Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Bolehland Daily: FRU brutality causes father sleepless nights

I dont know about you but this news make me really really ANGRY! Damn the FRU.

(Malaysiakini) FRU brutality causes father sleepless nights

Sleepless nights plagued Chang Ah Kau after his son was brutally assaulted by the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) during the Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC) fracas a few nights ago. The tailor was emotional when he related how he was unable to sleep for two nights after the incident but was thankful that his son, Jiun Haur, 23, was still alive.

“I had to live with the fact that no matter what happened, (it) has happened. I’m (however) thankful that my son is still alive,” he told Malaysiakini during an interview in their Teluk Kemang home today.

On Tuesday, tensions reached fever pitch when BMC residents who attempted to tear down the barricade - which blocks off the toll-free access road - clashed with a group of men purportedly hired by Grand Saga to protect the barricade.

Defends son's action

About five patrol vehicles were on standby, with a dozen police personnel keeping a close watch on the residents. Residents have complained that the police failed to act when the clashes happened.

By about 10.10pm, six Federal Reserve Unit trucks along with about 100 riot police arrived at the scene. At 11.30pm, curious onlooker Jiun Haur - who was travelling with his sister Jiun Mein and two friends - Cheok Kem Hoo and Chan Siew Meng - was allegedly beaten by 20 riot squad (FRU) personnel armed with batons and kicked with boots. The Damansara-based mechanic was subsequently rushed to Kajang Hospital where he received more than 10 stitches after the incident. He was later transferred to Teluk Kemang Hospital for observation.

Switching to a more forceful tone, Ah Kau defended his son’s action and criticised the FRU for being irresponsible that night.

“There were a lot of cars in front, but only his car was stopped. They targetted (only) one car, and that car was my son’s. If they want to stop cars, why not stop all the cars?

“How could he knock a police over if he was just making a U-turn? Cars would usually go slower if they did that,” he pointed out.

“He was already unconscious (but) they kept beating him up. How could you get the bird to sing if you killed it first? There’s no law in the world like this,” he said angrily.

Ah Kau - who is a single parent - related how he has constantly been thinking about his son and his family’s future as Jin Haur was the only child who had to end his school days early.

He also said he is unclear whether he will take any legal action against the police despite having several lawyers offering themselves to represent Jiun Haur for free .

However, this incident has taken a toll on the family’s savings as he had spent most of his money to pay for hospital expenses.

“Whatever is in my pocket, I’ll spend it even if it’s RM10,” he said.

Ah Kau late apologised on behalf of Jiun Haur for refusing to speak to the press as he was still “scared and sad”.

“He doesn’t even want to see his friends,” he explained.

However, Ah Kau said that Jiun Haur has lodged a police report on the matter in Seremban on Thursday to explain his innocence on the matter.

'We are all innocent'

Meanwhile, Jiun Mein - who initially refused to be interviewed by Malaysiakini - broke her silence and related how she was shocked by the whole incident.

“When they (FRU) saw me, they dragged me out of the car to some places far (from it and left the others behind). We are all innocent,” she asserted.

The Tunku Abdul Rahman University student who had to miss two days of classes due to this fiasco also hoped that “this will not happen again.”

According to Kajang police chief ACP Shakaruddin Che Mood yesterday, the four may be charged for rioting and attempted murder but no mention was made on when investigations will be completed.

Since the incident, the BMC access has been opened by the government in a decision announced by Works Minister Mohd Zin Mohamed to jubilant residents yesterday.

The BolehJokes thoughts:

THE TCJ TRADEMARK FOR FRU (Freaking Retarded Unit) !


Anonymous said...

he will have more sleepless nights if the police decides to charge the 4 for rioting and believe-it-or-not (non ripley) attempted murder. and this will be sanctioned by the goon from MCA by the name of Chor. By the way, he is the same fella of the PKFZ scandal.

shankar~selina said...

Where are the orang asli when we need then? Use the poison dart on these gun totting gangsters.

hongkie123 said...

"According to Kajang police chief ACP Shakaruddin Che Mood yesterday, the four may be charged for rioting and attempted murder but no mention was made on when investigations will be completed."

Can Home Mnister, Syed Albar comment on the above? Or does he need a brain dead fella, Chor Chee Heung to comment? Or perhaps PM, Abdulah Badawi can comment why one person is beaten mercilessly (it's 20 to 1) by FRU, so bad that he's bleeding all over, ICUed for some time is threatened with rioting and attempted muder charge?

Is this Malaysian version of justice and law? Badawi administration need to show Malaysians that there is still justice in Malaysia. The rakyat's perception of police and FRU is below ground.

Anonymous said...

for me, i think our police=gangster=FRU, they are just playing Cosplay that day. same group of people wearing different type of costume at different time at the same place. why? first they are wearing the "look see looks see only" costume, when they think the time is right then they went to change into "beating people up" costume, later they went home, makan, and came back in their" let's do more beating up and CHOR will support us" costume. sick lah the whole thing, can i spit on his face ah?

Anonymous said...

All wakil rakyat, you are still no change despite the clear message in 308 election. Do not forget, rakyat are your bosses, they give you 5years contract to serve them; they pay your salary too. Let see what happen with your attitude today remain; you can be forgetful but rakyat remember whatever you do to them. FRUs, pls check and remember who pay your salary???

antimamak said...

hey ah kau, i am just wondering will u say "it is all ur son and ur fault..nothing to do with fru" after receiving some, lets say, rm100,000 "medical fee"?? please be honest to all!!

Anonymous said...

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