Monday, May 19, 2008

The Bolehland Sandiwara (BREAKING NEWS)

Son: Mahathir to send letter to Umno sec-gen
"Mahathir has resigned from Umno in protest over Pak Lah's continued leadership as both the prime minister and president of Umno," Mokhzani Mahathir told AFP, referring to Abdullah by his nickname.

"He will also write a letter to the Umno secretary-general to inform him of his resignation," he said, adding that Mahathir announced his departure during a speech today in Alor Star, the capital of his home state Kedah.

"He made it clear at the gathering at Alor Star that he is resigning in protest over the current leadership," he said.

BREAKING NEWS: Mahathir quits Umno

(Malaysiakini) Former Umno president Dr Mahathir Mohamad today announced that he was quitting Umno with immediate effect and urged other members to emulate him.


He said he was quitting the party, which he led for almost 22 years until handing over the reins to Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 2003, as a sign of no confidence in his successor's leadership.

"I will only come back to the party when there is a change in leadership," the ex-premier told a crowd at a forum in his home state of Kedah this morning.

He also called on all Umno ministers, deputy ministers and all levels of party leaders to join him in leaving the party.

However he asked these members not to join any other party.

"Wait till Abdullah to quit as the prime minister and party president and then we can return to Umno," he said.

Abdullah's most vocal critic

Mahathir, 82, joined Umno at its inception in 1946 and in recent years has been Abdullah's most vocal critic.

He entered active politics as a member of Parliament for Kedah's Kota Star Selatan in 1964.

He lost the seat in the disastrous 1969 general elections, and was expelled from the party after attacking then president and prime minister Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Mahathir was invited back into the party by second prime minister, Abdul Razak, and re-elected to Parliament in 1974 for the seat of Kubang Pasu, also in Kedah.

Soon after he was appointed education minister. Within four years he was deputy leader of the party, and in 1981, became prime minister.

When Umno split into two as a result of a bitter factional feud and the party deregistered after a legal battle a year later, Mahathir formed Umno Baru and he was the new party's first member.

Meanwhile, rival leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah who narrowly lost to Mahathir in the leadership contest, went on to set up Semangat 46.Razaleigh and his party returned to Umno's fold in 1996 and the veteran Umno leader is now challenging Abdullah in the party polls to be held in December.

BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
Mahadi: Pak Na must go down. Pak Na must go down!
Pak Na: Down where la? :)


A senior Umno leader dismissed suggestions that the party would break up, saying Mahathir's departure "is not that important." He indicated that the party was glad to be rid of Mahathir's disruptive influence.

"I welcome his decision. It is high time for him" to leave, said Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, a Cabinet minister and a member of Umno's supreme council.

"He is old enough to decide. He has every right to do it but he shouldn't urge members to follow him. It's up to the members."

BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
Fatima: "It is high time for him" to leave".
WaHAHahahaha! Padan muka.
Freddy: About bloody time old man
Krishnan: Dont come back weh. Go go go. Shoosh!!
Fila: Can you bring Mukri with you? :)

Prosecution not a certainty against Lingam six, says DPM

THE recommendation by the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Lingam video clip to investigate six people including Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad does not necessarily mean they will be prosecuted, the deputy prime minister said. Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the functions of the commission and the judiciary in the hearing of cases against the six were different.

"We set up the commission and it has reported its findings. We cannot conceal them from the public or not accept the recommendations.

Dean: That means twisting and turning lah :)
Najis: No no no. I didnt twist and turn anything. I deny.

"However, this does not necessarily mean there will be prosecution or cases (brought against the six)," Najib said.

BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
The people: That means? Case closed?
Najis: Can say so la. hehe.
The people: Like that also can ar?
Najis: Boleh lah. This is bolehland mah, where anything is possible.

Other news:

Waytha: Syed Hamid lied about my passport

The Hindraf chairperson, P. Waythamoorthy, who is in self-imposed exile in London, accuses the Home Minister of lying in suggesting that the government did not revoke his passport. He's disappointed that the Home Minister claimed that there was a misunderstanding.

Waythamoorthy encountered the problem when he flew back to London from Zurich on the 21st April whereby he was informed by the British immigration that his passport is no longer valid.

BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
Sandy: You see lah. They only concentrate on catching people who are threatening their political position. When will they care to listen to us?

Sayid Hamit: No such thing la. We will listen. I need him to come back then only I can listen mar :).

Dr M taken to task for 'moving backwards'

Former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad's play of the race card runs contrary to his idea of a Bangsa Malaysia and Vision 2020.

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang said it was unhealthy to do so as Malaysians were moving towards the creation of a BANGSA MALAYSIA.

The cheapskate joker: I dont even wanna go further on this. Read below.

The present stupidity:

Oscar Winner Mahadi: Ketuanan Melayu is a must. Malays are losing their position. Iskandar only benefit Singaporeans and not Malays! NEP is fair!

BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
Ahmad Faisal: Bangsa Malaysia lah, Mamat!
The people: Mahadi. You hear that, you outdated schmuck? BANGSA MALAYSIA. 1 Nation, 1 Race. LET'S MOVE TOWARDS BANGSA MALAYSIA.
Mahadi: Er.. you dont like? Charge me lah. If I go to jail for Sedition, it's alright. If I go bankrupt, then bankrupt lah. :). And if nothing happen, expected lah. This is bolehland mah. The land of promise.

What a bigger pile of rubbish! More extreme hand sign!


Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. How can there be no charges against the 6? Unbelievable. And they want to charge RPK for doing almost nothing but let go the 6 for swinging the judiciary? Malaysia memang boleh.

Rubbish country!

The Cheapskate Joker said...

Couldn't agree more with you. I cant believe it either. The law dont apply to the BN people it seems.

Anonymous said...

Hurray! Old man has quit! The old fox with his last trick.

"I will only come back to the party when there is a change in leadership"

Once a fox, forever a fox.

M is a fool said...

This Mamak causing more chaos. LOL

Mahathir sux said...

fuck off, Dr M! Retired and shut up. Dont play some old tricks!

anitmamak said...

Quite a worrying sign. Lets all unite, ummno, pkr, dap, pas, mca, gerakan, mic, hindraf and all other smaller bn parties...on just one issue. Get rid of this dangerous mamak!!

12345 said...

Our prophet RPK scores again with his "As they play the final curtain" article.

Dr.M is playing the racial card just b4 resigning & AAB visited a buddhist temple in brickfields.

Hopefully AAB suceed!

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