Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Bolehland Recap: Top 10 headlines of the month

1) Raja Petra arrested under Sedition Act
I would rate this as the number one simply because of the amount of stupidity involved by the authority that gained nationwide attention. Raja Petra chose to remain in jail by refusing to post bail at first but heeded the advice by his wife at last and posted the bail. Words fail me and my mind skip a thought for a moment when I got know about it because I just couldn’t believe it. It was truly an insult to democracy.

2) Commission: Act against Dr M and 5 others
The Lingam controversy. This is another massive headline that gained widespread attention with some claiming that this is the darkest time in judiciary and inquiry is still ongoing. There were some flaws in between with the DPM claiming that prosecution not a certainty and Dr. M publicly challenged the Government to charge him.

3) Mahathir quits Umno
Citing another challenge to Pak Lah’s leadership, the ex-premier also urges other members to follow suit only to know that his very own son, Mukhriz was reluctant to join. This came after the commission urges the Government to charge him for the Lingam tape controversy.

4) Police doused some 500 residents with water cannons and fired dozens of tear gas canisters into the crowd at Bandar Mahkota Cheras.
As again the Government ignored the pleas of the people and what’s more installed more pain to their grievances by causing physical hurt to them. MP, Lim Lip Eng was injured during the fracas. The people were trying to demolish the barricade built by Grand Saga.

5) Youth assaulted by FRU and the BMC-Grand Saga fiasco
In claiming that the youth is driving recklessly and attempting to murder / cause injuries to FRU, the authorities took law into their own hand and causing massive injury to the youth and now are planning to charge him and 3 others with attempted murder. Journalists and some people were attacked by thugs and up till now, still no sign of the authority taking action against them while Deputy Home Minister defended the FRU and thugs claiming that he’s sure that the authority were acting within the law and that accusations were thrown at the police and thugs because of emotion. The cabinet finally decided that the road should be remained open and refrained Grand Saga from building more barricades.

6) Another NS trainee death
Too Hui Min from Selangor added to the list of death in NS training camp and grabbed headline. DPM caused massive outrage by the parents when he further denies that the training camp was unsafe.

7) Nazri blames EC chief for ink fiasco
The blame game erupted when EC Chairman told the nation he was basically abiding by the suggestion of the government component party, BN, to cancel the use of indelible ink.

8) Anwar says it again: We have the numbers
Reassuring the doubters again, the PKR advisor reiterate yet again that the takeover is imminent with confirmation of numbers from Dr. Jeffrey Kitingan.

9) 'Arrest Dr M under ISA '
Former top United Nations official Param Cumaraswamy in response to a speech Mahathir had made in Johor Baru claimed that Dr. M had make seditious remarks and urges authority to charge him.

10) Shahrir: Prepare for another general election
Right after Dr. M quit Umno, Datuk Shahrir Samad publicly claimed that he believe the country could face another general election.


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