Friday, May 30, 2008

The Bolehland Daily: Chor's explanation sparks angry reaction from the people

(malaysiakini) On Chor justifies police action at BMC clash

Disappointed Citizen: Dear Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung (BN - Alor Star). As you should have known by now, many people already know the truth. Have you been living in Mars? Do you not know what some policemen can do? Are you talking blind with your eyes wide open?
Just one question to you. Did you see the Malaysiakini video? If the FRU and police have nothing to hide, then they should not have been chasing off the reporters before they did their ‘work’ on the 21-year-old. They should let the reporters film the whole thing. What are they afraid of? Justified? Mr Chor, you do not seem fit to represent the rakyat.

Lemon: I feel ashamed with what the minister has said regarding the beating up of the on-looker/ reckless driver whom, according to the police, wanted to knock down policemen with a car. Regardless of whatever the driver’s intention were, it does NOT give the police the right to assault anybody. Shame on the minister to justify the beating up. Two wrongs do not add up to a right. Negative is never a positive in this case. If this is not curbed now, they can justify shooting in the near future. Is Malaysia a police state? The truth speaks for itself.

Pharmwell: Chor, just because you are from BN and a deputy minister so you side with the police. Wait, one day when the police whack you or your loved one. You should be telling the police off. Even if it is true that a car knocked into some police personnel, then the correct thing should be for the police to apprehend the driver. They should conduct a proper investigation and then charge the person. But what did your police do? Whack the guy to hell and back.
You and your police must feel very great for the action that they had undertaken. I dare you to step down from your position and stand for an election. I will bet all I have that you will lose due to your comments on this matter. Me and my family will never vote for a man like you. For the comments you have made are going to make MCA more unpopular. I think you must be thinking that Umno will accept you as a member.

Mana Justice: Datuk Chor, your reply does not speak for all Malaysians. An innocent person was wrongly beaten up. The police have used excessive force. The prime minister has made a mistake in selecting you to be the deputy home affairs minister. Datuk Chor, luckily the person beaten badly was not your loved one.

Alex: Irregardless of whether a policeman was assaulted or not, their duty is to reprimand and let the course of justice take precedence. They have no right in bashing up the citizens they are supposed to protect. However unruly the citizens may be, they are unarmed versus the FRU personnel that are carrying batons and shields, not to mention some 'supposed' training and discipline in their force. Also, as far as we all know, traffic policemen carry firearms nowadays. I am very sure that if they were to drive in with sirens and without even having the need to flash their guns, the fracas could have been avoided and there would not have been reports as published. All police officers that defended the assault should be relieved of duty and questioned, including the deputy home minister himself. Any act of violence should be condemned in our peaceful society but the government, as usual, is practicing double standards when the fault is theirs. This shows the gross negligence, denial syndrome and unrepentant attitude of BN. That said, there is no point having massive campaign for the next general election. We will remember how we were being treated. I may be overseas and not be involved physically, but we feel the pain these people are going through.

The BolehJokes humors and thoughts:

TCJ: In America, there's a show called "The Next American Top Model". In Bolehland, there may be a famous show upcoming entitled "The Next Malaysian Top Gangster"


najib manaukau said...

The Malaysian Chinese voted him in !

Adrian said...

"najib manaukau said...
The Malaysian Chinese voted him in !"

Re: Dear najib manaukau, i think the better word to use is MALAYSIAN voted him in, not only Malaysian Chinese. But frankly, whether it is Malaysian Chinese/Indian/Malay, I don't know and this is of no significance. I am sure this bloke done something to get him voted in. If he dares, please come to any of the 5 states and fight!

I do not feel ashamed and dissapointed, but feel angered by what this so called minister has said. Hey whatever you wanna call yourself, if you don't know the situation, don't say anything! Have you gone down there to see what has happened? Have you not seen the video of the beating by the police/FRUs? If you don't how to use the internet, ask your children to show the video to you. Go and watch the video, then you come and talk to us! I am a resident there so if you have nothing better to say, just shut up!

If we don't read the Malaysiakini, where are we going to get accurate news? Read the local newspapers controlled by the government? Believe in what you say? Come on Mr. Whatever, we are not stupid to believe in whatever we read, we have the intelligence to judge it for ourselves, not like you! You are not fit to represent the people, I suggest you resign from your post and come and live in Bandar Mahkota Cheras! We will represent you!

Anonymous said...

This is a clear case of "POLICE BRUTALITY". And for the Deputy Minister to justify their actions, its a total INSULT to all MALAYSIANS. Perhaps this is HOW THE BN GOVERNMENT TAKES CARE OF THE PEOPLE. Today its only 5 states, the next GE I wont be surprise if it becomes 9 states to FALL. As for the Deputy MInister, well you might as well take this as your last years in politics.

THE FRU acted like THUGS , and GANGSTERS/ The Commanding Officer of this troupe should be reprimanded.
Why bother to talk about ISREALI POLICE Aggressiveness towards Palentines...when our very own PDRM is a disgrace.

goandsleep said...

..aiyah, dont just talk lar, that is talk cocklar. Front line please!

jampson said...

What kind of brain this "Seh Tow Shu Ngan" Chor has? He opened his asshole without even finding out the truth. His brain is dead and can't send message to his mouth. So, what comes out from him is through his asshole,full of shit. One of the scumbags of MCA, the running dog of UMNO. Send MCA to HELL in the next GE.

Khun Pana said...

Frankly, however and whatever voted for bn , are still living in an ignorant world.
Chor is not competent , as a matter of fact , the entire bn are incompetent .
They dont even know the basic rules of police and law enforcement, they dont even know what the hell is IPCMC to begins with.
Can any goons from bn able to explain as to why it took so many bloodied fracas to stop grand saga the highway robber? Even the usual loud mouthed semi the value is unusually quiet on this.

Crankshaft said...

This guy is a moron!! Does he really think we shouldn't base our accusations on what Malaysiakini says??

Well, we saw the goddamn evidence there!! Would we prefer to hear his baseless words or see for ourselves??

There is no more confidence in the Barisan Nasional government, much less in the police force.

Chor Chee Heung, and subsequently MCA are totally irrelevant to our political climate these days.

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