Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Live bullet sent to Karpal

(Malaysiakini) DAP leader and member of Parliament Karpal Singh received a live bullet in an envelope at his law firm in Kuala Lumpur this afternoon.

The live bullet was accompanied with a note warning him against speaking out on the controversial issues of Malay rights and the constitutional powers of the sultans.

“Kalau tak berhenti, peluru ini akan melekat pada kepala dahi kau!” (If you don’t stop, this bullet will be lodged in your forehead).

The one-page note, printed in Bahasa Malaysia, added that this was the “first warning”.

The wheelchair-bound politician lodged a police report over the death threat at 5pm at Dang Wangi police station.

Met at the police station later this evening, Karpal told reporters that the envelope was hand-delivered to his receptionist at 12.30pm.

“The man was wearing a helmet and he had his visors drawn down. He left hurriedly,” he said, adding that the police have confirmed that bullet was a 9mm ‘live bullet’.

When quizzed by reporters, Karpal said he had no clue who the culprits were and would not rule out that the incident could be politically motivated.

“It is difficult for me to say, but based on the wordings of the note, it appears to have political motives,” he said.

The BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
Leslie: What in the hell? Playing terrorist game now?
Sandy: This is so bloody sad. Some people just love chaos.

The handsign below is for the cowards~! You are rubbish!


antimamak said...

i have often heard about such incident in southern thailand, and very often those who does not play accordingly to what those terrorist want will end up being shot!

well thats from southern thailand, this kind of intimidation must be came from either kedah (dr.m went there, right? and since karpal said "who are those judges?") or perak (umno punya orang) since kelantan is under pas.

Are we going to let such archanism befalls on our country? we shall fight

SHOCKED said...

I thought we are the open minded, friendly, approachable and most of all blessed with the utmost humanity in us because of the Moral lesson we took? What happen? This is shocking.

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