Sunday, May 18, 2008

So what's happening in Bolehland as you read? Plenty

Mahathir's Sandiwara Part 2

(The Associated Press)Former Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad on Saturday slammed the government's move to allow U.S. oilfield services provider Halliburton Co. to begin operating in Malaysia, saying the country doesn't need "blood money."

Oscar winner Mahadi: Cheney and President Bush are "war criminals". Iskandar project wont benefit Malays but Singaporeans and err... I must say this again, Pak Na must go down and trust Mukri. He's the saviour for the Putras youth.

BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
Cindy: Enough la Old Man. Halliburton create more jobs and you call it "blood money"? Iskandar project is getting investor and you say it dont benefit Malays? So stupid. It benefits everyone when there are more investors coming. Did you fail economy subject, Mamat? You think we are stupid? Mukri can eat shit for all I care.

Fernandez: What's wrong with this Old man? Trying to stir up some comedy act before getting disgrace? Balik kampung lah Mamat.

The cheapskate joker: He seems to hate Singapore and US so much. Esepcially Singapore for all the years. Jealous, perhaps? As usual, check out the hand sign below later.

Clone voters? Didnt we expect it all this while?

When the expected became reality:

At 6.15 am on the election day, as I about to lie down to sleep, I received a call asking me to shoot immediately to Tanah Merah, because the first sign of clone voters had appeared. The video below is what we captured to prove why we fight for the indelible ink so much. The same video was given to Al Jazeera International as the prove that we are not the boy who cried wolf!

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Sandy: Same old thing again. Why are they so predictable. We already know they cheated when they put off the use of indelible ink.

Aaron: It doesn't take a very intelligent people to figure this out. Even if you think with your ass, you will still know there was foul play.

Mak Dillah: Rembau comboy will be shitting in his pants now. Recount so many times only win. Highly scandalous.

And as usual, denial. What else do you expect?
PM: No order for EC to scrap indelible ink

The government did not instruct the Election Commission (EC) to scrap its plan of using indelible ink in the last general election.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said although in principle the government made the decision, it was delivered in the form of an opinion and not instruction.

BolehJokes humors and thoughts:
JoseMarie: Gosh! That was really lame. This kind of excuse you expect from schoolchildren but not from someone so ..... duH! nevermind.

Kev: Can he tell the difference between instruct and opinion or not in the first place?

Pak Na: Erection was smooth and everybody was satisfied. :)

What a pile of rubbish!


Anonymous said...

Hey man. I waited whole day for you to update your blog. Finally!

ilovepakatan said...

Hmm, clone voter. So what's your say on this now, Barisan? Sour grape trying to stir things up again?

Barisan said...

If those evidences have any grounds, they would have made police reports. It's ridiculous. A few incidents and you cry fault over it? Grow up.

Edry said...

That's right Barisan. There's no strong prove that the whole election is dirty. Some people just dont get it. Barisan won it cleanly overall.

ilovepakatan said...

Keep on telling yourself that, twat. If that makes you happy.

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