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The Bolehland Daily - Should Anwar apologise?

This is a very good question raised by Haris Ibrahim during a recent interview by The Star. He said that he would like to hear PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim apologise for all his actions (and inactions) during his 16 years in government.
"My contention is very simple," he says. "Tell this nation, 'I was wrong. I am sorry and I want to work with you', and I think we can move forward."

Haris added that he had been tracking Anwar's public statements for the last few years and he has yet to see him make an unqualified apology to the nation. As deputy prime minister, he was guilty of doing many of the things he now criticises. His maneuverings to control the media is well-known in journalism circles. He also allowed for undeserved appointments to top positions in public universities. And he also had his fair share of corporate cronies.

While Anwar has, on occasion, bucked the Umno way, for example when he spoke up for Lim Guan Eng over his sedition trial and subsequent prosecution, these instances were few and far between and are vastly outnumbered by the times when he made use of the system rather than go against it.

There is a serious possibility he might become the next prime minister if his Pakatan Rakyat coalition takes over power. So should he apologise?

My Thoughts

If he does, I will be very proud of him. A man must be man enough to admit his mistakes and big enough to make the steps to change. I strongly feel that if he makes this step, it will clear many doubts. My dad once told me he has doubts about Anwar and it took me an hour to convince him that Datuk Seri Anwar, Lim Kit Siang and Tok Guru Nik Aziz can really bring us forward. Bring us what we are really vying and crying for all these years, which is the true democracy.

I do believe that there are still a number of people out there who have doubts about Datuk Seri Anwar. In my opinion, if he was ever wrong before, he has suffered in his very own demon badly, which is getting incarcerated in Kamunting under ISA. Can you imagine all the tortures he has been through? It would have broken down many people but not DSAI. Most men would have negotiated a peace truce and quietly get out of the scene and live peacefully ever after and be forgotten but not DSAI. Most men would not even want to come back to politic because of all the hell that they've been through, but not DSAI.

I must admit in 1998 I had my reservations about him. I was strongly against any call of "Reformasi". I was one of them that hated chaotic events to take place. I had desired peace and felt that all these "Reformasi" chant are a threat to the nation's peace.

But for now, I truly believed this man is our hope for a true democracy simply because he has been there, seen it and gone through it, and more importantly suffered and know that it is wrong. He came back strongly only because he wants the system to be changed which is the same for me. I want a change badly. I do believe many of us feel the same.

So if he can come out and tell me that he is sorry and I will listen to you and that we can all move forward to real democracy, not only he will gain my respect further, he will earn my family's trust. Infact, he can earn the nation's trust.

P.S. - Besides Anwar, I strongly believed in Raja Petra and loved him like many other Malaysians. I sincerely hope that these people can really bring a change for us to a better future not only for you and for me, but for our next generation.
Thank you,
The Cheapskate Joker


Anonymous said...

Well, if he can clear the doubts then it's for the best isnt it? I hope my parents will believe in him too.

Anonymous said...

The past is the past. Now Anwar can potentially be loved by all of us and he can see that.

He listen to us and we will support him. Long live DSAI! Give us democracy.

Anonymous said...

actually personally, i don't think he need to apologise (to me that is) because I am like you, who believe he has gone through refining fire, and his stature & substance of his speech can tells you that...

but for those who still has got doubts on him, yeah... why not, if apologise does makes them feel more confident & comfortable with him...


Boleh Land Forward said...

There is nothing to apologise. One, he did it as we can remember in The Star interview where he said he had apologised but it can't be the Japanese style of repetition. That said, if we look at Anwar, one thing is clear. He didn't steal as a person. He didn't take projects and contarcts, even one. I think the problem was his friends and you know in politics, friends have a lof of influence and sometimes emotions can overtake someone and expediency is something natural in politics, i.e, playing to the gallery. So, if he played to the gallert, at least, he didn't go to dizzy heights like Tun does or the rest do like Najib who said Chinese blood should be spilled. His main problem has been the education policy during the upheaval of Ops Lalang, but when he came up with the paper which was to be passed by the cabinet, the Chinese ministers kept quiet and every other member passed it including those who are still leading us. So, it was a collective thing. But as you remember, it was Lim Kit Siang who quoted Anwar apologising this for, sometime early last year. But that's not important. His jailing, humiliation, suffering and assassination cleansed him for good. He is the only one who reform the system and he has undying spirit. Cronies can't have influence on him because when he went to jail, they all deserted him for fear of reprisal. Knowing that his friends are the people and not selective group, he will be beholden to the people unlike Najib who is the system himself. So, lets benefit from him and from there on, we move forward and build a better Malaysia.

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