the government, which they perceive as a weak government," the former premier told reporters in Tokyo yesterday.

He said "extremists" among different communities had begun to voice their opposition and make unfair demands on the government, trying to "divide rather than unite."

Recently there have been growing fears over "Islamisation" of Malaysia and the increasing polarisation of the three main ethnic communities.

The BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
Shila: This Dr. M is the most extremist of all extremists and he was the one trying to cause unrest with his stupid racial chants. BANGSA MALAYSIA lah, MAMAK!
Ali: Another stupid statement by the old dictator. Try harder asshole!
The cheapskate joker: Another day and another rubbish by racist M!

What a pile of rubish!

The fingers remained! SAY NO TO "RACIAL POLITICS" and NO TO "RACISTS"


Anonymous said...

Melayu tulen talak macam itu punya. Cuma melayu celup yang tunjuk dia orang lebih melayu dan lebih islam daripada melayu tulen. Itu hari ada satu orang mualaf cina pun cakap macam itu, mau kasi tunjuk dia lebih melayu dan lebih islam dari melayu tulen.
Ini negeri bolehland talak kacau punya kalau melayu celup talak cakap kasi pasang api. Gua manyak halap ini bolehland punya olang talak dengar cakap talak center punya melayu celup itu.

Anonymous said...

To PKR (Anwar Ibrahim and team) the sooner the better,please save our beloved country from 'umno croccodiles'.sunguh memalukan bangsa malaysia.

cancan said...

Football and Politics


blowfish said...

DSAI, in my opinion, is the most competent politican to lead the country. Save the country from the damage caused by the cancer called BN.

Anonymous said...

anwar and PKR.... what a loser !!!

in your dream....PKR. hahah

anonymouse said...

What do you mean loser? When it happen, boy, dont you cry over your mama's shoulder because Pakatan will kick your ass all the way from here to Islamabad baby!

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